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Kelly Shaw - Liar and Hypocrite

My friend, Richard Allen has already covered this in his own blog, here but the sheer karma factor has forced me to add my own two cents worth.

  Some of you may be aware of Kelly Shaw and others may not. Shaw is an alleged Bigfoot researcher who likes to name things after Bigfoot, such as Sasquatch Ridge, Sasquatch Holler, Bigfoot Valley or what the fuck ever stupid name pops in to his poorly lit cranium.

  Kelly's Bigfoot evidence to date consists of trees, shadows, and stumps but he tries his best to say they are Bigfoot. I have not seen any follow up by Shaw to redeem himself and his "evidence". Mostly he just likes to talk.

And talk he does. I have lost count of how long it has been since Shaw has been harping on Steven and Jamie of the Bluff Creek Project but it has been a long time. For some reason, Kelly Shaw has an axe to grind with the duo who run the project with other people.

Shaw has accused Steven Streufert of being lazy because Shaw himself is too lazy to clean out his shit filled ears. There was an interview with Steven that is still available online. Steven had said that if the project grew in size and area that the Project may consider hiring students to help them retrieve cameras. This work could lead to class credits for the students but I'm not sure on how any of that works. I listened to the interview and I know what was said. Anyone with the IQ above room temperature knows what was said and what was implied. The Project would possibly seek *help* with their endeavor.

  Kelly Shaw heard this, shredded any truthful parts until he was left with a bare bones chassis of what was actually said. From there, Shaw embellished and just plain made up shit. He got it stuck in his thick melon that Steven from the Bluff Creek Project was going to sit back while other people did his work for him. THAT is a fucking lie. It's a lie and Shaw knows it...or he should know it, unless his comprehension skills are so bad that he requires further education.

Streufert NEVER said he would retire and pass off the physical work to students. The students would be a compliment to the existing crew of people who would need to retrieve who knows how many cameras spread out over who knows how many square miles. The discussion about this was a "what if" scenario. What if the Project became huge, or what if the project carried on for the next 50 years?
That was what I walked away with from listening to the interview.

Shaw found something, or so he thought. He twisted it, added his own bullshit and then peddled it in any group that would listen to him cry. I'm not sure why Shaw has it out for Steven Streufert. Maybe because it's because Shaw can't debate with Steven. Maybe it's because Shaw is proven wrong every time he opens up his lying piehole. He call Steven a coattail rider of the PGF, yet Shaw will drive around to various locations so he can parrot old BFRO reports on his YouTube channel. Am I the only one to see the hypocrisy here?

Under normal circumstances I try to stay out of one on one arguments between people but I will defend my friends when I think they are right.

Kelly Shaw has singled out Steven for whatever reason. I really have no clue where his hate comes from. He demonizes Steven when it really isn't warranted. Maybe Shaw is upset that he isn't as intelligent as Steven. Maybe he's bitter because he loses debate after debate on any given topic.
It's very sad that an individual is attacked, bullied, and relentlessly bothered because he is intelligent.
It's difficult to beat Steven in a debate. Some have beat him but not by much. I am not one of those people but I have no ill will towards Steven for that.

People get up in arms over racism, sexism and many other "isms" but it seems acceptable by some that it's okay to bully people who are educated. Steven runs a book store for fuck sake. I bet he reads books like some people drink coffee. It's obvious to me that the man wants to learn as much as he can about any topic that he finds interesting. Is that a sin? Where the hell did this anti-intellectual movement come from? When did it become okay to bash the smart people?

I think Shaw is butthurt that he gets his ass kicked every time. Maybe a bit of self education will put Kelly on a more level playing field one day. I suspect that won't happen any time soon because he is consumed with hatred. Kelly Shaw is so consumed that he has resorted to outright fabrications.
There is no way out for Shaw now. Any credibility he had is shot to hell. Kelly only has himself to blame.

This. This photo right here is what destroyed Kelly Shaw. It's very amusing that the photo is of a weasel. A long tailed weasel to be exact.

Kelly knows so little about wildlife that he called this a coastal marten. When I was trying to find the real source of this photo, I was searching for Humboldt Martens. What I noticed was that the Marten looked nothing like this animal above. The face was different. The Marten has pointier ears, different fur colour and length. I started to search for weasels instead and it took me all of five minutes to find out that this little fellow (or female) is a long tailed weasel.

I will give you the context in a screen shot.

