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Utah Sasquatch

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged about anything of interest. That loud mouthed buffoon, Kelly Shaw is still out there swiping sightings reports from the BFRO and then parroting the finding on his YouTube channel so he can buy new props for his drone.

Apparently, and unaware to me, there is a new kid in town. He goes by Utah Sasquatch but his name is allegedly Nathan Reo but I did find another person by a similar name. Nathan Reo Garn, but more about that later.

 I watched this kid's videos a couple of times and just chalked him up to being another self deluded stump hunter and shadow chaser. He reminds me of Timbergiant in obvious and subtle ways. A good looking charmer that the camera seems to like. After watching his videos a few more times the similar subtleties started to emerge.

  Like Timbergiant, Reo will plant seeds in the minds of his viewers as he's making his videos. He questions himself much like Timbergiant does. This lends an air of credibility among his viewers. There are many other subtle things but I won't get in to all of that. I hope people look for these clues on their own. I also find him to be a tad bit misleading. Nonetheless, his gullible fan base gobble all of it up, including Christopher Noel. The same Christopher Noel that believed Hank the Bigfoot was real. Nuff said there. I wonder if Yale has asked for its diploma back yet.

I have not seen the following video...or maybe I have. If I did, it was probably one of those videos where you roll your eyes, laugh, and wonder why anyone would believe the claims made in it.

I would post a link to the video but Mr. Utah made the video private. I can't stand thin skinned crybabies like him. The first time they get called out, they need to run to their safe space and make long explanation videos as to why they hid all of their videos. Funny, all the hoaxers do that too. Hmmm...

I'll get back to this video in a moment. To be honest, I laughed this guy off until I found out that not only did he start a GoFundMe  campaign, he already has over $5,000 donated by some gullible rubes.
According to Reo he needs $20,000 to buy a camera or ten. 20K is a shit load of money, especially money for a hobby. I personally think that if a "researcher" is going to solicit for money they should at least have 1.) some of their own equipment funded by them. 2.) very good evidence to justify the need for the equipment. Reo has none of that. He has charm and a smile, big fucking deal. Show me something more than a dark blip in a video.
  This is reminiscent of Timbergiant again. Remember when TGBF was gifted a $2,500 video camera? Ask Jimbergiant where it is now.

I am by no mean rich but I have funded all of my own equipment. I saved and purchased a great, used camcorder for $850, which was half the going price.
It records in 1080p, 1080i and everything below that. It records up to 60fps and does time lapse. I can take high quality photos with it. The camera also feature FULL manual controls and I believe that is vital when you need to zoom in. It allows you to focus in on the subject you want.
  It comes dual XLR ports for superior audio recording and both channels can be adjusted manually. She is a heavy beast but manageable for an amateur like me.

 So, I ask myself, WHY would an amateur Bigfooter with zero evidence need $20,000 for a camera?
Even a broadcast quality camera won't run that much. Maybe $5,000 or under would get you a good used camera like that. For YouTube videos almost any HD camcorder will work well.

Maybe he needs a thermal camera. Oh wait. I bought the Seek Thermal for my phone for $200. FLIR makes a thermal now that is around the $600 mark.

   Maybe he needs a good digital camera. Oh....I paid $149 for my Kodak that shoot at 14megapixels. Again, it's not high end but it produces good, clear images.

  Maybe he wants 35mm film cameras because you know, it's difficult to manipulate film photographs. While that may be true, the alleged subjects can be fabricated.
  I have three 35mm film cameras, each with their own lens and that totaled about $200 and includes a carrying case. The cameras are mechanical and require no batteries to take pictures. They only power the light meter. A stand alone light meter can be bought for $5. I have one of those as well.

I have some crappy audio recorders and some crappy night vision that doesn't amount to much. By my calculations, I have spent approximately $1,500 in recording gear. I have equipment accessories and a few other cameras. Even if I spent $2,000, it's a far cry from the $20K that Reo wants and there is not a thing wrong with the gear I have. I could use a sweet audio recorder or great parabolic microphone but it's not in the cards right now.

