Saturday, 3 June 2017

Matthew Johnson Circles the Wagons

Just when I thought the issue with Bob Gimlin's foreword for Matthew Johnson's book of make believe was settled, it came back. Now I think it's over. I think.

Russell Acord had another sit down video with Bob Gimlin to clear the air. I am not sure WHY it needed clearing again but apparently it did. I am guessing some panties got twisted at the Kool-Aid Klub.

Personally, I was very disappointed with the video. It seemed like Russell and Bob were putting on the brakes and backing up the bus. I had a really good rant over this video with my friend Richard and after I got it out of my system and had a good rest, I gave this some more thought. The things Richard said to me made sense. In between my rant, I was actually paying attention. My man Richard was right.

As much as I was disappointed as to how Bob Gimlin handled this situation, it is his to handle as he sees fit. If he wants to exude tact and diplomacy instead of brutal honesty, that is his prerogative. I don't know the man and I don't know how he handles things. It is what it is and I can live with it.

If you missed the second video Russell and Bob did, here it is.

I assume the Johnson clan watched this video because they seem to be under the delusion that they have somehow been vindicated. It comes as no surprise to me. I have been reading the posts in his group. Most of the people were outraged after the first video, yet most of them never even watched it. They went solely off of what Matthew Johnson said and /or they listened to what that twatwaffle Kevin Beegle had to say. I don't recall that slimeball being part of the narrative before last week.

Patrick Epistemon got the heave-ho from the Kool-Aid Klub for whatever reason. Before his seat got cold, there was Kevin Beegle throwing around assumptions like it was candy. All he has done is further obfuscate the issue. This is what happens when a Gladys Kravitz gets involved.

Anyway. The only thing different between the first and second video is that the second video contained softer language in the way of Bob really not wanting to make enemies. He wasn't bad mouthing Matt Johnson in the first video, which was obvious but the big dummy took offense where there should have been none.

In the first video Bob Gimlin said he did NOT write the foreword for the Johnson's book BUT he did okay the final draft for print. Bob also said he had not read Johnson's book. If he had, perhaps things would have turned out differently. Mr. Gimlin also said he does NOT believe in a paranormal/supernatural Bigfoot or portals, orbs or any of the "woo" stuff.
It's all there in the first video, so watch it if you want to make up your mind about this. Don't take my word for it.

Along comes the second video to reiterate what was said in the first video and included was some pleasantries about not saying anything negative about the crazy man Johnson (my words, not Bob's).

Then for some absolute dumbass reason, the kult klowns start rejoicing.

 First of all, Matthew Johnson has a severe comprehension problem. Bob never said that Johnson changed any of his words. He said he NEVER wrote the foreword. Kevin Jones wrote it for him and he agreed on the final draft BEFORE he read Matt's book. While the second video may come across as a "walking back" or a retraction, it was nothing of the sort. This is classic Matthew Johnson changing what was actually said and interjecting his own words. Understand?

To further confuse the issue, there is Kevin the parrot on Matt's shoulder spin-doctoring things that were not said by Bob.

Once again, Docor Demento can't seem to grasp what was ACTUALLY said by Bob Gimlin. Bob said he approved what Kevin Jones wrote and that it was before he read Matt's book. Why is Johnson trying to confuse the issue in his group?

I have no clue what Kevin is talking about. If Bob wrote something for Ron Morehead's book, did Bob write it or did Kevin Jones? Who the fuck is Mart and what the fuck does any of it have to do with a foreword that Kevin Jones wrote for Bob Gimlin?

I am happy that Matt Johnson found such an incompetent mangler such as Kevin Beegle. It doesn't help Johnson's cause at all. At least Patrick could spell, formulate sentences and make sense, for the most part. Johnson definitely traded down.

This Scott fellow seems to be keeping up, why can't Matt? In the first video, Bob clearly said he he does not believe in any of the woo stuff. Why would he? He was there when Roger Patterson filmed "Patty" in 1967.

There was no pressure from any of the "old schoolers". Johnson uses that term in a derogatory fashion so his followers will fall back in line. Make no mistake, Matthew Johnson is a controlling, lying abuser. He will say anything in order to protect his narrative. He fucked up a few times in his four part conference videos but that will be for other blog posts.

I have been hearing stories that Johnson changed the wording of other contributions in his fantasy book of fictional tales. If any of the Johnson contributors want to be brave enough to step forward and tell their story, please contact me. You must be willing to use your real name. Anonymous sources simply won't cut it.

I am of the thinking that many of Johnson's followers suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or something very similar. It is may seem impossible to break free but it is really very easy. Just remember, Matthew Johnson has no control over you and he can not harm you. It is time for Johnson to be exposed for the disgusting dirtbag he is. Contact me.

 Please watch both videos, compare what was said, then come to YOUR own conclusion. Don't let others tell you what to believe.

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