Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Robert Dodson's "Bigfoot"

 This screenshot has caused a lot of discussion in the Bigfoot world. Some people think it's a real Bigfoot and others, like me, think it's simply pareidolia. I will do my best to show why I think this is nothing more than shadows, leaves and twigs.

Before I get started, I want to say that I do not think Robert Dodson is a hoaxer. I think he is a sincere and hard working guy who thinks he caught a Bigfoot on camera. I do, however, think he is mistaken.

I have watched this video over twenty times and I also zoomed in  on the area this face is supposed to be. The video is a bit lengthy for such a short clip. The first section of the video shows a clip from Robert's video played at regular speed. The second part is inverted and last is a zoomed in clip of the same location. For me, it was the zoomed in video clip that confirmed to me that what we see is not a Bigfoot face.

Here is the clip with the audio removed.

Instead of cherry picking one still image from the video, I will present some that were taken by me and some that were taken by other people who are having a discussion in a Facebook group.

The above screenshots don't show a clear face in my opinion with the exception of the last one but that is still a stretch of the imagination.

Likewise, in the screenshots below, I do not see a face that holds a consistent shape throughout the portion of the video clip in question.

Even for an alleged juvenile or toddler Bigfoot, this face is is very small compared to the leaves in the foreground. Also, if this is a young Bigfoot in such close proximity to a noisy human, where is the mother or father? Why didn't Robert see it? It was only mere feet in front of him.

I give my interpretation of what I saw in the video. The "face" is an illusion created by shadows, foreground leaves and some twigs.

Same location but a slightly different camera angle.  A little up and to your right is a tree trunk. I don't see anything that resembles a primate's face.

This screenshot shows the same spot without the red square.

These last two screenshots show a closer look and also show shadows, leaves and foliage, in my opinion.

The screenshot originally shown in one of Robert's video really gave no explanation, no context and no time stamp that the "face" was captured. The complete lack of information regarding this image, as I viewed it in his other video is a bit frustrating. I had to dig and ask Robert questions about the video, and to his credit he was quick to reply with some answers.

There are those who have put their seal of approval on this video but I haven't seen any serious breakdown or analysis. I certainly don't consider my analysis to be in depth and exhaustive but it does show why I am holding the position that I have. I do not see the face of a Bigfoot in this video clip.

This image below clearly shows the face of a gorilla. It is undeniable.
If an image of this quality was shown in Robert's video, I may have a different opinion.


  1. https://www.facebook.com/Bigfoot-Community-Deprogramming-Help-for-the-Brainwashed-255172764846755/

  2. This Dodson hoaxer went private also, ran like a sissy girl when the heat was on....then the douchebag goes out and feeds animals for the next few months...WHO DOES THAT????
    I believe he used a mask.

  3. I agree 100%, it's just leaves, I enhanced a pic too, and just got a clear image of leaves, wish I could show u the pic, u on facebook?

  4. I thought it was a squatch as well. I watched it over and over again. The leaves where the eyes are supposed to be move independently from the rest of the face. You are correct I believe, it's all leaves and twigs. I was rather bummed when I realized this. I was so excited to see the face, my stomach dropped. Too good to be true. Thanks for your work.


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