  My point is that Nathan Reo has committed no investment to his research. No cameras and nothing to show. I have recorded a couple of things I find interesting but I don't use that as leverage to ask for funds for other gear.
  He has no detailed mission statement. The people donating get nothing for their money except a big white toothed smile.

There are people who are homeless and people who are hungry and this clown is asking for $20,000 so he can support his hobby and ego. Do golfers set up GoFundMe campaigns for a new set of golf clubs? Fuck no.

At least make an effort to get some gear. Any gear. A cell phone doesn't cut it.

Okay. I took a couple of days off for the smoke to clear before I continued with this blog post.
I am usually quite hard on people who lie and/or hoax but I really want to like Nathan and I want to believe that he is above board. I watched his 'Bread Crumbs' video which has been removed, just like the rest of his other videos. That right there is a red flag. His body language was a red flag.
A word of advice to Reo. If you have very thin skin, Bigfooting is not for you.

  My biggest jaw drop was when Nathan, with a straight face, repeatedly lied about his knowledge with regards to video and audio editing. Either he lied about not knowing video editing or he lied about his resume on his linked in profile, which he conveniently deleted.

My laptop was acting up so I used a screen recorder to capture his profile. I had a feeling he would delete his Linkedin. All hoaxers delete shit so this isn't looking good for Utah Sasquatch.

I have to ask WHY would Nathan scrub his YouTube channels (yes, plural) and his Linkedin? He has two other channels unrelated to Bigfoot that he cleaned up.

Why go through all the hassle of deleting his internet presence when he could just jump in a group and answer questions like he said he would, or could do? This seems like the crybaby way out and it doesn't seem to be the first time he ran to his safe place after being questioned.

 I want to believe this guy but he is making it extremely difficult. Pulling posts, deleting comments, profiles and videos do not give him any credibility in my opinion. It's like he has something to hide. He can always say "I never said that" and his groupies would likely believe him. I know what I heard and saw in his Bread Crumb video. I bet he saw the same things upon reviewing it and decided that it didn't work in his favour. He is a counselor and alleged Psycho Therapist/Tech, so I'm sure he knows how to be convincing to his fans. The sympathy card and long drawn out explanations didn't cut it for me. Perhaps he needs more acting lessons.

If Nathan Reo doesn't want to be questioned or critiqued, he shouldn't be in Bigfooting and he shouldn't ask for $20,000 for a thermal camera. Any results would be inconclusive anyway.


  1. I figured their would be something in his past that would point to him being less than genuine, especially when he asked for that amount of money.

    What I found to be most telling, as you pointed out, he would tell you "how bad" he was at "researching". From the start, he had established a loophole for failure. That way anything he brought forward, if anything, could then be easily explained away by his inability.

    Lastly, believe nobody who says they know where a family of Sasquatch live.

    1. I wonder if he is related to former Utah US Sen./astronaut Jake Garn?

  2. Lots of information here Randy. ��

  3. Lots of information here Randy. ��

  4. Randy I have night vision recorder and two thermal Imagers one by seek and one from Flir. I have audio recording device. I also night vision camera which is digital. You can get great deals if your patience I might be out of pocket a whole $1200 dollars. I agree with you I would never ask for money for somebody to finance my hobby.

  5. Here's a copy of the Monument Wallow video -

  6. In my 60 years of existence I have come understand that we cannot all agree on any issue but at least we can all agree to be fair. As far as I could tell from your blog one of your main concerns is Reo's GoFundMe campaign.
    Let's address the $20,000 dollar camera you spoke about. I contributed to Reo's GoFundMe page so I am one of those people you referred to in so many colorful ways in your blog. I am not going to hold that against you. You spoke out of ignorance. You don't know me, my background, or what motivated me to send Reo some money. It should be sufficient to say that is was my money and it is nobody's business except me and, perhaps, my wife what I do with it. FYI I didn't ask her and I am probably not going to tell her about it. Anyway, before I contributed I checked out Reo's shopping list. It was quite lengthy. It included several items beside the thermal cameras (yes the original list did have 2 thermal cameras one with a zoom and one without). It included some Go Pros, several harnesses, as well as a few other items for a total wish list totaling about 17K. So when you say he wanted to raise 20 K to buy a thermal camera that statement is not accurate and it is not fair.
    Please don't think I am questioning your knowledge about Bigfoot Research (I feel a little weird even using that term but I am getting more comfortable with it) and I appreciate your skepticism. . From reading your blog you seem very knowledgeable. But you could have done a little better job getting your facts right about the GoFundMe campaign. Reo seems to be a really energetic nice young man. He is an innovative thinker and he is proactive is pursuing his ideas. Would it kill you to give him a break? You never know something good may happen.

