Sunday, 13 December 2015

Merchant Magic

Now that it's winter time in Bigfootland, things usually start to get weird, strange and a bit crazy. This year the crazy shit started back in the spring with Matt Johnson's ludicrous and unfounded claims of portals and Bigfoot activity. Keep in mind, all that Matt has provided thus far is heavily edited audio and truck loads of biased opinions. Matt needs to learn that opinions are not facts. He claims to have DNA of some sort but he neglects to tell us why he has not sent any out for testing. Other researchers have had their "evidence" tested for free so I wonder why Matt missed the boat.
Maybe it's his charming personality.

This post isn't about Matt though, it's about one of his newly found fans.

Lately, Michael Merchant has been making waves with what looks like, his support of Matt Johnson's absurd claims. I have watched Michael's videos that try to support the paranormal or "woo" but his arguments fall flat in my opinion. Much of what Michael talks about actually has nothing to do with Bigfoot, and in typical Merchant fashion, Michael tends to wander off on his own tangents, leaving the rest of us to sort it out or try to make sense of what was said. His talking points can be easily rebutted. I have done so in the past but have been ignored for whatever reason. Such is life.

For the most part, I just rolled my eyes and ignored the pseudo-science mumbo jumbo that Michael was feeding everyone. It took awhile to accept the fact that Michael had changed from a logical, critical thinker to an "anything is possible" kind of guy. I hate to burst your bubble but not everything is possible. Get over it.

The last straw came a few days ago when Michael produced some videos showing what he claims are abilities of telekinesis. Really, there is only so much bullshit I can take until I say something about it. Michael states that the events that take place in the video are the result of him using his mind to control objects. I call bullshit and it's my opinion that these events now propel Michael in to the category of hoaxer. He doesn't appear to be mentally ill to me, so that's what I am left with. Hoaxer, charlatan, snake oils salesman.  It pains me to say that but I see no other options available.

If you have not seen his recent videos, here is one of them.

I was really confused after watching this video because I didn't know if Merchant was serious or if he was pulling a gag to make fun of someone. Once I realized that he appeared to be serious, I didn't know whether to scream, laugh or sit there with a blank stare on my face. I think I did all three, if my memory serves me correctly.

As I sat there scratching my head, all I could think was "you can't be serious". Then Michael made another video but this time he was using a feather.

I decided to show how easy this "trick" was to perform. I have had no training in magic, telekinesis or anything else that may be related to moving objects. I gave it one quick try the previous evening and recorded two videos last night and I spliced them together. There are no edits in the video and it is recorded in real time.

As you can plainly see, there is no telekinesis in my video or in Michael Merchant's video. It is science, folks. I tried to explain it in my video but the video below explains it much more clearly.

There you have it. No magic and it's explained and debunked very easily and very clearly. It would be futile to argue that this trick is telekinesis. Just because Merchant doesn't care what James Randi or skeptics have to say, it doesn't make his hoax any more real or valid.

I don't know what Michael's angle is or if he really believes his own bullshit hoax magic trick. I don't really care, to be honest. Maybe there is a new twisted television series coming out that features tipped over rocking chairs and babbling fools. Again, I don't really care.

All I know is that the bullshittery in Bigfootland needs to stop. If you are going to make claims of any sort with regards to Bigfoot, please make sure you have the material to back it up. Silly parlour tricks prove nothing.

Let's discover the beast first before we bestow magical attributes and habits to it. To do so is speculation at best.


  1. Huzzah!

    I'm really disappointed in Michael. Very disappointed.

  2. Huzzah!

    I'm really disappointed in Michael. Very disappointed.

  3. I like Michael, but this is ridiculous. The word "haters" is starting to be used.

  4. Excellent article! I am glad you have decided to chronicle Michaels debauchary as it relates to that insane psychologist. Michael should know better! Hitching his wagon train onto the nut job parade shows how desperate this man is for Internet attention.

    Keep up the good reporting and I hope that Michael gets some serious backlash for dealing with this kind of parrellel universe intergalactic Jawa guardian stuff.

  5. Bravo! Good to see other folks in the bigfoot world exposing these hucksters.


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