Friday, 9 October 2015


Matt Johnson must be one of the most blessed "researchers" in all of Bigfootland. Wherever he goes, Bigfoot seem to follow. The most elusive creature on the planet and Matthew Johnson gets hit after hit from these big hairy creatures. Isn't that amazing? Matt is right  on par with Timbergiant and the proven hoaxer, Squatchmaster. Have you ever noticed that these YouTube researchers always manage to find evidence every time they go out? It doesn't matter if they are five feet from their car, standing on a bike trail or in their own backyard, these morons claim to have activity where ever they go.

Matthew Johnson used to be....nah, he was never a good researcher. He has always been an arrogant ass and a self promoter who will throw anyone under the bus, just so he can get his two minutes look-at-me and a few ass slaps from his misguided minions.

Anyway, we all know he has his super secret SOHA location that is somewhere near Grant's Pass. So far nobody has given up the location so others can check out the spot. Since we can't get to SOHA, how about WAHA? WAHA is Matt's other habituation area. You can't see me but I am laughing my ass off right now.

Johnson is trying to lead us to believe that he has another successful habituation area that is literally just outside his back yard. Really now. Bigfoot are hanging out in cities now because the forests are too much hustle and bustle for them, right?

Give me a fucking break. I suppose it's easy to make outlandish claims and not have to show any evidence or proof. In a few videos we get to see some snippets of trees and trails that may lead one to believe that Matt is in a large wooded area. This is not the case at all. Have a peak folks, here is WAHA in all its glory.

Wow, look at all those houses! Maybe Matt is on the edge of civilization?

Oops, I guess not, huh? That little tiny triangle piece of woods is WAHA, ladies and gentleman. Feast upon it's remoteness.

Why would the Forest people want a strip of land that is roughly 1.28 miles long when they could have all that land and hills to the right? It seems kind of silly, doesn't it?

I am sure at least one fanboy will try to rationalize this for Matthew Johnson. How convenient is that? To have an active little park right outside your back door must be amazing. What are the odds?
I won't hold my breath on seeing any convincing evidence from this place. What a joke.

Just give it up already, Johnson. We are on to you. Now it is just a matter of informing everyone.

One more thing before I go. If Matthew Johnson posts ONE more photo of anyone's house. I will post a photo of his house and I will post the address. One word of caution, Matthew. I never bluff.


  1. you didnt call him a cunt randy! one thing! ONE THING I ASKED!

    1. I can't swipe your trademark, Richard. Besides, I told you that it sounds better coning from a Brit.

  2. The "Stuart Smalley" photo was a nice touch. Seriously, you did a great job!

  3. Fuckstick is a southern term you are welcome to use Randy.

  4. Replies
    1. Julie Witch
      Your Podcast Buddy-Goonar Is On Video Hanging Out With Dr.J
      Guess Ole Goonar Got Him Drunk With Coffee

  5. Johnson is as suspect as it gets, the guy is obviously not the brightest person on earth. I saw a video he took in his home, where he's filming dust particles calling it spirit activity or some other BS.

  6. Great post. Johnson is nuts.

  7. Johnson is literally bonkers. I mean his wife must get sick of playing land of make believe with her husband. I feel sorry for her.


    Looks like we won. Either they reset themselves due to their own rampant stupidity, or they got shut down due to so many complaints of personal harassment. I know I reported them...

  9. Do people really believe in this stuff, I mean like actually believe it?


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