    Bob Woody

    1. You accuse me of speaking from ignorance yet you speak from ignorance yourself. You are apparently new to all of this. I am not. I have seen hoaxers and cons come and go in this field, so I think I can assess who, or who not I think is not on the level.

      I've watched people who are willing to give up their hard earned cash get all googly eyed over some smiling snake charmer. What has Reo contributed to his own gear besides a cell phone? Nothing.
      Had he had his own gear, been around for any length of time and produced viable evidence, I might be on board to. I see nothing. His video could have been ruses or misidentifications but his fans don't seem to question anything. Blind sheep come to mind..

      Furthermore, had you read my blog post, you would notice that I mentioned many types of equipment. Why did I spend time on the thermal camera? Because Nathan's campaign focused on the most expensive piece of equipment.

      Before you call me a basement dweller ( you don't seem to be that type), I have my own gear and I sure as damn hell get to the woods. I just don't bother with videos anymore. I have a few videos with more compelling evidence, (f one can call it that) than Reo possesses. Do I beg for money from people who don't know me? I sure don't.

      I am tired of hoaxers, cons and assholes preying on people who so badly want to see this beast discovered that they are willing to shell out money to see it.
      Think televangelists.

      I should cut him some slack? Perhaps you and others should ask more questions and critique his work. Use common sense and logic, and then apply it.
      Would that kill you?

      P.S.- I don't see any innovation from Reo. He doesn't done anything that hasn't already been done.
      At the end of the day, FLIR footage can be hoaxed AND it's inconclusive evidence.

      Ponder that.

    2. BTW I THOUGHT Nathan was doing good stuff. I contacted him about some drone stuff I have as well as thermal cameras. I had a $4000 and a $8000 FLIR Tau 2 cameras that are simple to use even from the air. He immediately contacted me and told me his business manager would contact me. Well she did. When I sent back that i was going to sell the equipment I havent heard not one peep out of them. VERY strange. Because my stuff was military quality. I have a feeling they wanted me to "donate" it rather than sell it.

    3. Not all ways true ,I spent 4 years at least 5 months
      Per year in s back woods settlement down south near Cherokee mountain range and I have seen seen soon fogs within 20 yards of them in the brush .once they get used to the scents,and intention, they leave each other alone
      Unless spooked .there is no guarantee like people these creatures too have or have not had good or bad experiences
      My friends have made spirits for well over a century and they have learned to respect each other and purposely keep their distance by far the smartest creature in the forest.

  7. From what little I know about bigfoot, dogs are scared to death of them and will not follow them. So I have heard time and again. Yet in his wallow video you see his dog wagging its tail and running up to 'bigfoot'. I think it was a friend. I do think the man is a hoaxer.

  8. I feel this man is looking for money, not bigfoot.
    It is just plain weird how many are sucking up to him when he has nothing to show really. They dismiss so many others who have much better videos and evidence than this guy.

  9. Yep. And I bought the dog thing at first, I must admit. But of course it was a friend. A Pygmy friend, perhaps!

  10. Reo has invited sceptics to go with him on these expeditions. Why don't you non-believers take him up on his offer?

    1. would love to ,do I need a go fund me campaign? or will utah bs put me up?

    2. Been nearly a year since your post, but readers should know: I emailed him twice attempting to arrange going out with him. I live in the Midwest and was willing to go to Utah. Never got a reply.

    3. Perhaps you never got a reply because your nose isn't far enough up his self proclaimed sasquatch expert arse.

  11. Man why are we always so hard on each other, I'm convinced that the Internet makes people turn on one another, we are free and we can support anarchy or Utah and that awesome but we don't need to be beating each other down.

