Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Kelly Shaw is a Crybaby

Remember on my last blog when I said that Kelly was a detriment to himself? Well, he's gone and stuck his big foot in his big fat crybaby mouth again. The fucking baby just can't man up and admit when he was wrong. He has to blame someone else.

Jelly Jaw was hoaxed by some fun loving folks hoaxing a video. Normally hoaxes bother me but this particular one was so obviously not a bigfoot because it was just a dark blip on the screen.

I have linked to the video because I want this guy to make some money because of the grief Kelly Shaw is causing him. Be kind and click the video.

Shaw is crying because he spent money to go to the location and check it out. He wanted to be the bigshot, first on the scene, so that's his problem. Nobody told him to pack up and go there. I never heard Jack and Jeff cry when they were hoaxed by those two kids. I never heard them cry when it came to being duped...many times.

Poor old jabber jaw has his panties in a bunch now because he made an ass of himself and we are all laughing at him. He's blaming the people that made the bigfoot video and Shaw wants his pound of flesh.

Kelly Shaw is whining like a bitch and he claims to have filed a complaint with the FAA against the guy with the Bigfoot video. The FAA assured Kelly? Really now? Shaw is known to lie a lot when things don't go his way. He's a bully and a thin skinned fucking pansy. If I bitched like he did my old man, RIP,  would have slapped me silly.

Shaw is a hypocrite, and a bitch. Don't forget bitch. I wonder if Mr. Bitch has his commercial pilot license for drones. If he does, he should produce it. How come Kelly can make monetized videos using his drone and hardpack101 can not? There is no law against using a drone to make a hoax video.

I visited the halfwit's channel and found a few interesting videos.

Look at that. Monetized drone videos. Fucking hypocrite. Crybaby bitch. Kelly Shaw needs to suck it up and put on his big boy pants. He should take it on the chin, man up, and just admit he was duped. It would likely have been less painful in the long run.

The problem with Shaw's alleged complaint seems to be full of shit. A big huge pile of shit. Either Shaw is lying, which has been proven several times in the past, or the person he spoke to at the FAA is just as incompetent as Shaw.

My friend S,teve Alcorn, posted this in the Coalition group on Facebook, so I thank him for this information.

Model Aircrraft Operations   <<<Link

Judging from hardpack101's video, he seems to be within the guidelines mentioned above.

Once again, it looks like hardpack101 is within the law. His video was made for shits and giggles. So what if it's monetized? (Click his video). His video is for recreation. It's not like he was hired to take aerial shots of the Empire State Building for Architect Digest  or some other magazine. THAT would be for commercial use. Nobody hired hardpack101 to make a hoax video.

Kelly Shaw just needs to shut his big lying yap. His big mouth gets his dumb ass in to trouble every time. He's a baby and a bully. Nothing more. Oh. He's a lying hypocrite as well.

If I got a dollar for every time I was threatened with the law, I could buy a fancy Starbuck's coffee. Not that I'd want to buy their overpriced shitty coffee though. I'll take Tim's any day. Double double.

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  1. Just so you know how much of a douchebag Shaw is, a team member of mine found something in Shaw's video and sent it to thing my friend know, Shaw reports him for copyright violation, and Youtube bans my buddy for a year!!!!
    More than an idiot!


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