Monday, 13 June 2016

Kelly Shaw is an Idiot

I am sitting here drinking a beer and I am almost at a loss for words. The sheer stupidity of this is almost beyond comprehension for the truly sane, critical thinkers. It's poetic and funny...very funny. On the inside I'm laughing so hard that my side truly hurts.

An alleged Bigfoot video popped up on YouTube recently and when I saw it, I immediately thought it was a hoax. A few too many red flags for my tastes but what do I know, I'm not an expert like some of the asshats in Bigfootland like Kelly Shaw, faker of the weasel photo...I mean Marten photo. That in itself was a gong show. Shaw has already proven himself to be a liar. Incompetent twatwaffle is only one step away.

As evidenced below, Kelly Shaw is a liar, and possibly a bit of an idiot. He was butthurt with the Bluff Creek Project so he had to make shit up in order to get even.

How do we know he was lying? Below is the truth, right from the photographer.

Today is one of those days where blogging becomes an absolute joy for me. I enjoy it more and more with every key stroke. I'm still laughing and can't stop.

Anyway, back to the alleged Bigfoot video. Here is the original video that brings us to the shit show of today.

Next up is the "follow up" by Mr. fucking  know-it-all. Mr. "my dead fallen tree is a Bigfoot". Mr. "my 40 ft. tall shadow in the trees is a Bigfoot". Left to his own devices, Mr. stump hunter can become a severe detriment to himself. Like today for example.

I could only skim through this video because Kelly is embarrassing himself so badly. I saw nothing in the video that clearly resembled a primate-like footprint. An impression in the ground is NOT proof of anything and nothing was ruled out. Must be Bigfoot.

I am a member in a group that takes a lot of shit from people who think we are raining on their parade. That's not the case at all. It's called evaluating the evidence and coming to a rational conclusion based on where the evidence takes us. In this case, and many others like it, this one screamed hoax.

The subject was so small and the clarity of the screenshot was so poor that this "Bigfoot" is inconclusive at best.

Some people get butthurt when their cognitive dissonance is messed with. Voicing any objective opinions are frowned upon. Logic gets you blocked. Rational thinking gets you labeled a troll.

Want some cheese with that whine?

Kelly Shaw the bigshot found "so much Bigfoot evidence", according to the above nonsense. How the fuck would he know what is Bigfoot evidence? Apparently Shaw doesn't know anything as it relates to Bigfoot. His video is glaring proof of that. He sees things that are not there. Here is the video that proves that.

Golly gee-whiz, would ya look at that. A video that confirms what we have been saying from the start.

Shaw even ignored Dr. Meldrum.

More importantly, this video shows us that we shouldn't believe everything we see. Proof is needed to confirm anything that might be a Bigfoot. A crappy video, blurry pictures and subjective opinions are not proof or facts. Neither one prove the existence of Bigfoot.

I wonder how Mr. jabber jaw will 'splain away this one.

Question everything.



The guy planted evidence? Sure he did. Liar.


  1. Ha Ha, good job Randy. He just came on my radar last week and I thought the same thing.

  2. Good to see you posting again Randy


  3. Holy crap you are an A-hole. But damm I love reading your stuff. Keep up the good work!


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