  12. You have summed it up very well. He is using several psychological ways to look honest and innocent. 1 is self questioning and saying he doesn't know about something or "I could be wrong" and a big grin and how humble I am sounding. I don't believe a word he says anymore. Once a liar always a liar. $20,000 is a lot of money. I about croaked when I heard him ask for that and the list of what he wanted. I went online to find those things and found he didn't need near that amount. He gives the impression that he is a psychologist when he was only a tech. Not even a nurse let alone a psychologist. He knows nothing of film and editing. When in actuality it is the opposite. That really got me. If you lie about one thing you will lie about anything. He plead to have someone stabilize his little kid video because he didn't know how is a total lie as we see from his Linkedin and resume. The only degrees he finished was film. He didn't finish his ROTC training, yet he talks of training to be special forces. He talks about his military training quite a bit, yet he was never in the military. He couldn't hack ROTC how could he make it through special forces training. I know a bit about that as my husband is an Army Ranger and was a Tactical officer for 2 years. That is the officer that puts you through the Officer Training program. Like a drill sergeant for enlisted training only rougher and tougher. He also taught small arms fire and hand to hand combat. He put in over 49 years in the Army and then worked for Army Research. 2 years of ROTC isn't much. He didn't finish his pre-med either. It's a tough course. I know. I did finish it.

  13. I haven't been here since the Death of Dyer!
    Good post Randy..this douchebag REO is a joke, with ZERO evidence!!
    He even asked people for $ for SD cards to put in the cameras....PATHETIC!

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  15. DR SQUATCHOctober 25, 2016 2:30 pm
    I haven't been here since the Death of Dyer!
    same here but I see RD just posted Oct 18 2016('s into the Florida skunk ape....I think I remember reading about some guy in Florida that drove a cab(Tim Fasano?) and was into it...don't know if it's related tho'

  16. There is one thjng that defies logic though. He foes climb 8,000ft
    Plus and there us a ton of tree structures .it would be near impossible 20 structures of more all in the same area and several logs 20 plus long 10 ft up a tree. I do think he is finding dwelling areas from my experiences in yhe mountains in the service
    And associates .these creatures are far smarter then many give them credit. This Reo guy may be on on the right track ,But he wants yo be paid for his time .with zero risk,or loss.

    1. How do you know he was at 8,000 feet? Because he said so?
      Nathan Garn is a conman in my opinion.
      He's not the first bullshit artist I have come across in bigfootland.
      He wants your money. Nothing more.

    2. I think I know the video you're referring to, Pj Let. And, fyi, he edited the crap out of the video so that you can't see the city, which is the direction that he doesn't point the camera towards, and this forest is less than 1/2 mile from a major hiking trail, and lastly, although he's used google earth in his other videos, it's peculiar that for the '8,000' foot forest video, he gets the altitude incorrect. This, and what other's have observed, all screams conman, but it's up to the viewer to either be critical, or to be suckered in. I personally find it disturbing that people are so easily taken in by him.
      A simple rule of thumb to live by is that whenever someone asks you for money, especially from online, back out of what ever their selling, because that's all they're after, is your money. And, of course, be wary of those people in the future, as they've marked themself as being unscrupulous.

  17. What's of interest is that he does have an arrest record. Of course a person is innocent until proven guilty.

  18. I'm sure there are court fees associated with an arrest. Therefore, one could speculate that any donations might not have only gone to photography equipment.

  19. And, very likely, there are no bigfoot families that he's come across in his hikes, but from the film classes that he took, he did learn some of the basics of filming and how to keep an audience in a state of suspense. Therefore, for those of you who might have donated, don't feel bad, as you have paid for entertainment. However, if you're taking his word at face-value, and really believe that he's come across bigfoot, let alone a bigfoot family, then please think twice about being suckered out of money.

  20. Lastly, I thank Racer X for bringing attention to this matter. I completely agree that if a person is asking for money, then they should at least have paid for some of their own equipment, have some evidence to support their claims, and have a clearly defined mission statement. Otherwise, I have to call b.s. and that these 'gofundme' type accounts are really just a modern day means of enabling conmen to sucker unsuspecting people out of their own hard earned money.
    The more I think about it, the more saddening the situation is. Please don't get suckered out of your hard earned money and pay someone else's court fees for their prior arrest(s).

