Sunday, 2 April 2017

Matthew Johnson Goes Full Idiot

When it comes to the bullshit that "Doctor" Matthew Johnson spews out of his condescending piehole, I tend to ignore it because, well, it's bullshit. His claims of Bigfoot interactions (without any sort of verifiable evidence) is bullshit. Empty dog dishes are just empty dog dishes.

His claims of portals, mindspeak and healing are bullshit. He has not provided anything to support such outrageous blabberings, so Ignored that as well.

I have done my best to ignore this con man. I even ignored the fact that he managed to pen a book. I wonder how many pages can be coloured. Are crayons included? Connect the dots to make a Bigfoot?
Then the ego maniac had to make a video telling people why his book costs so much and why it costs so much to ship. Maybe not all of his drooling groupies are gullible rubes after all.

 So what made me dust off this blog? Matthew Johnson went over the line.....WAY over the line.
This douchebag is allegedly a trained professional but he has the sheer stupidity to post this in his group:

To some of you, this might be funny. You might be wondering why this bothers me. I will tell you why it bothers me. I once knew someone who was a really cool guy. He always had a smile on his face and he was always making jokes and cracking me up. One day his sister called me to tell me he committed suicide. I was shocked to say the least. This poor guy suffered from mental illness and he couldn't cope with it any longer so he took his life.

Years ago I had another friend. She used to cut my hair. We partied together, she dragged me out to poker runs with her boyfriend and we just had a ton of fun. She was a wild woman, the life of the party....until she blew her brains out one night. She also suffered from mental illness.

I have a very thick skin, maybe it's too thick. Not much of anything really bothers me...unless you lie about me and make up a bunch of bullshit and spread it around for your own selfish needs like needing to be the center of attention and other such ego stroking bullshit.

Matthew Johnson, with his poorly thought out meme is making it seem like it's okay to hear voices in your head. It absolves the individual of acknowledging they may have a mental problem. Hearing voices in your head? Pffft! It's only Bigfoot. Right?

I am by no means a trained professional but I am not alone in thinking that Matthew Johnson crossed that line between asshole and downright ignorant bag of shit.

A staggering 1in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness. That is a high number in my opinion.
Let's put that in to perspective. Matthew Johnson's Team Squatchin USA page has 8,057 members. If we assume all of the members are American, which they are not, roughly 1,600 of those members suffer from some form of mental illness. SIXTEEN HUNDRED!! In ONE Facebook group.

Not only is Johnson an underhanded douchebag who uses his credentials to manipulate and sucker in people, he uses his position of authority to take advantage of those he claims to champion through his work as a quack....I mean psychologist. This is utterly reprehensible.

"Doctor" Matthew Johnson needs to have his accreditation reviewed immediately and in my opinion, he should be stripped of any credentials he possesses. He is a buffoon, an ignorant fuck, a lying douchebag and a snake oil salesman. Those are my opinions. He is a worthless sack of shit and an egomaniac. Maybe he didn't get enough hugs as a child.

 Bigfootland is full of useless peacocks but this one is dangerous to those who suffer from different forms of mental illness. Claiming Bigfoot can physically heal humans is one things, and reprehensible on its own merits but suggesting that hearing voices is somehow normal is absolutely disgusting and in bad form. Had it been any other dipshit spouting this shit, I may have let it slide but because Johnson is a doctor, I give him no quarter.

Matthew Johnson needs to be shunned from the Bigfoot community, his YouTube channel should be pulled and people need to stop enabling his behavior.

People need to start reporting him to the proper authorities before the Kool-Aid man cometh.

The above photo is of my tattoo. I take the subject of mental illness seriously.

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  1. After this recent display of his idiocy,it's easy to see why this arrogant, pompous buffoon has had to cultivate and surround himself with his dimwitted followers. No intelligent, rational person would give this vile, despicable joke the time of day. This mocking or making light of mental illness, IMO, demonstrates a total lack of professionalism or even humanity, for that matter. It was a relief to hear him admit that he wasn't even able to get a private practice off the ground. Again,IMO, he is a fraud on so many levels. It's disturbing what levels people will stoop to just for attention and shallow admiration. I guess his paranormal bigfooting hustle is all he has left after failing at everything else. I hope his mindless minions take a hard look at this and come to the realization of the kind of POS that they have attached their wagon.

    1. "His paranormal bigfooting hustle is all he has left after failing at everything else." LoL

  2. It's clear that something is wrong. I'm not talking about his Bigfoot hobby but the other things he's saying and that post coming from a psychologist, would he be embarrassed to show that to a group of colleagues? I hope that people who care about this man get him the help he needs. I'm also very sorry to hear of your friends and how you needed to speak out against this so called professional.

  3. I agree with anonymous above - I hope this man gets help from family or friends because he clearly has lost touch with reality!

  4. I believe he truly wants people to think he is a M.D., instead of just having a Doctorate. Constant referring to
    himself as Dr.J is one Big Giveaway. If I wanted to put my mind to it I could study and get a Doctorate ..which you can in most Any subject. Hundreds to choose from.

    1. If you have a Doctorate degree, you are a Doctor of that profession.

      Johnson is a Charlatan in the highest!! 100% correct Randy, the Douchebag has ZERO proof to back up his claims, ZERO! Apparently none of his friends have cameras either. He is a paid disinformation agent if you ask me, nobody is that stupid!

    2. ^ Randy, expose this guy. He's just as bad as all the other weirdos.

  5. Well, I can say after reading your post, you don't sound like a professional, you sound like your mentally ill and in a bad way! Dr.J might not have physical proof of Bigfoot, as like many of us Bigfooters, but at least he's got a lot of witnesses to his claims! That's more than I can say of you who doesn't have any evidence of Dr. J being mentally ill!

  6. Are you a complete moron? A bit dim-witted?
    First of all, I never claimed to be a professional so I don't know how you jumped to that conclusion. You do seem to believe Johnson so that explains a lot.
    Do you know what "proof" means? Proof is absolute. Undeniable. Without question, it confirms someones claim.
    Matthew Johnson has none of that. He doesn't even have evidence.
    Witness claims? People lie, people misidentify and many people in Bigfooting are just a tad bit biased. Unless there is something to support anecdotal claims, all you have are stories. None of it can be verified in any tangible way.
    Like many of "us" Bigfooters? You claim to have proof of Bigfoot? I don't see it on the news, jackass. Unless you can prove something, keep your yap shut and stop making definitive claims you can not possibly defend successfully.
    Lastly, it's "you're mentally ill". not "your".
    You can lick Johnson's ass all day long, it doesn't make his stories true. Only some half-wit crayon eater would believe any of Matthew Johnson's claims. He is a liar or he is mentally ill. You can only pick one.

  7. Do you know what the really scary thing is about Dr-wannabe J? Its that a bunch of folks PAID him to counsel them in the past. Moo hahahahahahahaha...

    BTW John Melland, just because you find an impression in the forest duff, does NOT prove it is a footprint from a Sasquatch, because you heard two trees knocking together or a nearby woodpecker. This comment is based on some pictures you have posted indicating such a claim.

  8. Let's just hope "Dr. J" doesn't run for president in 2020!


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