Sunday, 28 May 2017

Matthew A. Johnson ~ The Beginning of the End?

It's no secret that I am not a fan of Matthew Johnson. I always thought he was a pompous ass and a liar. He is other things as well but mostly he is those two things.

Over the years his stories have become more grandiose. Bigger claims were made yet very little in the way of any sort of evidence has ever been presented. A three foot shiny shit in a box is not evidence of Bigfoot. Did he have any of the scat tested? If so, where is the data? Props are not evidence, folks. Seriously.

A few...or a couple of years ago (I didn't really pay attention) Matt Johnson started his own conference so he could beat his chest and tell people what to think. I had only ever seen snippets of his yawn inspiring bullshit but this year I decided to watch all four parts of his "Great Reveal".
To say I was appalled would be a gross understatement.

Throughout the entire four hour presentation, Johnson was angry, or appeared to be angry. He seemed agitated. I got the impression that he does not like to be questioned about his claims. It's as if he just expects people to blindly believe him, which a lot of people did, much to my surprise.
Johnson's rabid story was full of "I don't lie". Someone who does that much damage control is usually lying. Anyway, this blog post is not about the great reveal. If people can't shake the bullshit coma that this is, there is no hope for them.

This post is about this fictional book by Matthew A. Johnson. I call it a work of fiction for reasons that should become apparent later on.

Before, during and after his conference, Johnson hyped up his book and it centered around the foreword by none other than Mr. Bob Gimlin. Mr. Gimlin was supposed to be at the conference, according to Johnson but Gimlin allegedly had another engagement. How true this was, I have no idea. 

Fast forward until just a couple of days ago. Russell Acord had a sit down with Bob Gimlin so Bob could clear the air and state what really went on. Bob came across as very diplomatic, gracious and kind and it was a bit frustrating for me. I tend to be blunt about things so there is no guess work but we are all different.

I won't put any words in to Bob's mouth. If you have not watched the interview, here it is. Decide for yourself. Personally, I think a nice man was taken advantage of by a controlling assclown.

It didn't take long for a Johnson lap dog to come running out of the yard to impugn Russell Acord. Instead of letting the blame fall where it should, Patrick Epistemon tries to blame Russell, and to some degree, Bob Gimlin. Really? Bob Gimlin did not look like he was being forced to testify. I did not see Russell coerce Bob in to making statements. He simply asked questions and he let Bob speak. It's how interviews are done.

Patrick took it upon himself to be damage control.

There is just one problem with this. Patrick is trying to twist this in to basically calling Bob Gimlin a liar. Bob, in his own words said he should have been more careful. I got the impression that Bob felt he was lied to or otherwise misinformed as to what the book would be about.
By all accounts, Bob Gimlin is considered by most to be as honest as the day is long and I have no reason to disbelieve that. Mr. Gimlin appeared to be matter of fact and his body language doesn't lead me to believe he was lying.

Aside from Bob Gimlin, we have Adam Davies. I have tremendous respect for Adam Davies. After his radio interview in which he explained his experiences in SOHA, Adam was kind enough to call me at my request to discuss what went on up there.

Adam has denounced Matthew Johnson for his own reasons. It mainly has to do with Johnson's claims that Bigfoot can heal sick people. Matthew Johnson is an outright liar for saying such things and I will continue to believe and say that until absolute proof is brought forth to back up those outrageous claims. It is beyond reprehensible for a "doctor" to suggest such things.

Even Derek Randles had his say in the matter. Derek usually keeps to himself so for him to say anything, one should pay attention.

Are you seeing a common denominator yet?

There are other people who have turned on Johnson as well but I think it has more to do with the attention shifting than it has to do with anything noble. Self centered fuckers. They know who they are.

This next one is different. For the record I do not subscribe to her notions or claims. At one time we were Facebook friends but that came to an end after a blog post I wrote about ....Matthew Johnson.
Here we are, full circle now. 
During the time we were friends, her posts and comments were always consistent. Her opinions and experiences never deviated and she struck me as someone who honestly believes what she is saying.
This is vastly different than intentionally trying to mislead people.

As you can imagine, I was taken aback after reading her statement today. It is lengthy but I encourage everyone to read it in its entirety. Read it carefully.

 Basically, Matt took her words and embellished them to dress up her contribution to his book. Matthew Johnson's controlling nature rears its ugly head. The douchebag just can't be happy with a contribution from someone, he has to mess with it to satisfy his twisted ego.

I have no doubt that Matthew did the same thing with Bob Gimlin's alleged contribution. I wonder how many words were actually from Bob Gimlin, if any at all.

Will the Johnson apologists come out from the shadows to smear Alyssa's name or will they finally admit that they wrongfully believed Matthew A. Johnson?
I have no doubt that Ms. Runwithwolves' statement is the truth.

What I see is Matthew Johnson taking advantage of the kindness of people for his own selfish needs so he can peddle a book full of lies in a half empty room.

Epic. Tragic. Failure.

Don't be a rube.



  1. All I can say is Wow. I wonder who will be next.

  2. Portaltard! Johnson that is.

  3. Omg I can't believe what I have just read. This man is a charlatan through and through. Has he no shame? This man is a festering boil on the ass of Bigfoot research! I feel angy and disgusted by what he has done!

    1. Just another con man out to make a buck. Buy his book of lies and you can be a victim too.

  4. Our lord and savior, Dr. Matthew Johnson is our prophet! We must protect him from people like you. Even if we take matters into our own hands!

  5. The cumswithwolves chick is just as loony as Johnson!

    1. You are crude and rude. Go friend Johnson. You would be best buds.

  6. Never trust a Johnson that claims Bigfoot cured his prostate by stroking his Johnson.

  7. I could have shortened this by using just a few words-Johnson is a dumbass- see all that and look I condensed it to 4 words!!

  8. I will never drink the koolaid.........lmao
    There's a good reason, why i had him blocked for many years now.........

  9. Matthew A. Johnson has been hit in the head. He clearly had some brain damage above all else.

    1. I wouldn't blame a brain injury Zav. Its obvious Matthew Johnson has compulsive liar personality disorder. He shows all the hallmarks and he's likely been like that since childhood. Those people feed off of telling tall tale after tall tale. I believe Sasquatch Ontario (Mike Paterson) is another one. He's recently switched gears and entered the woo realm full throttle, I think after seeing Johnson's success in hoodwinking the gullible.

    2. Even before that...the bop on the head just makes it more entertaining to watch "crazy" coming out of him!

  10. This dude just blocked me on facebook because I told him Bill and Obama are happily married for life while his beautiful Trump is on his 3rd wife a Russian Super Model. This guy is the biggest one sided prick I have ever had the discomfort of ever knowing. I regret reading his facebook anger posts for so long.


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