  21. Well here we are AGAIN with UTAH SASQUATCH/Nathan Reo with him shaking his can for his followers to donate him yet MORE money, but now via the PATREON site.
    You pay now to see his videos just a week ahead of "general release" on YouTube plus some other private films non donators won't see, oh and the 'privilege' to message him. He's obviously a businessman who's trying to cash in on his subscribers. If you point anything out or Comment anything other than praise or worship for Nathan Reo/UTAH SASQUATCH, then look out, you will get a ton of His followers/brainwashed commenting back with piles of abuse, Insults ALL condemning you to an eternity in other words they all act like vipers in his defense. Yes, He's done a really fantastic job on them all with brainwashing his fans/followers to get him his money he so richly desires. The whole thing is extremely sad and I pity them all.

  22. he is in the matt johnson catagory...

  23. I am new to the subject of Bigfoot, and after reading this blog I would like to know who are the reputable BF researchers to follow. I am also wary of anyone asking for $$. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for those people who are reputable. Thanks!

    1. William Jevning has probably the most solid research I've seen in the past few years. He has a few books out that are worth the read. Also, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University, has solid research. He put out a laminated tri-fold brochure via Discovery, that explains several aspects of Sasquatch, called the Sasquatch Field Guide. There are a handful of other researchers spread around the world that have a clue, but not many.

      After reading through or listening to some solid data, you will begin to see where all the truthful facts have come from that YouTube Bigfoot Sensationalists are trying to claim as their own.

  24. Here's my review of NR/Utah .
    I've just found NR this week on youtube.
    I've watched about 30 of his videos. He speaks very well & is entertaining( Used to be a minister). He brings up & interesting, controversial topics, & discusses them w/ others & himself. He's very well read & knowledgeable in BF.
    He is kinda thinned skin regarding negative comments. He actually goes out looking for BF in the field way more than 100% of the BF people that I know. I've seen numerous tracks & many many tree structures deep into the woods in his videos. I've seen him go deep into a cave/mine head first w/ no problem. Therefore, must be pretty brave as well.
    He has a unique strategy that he describes in detail for locating BF & it seems to be working quite well for him.
    He mentions Patreon & paypal if you'd like to donate to his research. Otherwise you can watch it free on youtube which is what I'm doing.

    Conclusion: I don't agree w/ everything he says regarding what BF actually is, but he's on the right track & fears ridicule for publicly coming to the natural conclusion that anyone who follows ET's, abductions, Dogman should eventually reach. IMO, the BF community is a nasty, jealous group of people who attack anyone who is getting the most attention & they 99% of the time dismiss or character assassinate most researchers with whom they disagree or are more popular. If people are willing to give him $, who cares... People are seeing value in his work & getting a return on their investment in their minds. Let them support him in whatever way they please & don't criticize, appreciate. Learn from him, take notes, add his tools to your own tools. I'd like to see him try to raise $100,000, $200,000. Grow bigger, make his own well produced TV show. Let the fake news devouring public be exposed to some new concepts through BF that he could certainly deliver.
    He's more entertaining with an interesting personality & viewpoints, daytime field research, & a go-pro than Finding Bigfoot or any of the other garbage/fake BF/monster shows that I've seen.

  25. Wow I don't know either side but I'm a Bigfoot guy I've only read about a half of chapter but dam sounds like your really trying to cut this guy down you putalot of time and effort into this apparently let the people be the judge of him and you just stand aside dude how bout that 👍

  26. I have squatched with Nathan. I have encountered structures and had a sighting and interactions at his locations. Personally I don't believe what arm chair critics say about anyone. I go and look for myself. I will walk into ANY active area by myself at night with ho fear of these (what ever they are). Nathan is opinionated, but has the guts stand up for what he believes in. For that I respect him. I support his Patreon channel for $10/mo which is nothing to me. I support his videos and support his right to his opinions (even though we have differing understandings). As soon as our research community develops standards of professional courtesy that gives every one of us the right to share our evidence and understandings without fear of ridicule, others will take us seriously.


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