Monday, 29 May 2017

Jackass Johnson

We have found out in recent days that Matthew A. Johnson embellished contributions for his book of science fiction but he doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with that, judging from his reaction. He has made himself the victim. Johnson destroyed the context of the contributions by adding his own words to them. It's wrong, plain and simple. I don't think I can type that any slower so his sychophants can comprehend the depths of Johnson's stupidity.

Controversy? Matthew Johnson brought that on himself. He shows no remorse or offers any apology for editing the words of someone else.

His next printing cycle? He could be in a home drooling in his oatmeal by then. He should pull all of his remaining books and reprint his silly work of fiction sans the foreword and the edited contributions.

Cyber-bullying? For reporting the facts? What a fucking crybaby. What a victim poor old Matt makes himself out to be.

Maybe if Johnson wasn't such a dick head, he wouldn't have to edit his failure of a book.

Just look at all the mindless people kissing his ass. I bet they don't even know what the hell is going on. They just blindly agree to whatever Johnson spoon feeds them. Except for Mike. Mike thought for himself. Mike made a comment that is not in line with the drum beating of Matthew Johnson.
Mike is no longer in the group. See how that works? I saw at least three people that were removed for daring to think for themselves.

How the majority of people in his group can't see through the bullshit still amazes me. These people are adults. This is classic cult-like behavior, in my opinion.

Uh....Really? Matthew Johnson is loyal to himself, no one else. He will squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of a person and toss them to the curb...and then make himself the victim. This is nothing more than blatant propaganda by Johnson to keep his wagons circled.

This one is equally as hypocritical as the one above it. Matthew Johnson back stabbed Bob Gimlin and Alyssa. Poor Matt just can't get a break. What a condescending asshole.

Matthew Johnson needs to pull all copies of his book and correct the errors he created himself. The only one to blame for this mess is Matthew Johnson. That can not be disputed. It is a fact.

I heard a lot of horror stories about the conference. Very disturbing things. The stuff of paranoid delusions. If anyone wishes to contact me to share their experiences with Johnson, I am easy to find.

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