Monday, 3 April 2017

Flawed Todd

Well, it looks like Todd Standing is back and he is grumpier than ever. It seemed like it was not long ago Todd said he was closing down his Facebook account and moving on.

Now he is back and he is defending his photos of the lifeless looking Bigfoot affectionately known as Blinky.
 It appears that Mr. Standing is miffed that I, and others compared his face to Blinky's. The facial features really are amazing and match up almost perfectly.

If you have not watched Todd's latest video, here it is. In this video Todd tries desperately to shoot down the idea that Todd is Blinky. In my opinion, he is trying to hard too defend himself.

In the video, Todd uses a Douglas Fir pine needle...yes, you read that correctly, a Douglas Fir pine needle. Those are Todd's words, not mine. Mind you, he said black bears don't give off a heat signature, so take it for what it is.
  Todd uses the fir needles as a ruler to measure the width of Blinky's face. As usual, Mr. Muppet talks fast enough and with enough confidence that on the surface, his analyses seems legit.

Instead of using math, Todd goes out on a limb and just guesses....but he makes it sound convincing. Conveniently, Standing tells us that he busted the lens used to take photos of Blinky. He also says it's a long story but fails to tell us the story. The guy is right there talking and making a video. It's a perfect time to tell us a long story. Maybe he hasn't thought it up yet or maybe stories are too easy to question.

Like Euell Gibbons in a Grape Nuts commercial, Todd gets down to business with his fir....I mean pine needles. He has made little coloured lines to show how wide Blinky's face is. What I want to know is, are those marks accurate and to scale with the face? If you notice, Blinky has a bit of a profile. The image is not a straight on shot, so that's strike one.

Standing has no idea how far the fir needle in reference is from the face of the subject. It's another guess made based on the arbitrary decision of a nameless "photographer". Todd therefore uses the well thought out equation of reducing the fir needle length by 10%. Strike two.

Mr. Smarty pants also has no idea how far the camera person was from the subject, nor does he mention if the photographer is on lower ground, higher ground or even ground with that of the subject. He makes no mention of the make and model of the camera or the lens.Strike three. Strike our. Strike five.

Todd leaves out absolutely everything that can lend credibility to his assertions on how big his bigfoot might be. He merely gives us his subjective opinions and states them as fact. Why should anyone take his word for that?

Todd Standing is going to have to do much better if he plans on hanging around for any length of time. Time for him to put on his big boy pants.


  1. Oh boy, here we go. lol I imagine he will film another one in the near future.

  2. Good post as always Randy! Yes, many red flags! Where's the entire video of him going in and filming them? One MAJOR red flag I see, are no before and after evidence? Where's all his proof???? He should have HUNDREDS of pics. Red flag #2, THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE WHAT HE'S DEPICTING, NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE!
    I have over 1,500 pics of these creatures, and every video to sgoevwhere I see them. If someone can prove a pic of mine is not what I claim, I will delete the video. I can tell you with 100% certainty, Standing is a Charlatan!

    1. Hey Doc, good to hear your still out there too. Brakefoot

    2. Here we go with the 1,500 pictures of real evidence. The guy needs exposed for what he is, confused.

  3. 1500 pictures of leafs and shadows.... been to this rodeo before.


  4. And you take 1500 hundred pics of shit.

  5. Doctor Squatch needs serious help. Over 1500 photos of sasquatch. Lol!!
    You have nothing sir. Apart from, maybe, mental illness.

    1. Dr. Squatch shouldn't be calling anyone a hoaxer (hypocritical).

  6. haters will be haters, the fact of the matter is you can't prove him wrong, sure you think you know everything, but still you Can't prove it, Just like Todd , but at least he has pictures to back up things he says. Prove him wrong or shut the fuck up


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