Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A $5,000 Challenge for Matthew Johnson

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of listening to the liar, Matthew Johnson babble on endlessly about his made up Bigfoots and portals. I have done my best to ignore the blatant liar and condescending douchebag but his laughable stories of fantasy keeps popping up in some Facebook groups.

Seriously, there are people who eat up the campfire stories told by Johnson. Really. I need to sell those people a few bridges and some prime swamp land. Only an absolute imbecile could believe such tales of pure shit. Johnson doesn't even try any more. He just says whatever comes to his tiny little brain and regurgitates through his enormous piehole. And then his mindless minions clap and high-five each other. That is sad and pathetic but I don't try to convince them otherwise. What is the point?

I strongly believe that Matthew A. Johnson made up the entire portal story. To this day, he has not produced one piece of evidence to support his outrageous and delusional claims. Not a single one. A homemade machine is not evidence, especially when the maker of the machine was not present when  Johnson claims to have done his *barf* savior work *barf*. There are no photos, no videos. Nothing.
Bullshit testimonials don't count. People lie. Some people have mental problems. There are many reasons why witness testimony is not acceptable.

So, here is a legitimate and honest challenge. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I will give Matthew Johnson FIVE THOUSAND ($5,000) dollars if he can prove what he claims with regards to his functional portal device and the opening of a portal. I don't care to see any Bigfoot, so there should be no excuses for Matt to say why he can't accept the challenge.
He just has to PROVE that his device works and he has to PROVE that he can open and close a portal using his device. The proof must me irrefutable and verified by any three upstanding university professors or scientists. There must be real facts, not subjective opinions or testimonials. Real facts from real scientists. This should be a piece of cake for the big oaf.

I am not asking for the impossible and I don't want anything if he loses the challenge. Put up or shut up, it is that simple. An easy task for Mr. Big Mouth, right? An easy $5,000 in his pocket.

If Matthew Johnson refuses the challenge, then it is safe to assume that he is a liar. A fraud. A flim-flam man. An all around arrogant predator who uses his position as a "doctor" to prey on the weak -minded. He even uses his own child to promote his bullshit. That is a twisted kind of creepy.

Put up or shut up, Johnson.


  1. Ha! You may as well have offered $50,000. He'll never collect. Onx and Zorth told me so in mindspeak.

  2. I was enjoying his book until it became too bizarre, unreality is the work of fictional writers.

  3. He's lying, I've got plenty of Convos w him blatenly lying and changing his stance, what a liar

  4. I'll also put up $5000 If he can back up ANYTHING he says, ANYTHING!
    TOTAL Charlatan!

  5. Hey Randy, Dr. Squatch here, looks like i got banned from that Facebook site, but sent you like 10 pics. I have as many as you need to convince you, you can message me on youtube, or email, drkiray@comcast.net



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