Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Big Steaming Pile

 For a guy who is being stalked, investigated and harassed, why is this jackass still around? I guess $5,000 isn't enough for this bullshit artist. If his brain dead groupies can't see this now, they deserve to lose their retirement money.

I am listening and watching Nathan Garn's latest televangelist worthy scam of a video on YouTube and this boy has gained some confidence once he conned his way to a new FLIR camera. He is trying to present something that isn't a new idea. Nathan has gone in to hiding in a private Facebook group so he isn't bothered by people who have serious questions for him. His groupies can be groomed with no outside interference. Mr. Cult leader can tend to his flock of drooling morons unimpeded. He can hook them with all sorts of bullshit evidence and have nobody keep him in check.

If you haven't watched his latest vid, I will post it here. I refuse to link to that fucktard's channel so I'll host it here.

I'm listening to this bullshit and I'm laughing. Really laughing. Nathan is getting his fans involved and he wants them to do his leg work for him. He needs a team and he sprinkles a dose of humanity on his steaming pile of  diaper filled excrement so everyone can sit around and do a clap for him and nod approvingly at each other. 

Hoaxers come and go but it looks like Mr. Garn wants to hang around and pick up the loose change off the ground. He can see that there are a few dollars to be made in Bigfootland if one has the right schtick. First, Nathan Reo Garn, or Ashton Garn or Guy or whatever the fuck his real name is, has barely been around. He knows nothing about Bigfootland.
 He has modeled himself after that guy who rides around city parks and pretends to be  a Bigfoot researcher. Utah takes a lot of Jimbergiant's subtleties and molds them to formulate his own character. It's so obvious that I don't know how people can't see it.

I almost choked on my beer when he said Bigfoot are cute friendly creatures. Or fun. Or something like that. How the hell would Mr. No Fucking Evidence know that? Here's a clue for you. If clowns like Squatchmaster, Timbergiant and now Nathan Garn, find Bigfoot evidence everythime they go out, you know they are full of shit. That's a guarantee. I watched Nathan's videos before he got all crybaby butthurt and hid them in his safe place.

He's had a taste of the gullibility of people who will mail him their hard earned dough without asking so much as a question. He got his new fancy FLIR camera so the fucker better use it. And use it every fucking night. I remember when Jim got his $2,500 camera. It lasted for one video because Jim apparently didn't know how to operate it.

I can't be the only one who sees where this is going. Nathan fancies himself to be a film maker. He doesn't know Bigfoot or the inner workings well enough, so he is picking the brains of those who do.

I'm willing to bet that he will ask for more money or try to squeeze more funds in to his already posted campaign. Not sure when that gong show expires. I don't really give a shit what people do with their money. They can waste it on lottery tickets or they can waste it on Mr. Chiclet's.

What I do give a shit about is a predator preying on weak minded people. I give a shit that he makes a mockery of a subject that some of us take seriously.If Garn wants to be a film maker or get his face on T.V., he should just say it. Quit being a fucking poser.

I think Nathan Reo Garn is a scam artist. He wants to make documentaries or television worthy programs. Maybe he'd be happy with being a YouTube star. Who knows. My gut instinct is seldom wrong and it twists and turns when Reo speaks. I can see right through this twit.

He wants your money and he wants you to do his work for him. Wake the fuck up.


  1. Hopefully this post will have this lazy ass disappear from social media. He never appealed to me, so I am surprised that he has gained some kind of following.

    Even better would be the end of Timbergiant.

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  3. Couldn't be stand to lose his psychotherapist's license if he's exposed as a hoaxer and charlatan!

  4. That should be a question mark. Not an exclamation point.

  5. This idiot needs to go back and look at all the failed hoaxers of the past! He is trying to reinvent the wheel here! Ain't gonna happen.

    - Hopeful Optimistic no more

  6. This post provides no evidence of a hoax.

    Many other amateur researchers are duplicating his methods with similar results.

    I'd say you're claim is false.

    The "bigfoot community" is so insecure, immature, and dysfunctional they can't even handle someone just going into the woods and recording their thoughts even though they'll often admit they are not sure of themselves and welcome constructive criticism.

    1. He is full of shit and has nothing in the way of evidence. Get your head out of your ass.
      People who give money to idiot conmen are delusional, wishful thinkers.
      Try being objective for a change


  8. Hey Randy,
    Have you seen this yet? LOL... this guy is entertaining!

    I look forward to your thoughts about him.

    - Hopeful Optimistic no more

  9. Start posting again.

  10. Reo or whatever His name is is a Business Man, nothing more nothing less, AND SADLY and don't see subscribers he sees dollars for his bank accounts. If you say anything against him watch out, the vipers will curse you to eternity in hell!!

  11. Nathan Garn doesn't even post to YT anymore, its been four months since he posted anything there, but he continues to post videos to Patreon, where you have to pay for the pleasure. There he gets no questions, only ego stroking yes men, pandering to their new Bigfoot leader, and, once again, where you have to pay for that pleasure. 14,000 YT subscribers seem to matter little, Garn as bigger fish to fry at Patreon, and fry them he will.