As you can see, Kelly immediately tries to come off as some self proclaimed expert on the Humboldt Marten. Maybe Shaw doesn't realize that people actually studied the animal, it's habitat, range and numbers. You know, factual things that are written in articles and put on websites. Websites like this one.

National Park Service  ~ link

"The historic range of the Humboldt marten was described as sea level to about 3,000 feet (914 m) along the narrow, humid, coastal strip, chiefly within the redwood belt, from the Oregon state line south to Sonoma County. By the 1950s, populations of Humboldt martens were highly reduced. Currently, a single population of the Humboldt marten (not including the detections within RNSP) occupies an area that is less than five percent of its former range and is estimated at less than 100 individuals."

So far Kelly has lied about what kind of animal he allegedly took a photograph of and he has lied about the rarity of the Humboldt Marten.

You may think to yourself "so what?". Kelly could be blowing hot air just to ruffle feathers. I might be able to accept that if it wasn't for the fact that my friend and awesome amateur detective, Skyla found the source for the weasel photo.

The photo comes from this website:  Jay Ryser Photography


There you have it folks. Kelly Shaw swiped a copyrighted photograph so he could tell more lies about Steven, and lies about an endangered animal that the Bluff Creek Project managed to photograph from one of their trail cameras. Shaw is bitter over someone else's success.

As if this wasn't enough, Shaw once again opens up his stupid piehole to tell another lie.

Look at that! Shaw challenges people to post the photo that he claims he has a copyright on. Not only have I posted the photo but I will post it again. Go ahead, sue me you worthless lying sack of shit. Shaw is the one who needs to be ashamed of himself. He is a pathetic excuse of a human being. He's a window licker, mouth breather and all around knuckle dragging moron.

Shaw doesn't have any facts on his side so he needed to completely fabricate a story in order to vilify Steven and the BCP.

Jay Ryser even features the long tailed weasel photo on his Facebook page. (lower right).

Above is the properties for the weasel photograph.

Kelly Shaw has had his ass kicked by pure facts. This isn't anything I made up. The truth speaks for itself folks. There is no denying that Kelly Shaw is a liar. He knowingly lied in order to prop up his over inflated ego.

I would ask you this. Since Shaw has no problem lying about things such as a photo of a weasel and the honor of good people, I have to wonder if he has lied about his Bigfoot evidence, photos, videos and anything else related to Kelly Shaw's "research".

Shaw was quick to label people hoaxers based on weak evidence that was clearly taken out of context but he seems to fancy himself as above the "law". Based on the evidence in this blog post, I have no problem labeling Kelly Shaw of the RMSO a hoaxer. There is no way out for Shaw. There is no back pedaling and no denying. Kelly hung himself with his own hatred and with his own web of lies.



  If you have the time and a few dollars, please consider donating to a worthwhile cause.

Here is a link to their site ~ epic

Help save endangered species such as the Humboldt Marten.


  1. Good exposure. I've found Shaw to be less than honest on things. On the following video he's casting a footprint and states, “And if you look it’s damn near 16 inch footprint.” But if you look at the measuring tape laying next to the casting it’s only 13 inches long." It shows he's not honest and not bright enough to not show the footprint with a tape measure along side. Begin watching at the 20:00 minute mark.

    1. A "Bigfoot researcher" that isn't sincere. That's really weird.

  2. What is Rick Dyer up too?

  3. Dood...just because someone is mistaken on a fuckin rat doesnt mean they are liars.

    You write well..but there is WAY too much contempt for ANY researcher that is sucking dick and kicking ass.

    DO you have some research videos that are better?

    1. He wasnt mistaken. He lied about taking the photo, then threatened anyone who posted it he would claim copyright when it was proven it wasnt his photo but someone else's. That rises to a WHOLE 'nother level of Mistaken there-like flat out lying.... Dood.

    2. Your strawman arguement is silly and the facts are there.
      Did you not even read the post?

  4. Replies
    1. Must be a Jelly Jaw delusional moron. Lol.
      The facts are the facts.

  5. The writer of this blog is jealous that Reo did in 2 years, what he couldn't in 20 plus years.. What is reo hoaxing? 40' trees structures?! impossible to hoax.... but.. he hoaxing because he asks for money?. Makes no sense. Everyone wants money.. good for him to try to get some.. in my opinion he has taken bigfoot research to the next level. The evidence is everywhere.


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