Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Portal Incident

I really didn't think I would be blogging about this portal thing, but here I am, blogging about it. All things related to Matt Johnson is Richard Allen's realm, so I hope he doesn't mind if I jump in with my two coppers worth of opinions.

As almost everyone in Bigfootland is aware, Adam Davies and John Carlson recently gave an exclusive interview so they could explain what they claim to have witnessed. I thought the interview was well done and I thought it was thorough. I didn't have any lingering questions in my mind afterwards.

   I don't know John Carlson or Adam Davies but both men came across as being sincere. That's my impression anyway. I will accept it at face value until it's proven otherwise.

  If you missed the interview, the ink is  here.

There are some people who are under the impression that I hate Matthew Johnson and that is untrue. I dislike the man because I think he is an arrogant asshole who feels that he has to talk down to people. One just needs to visit his Facebook page or watch his videos in order  for this to be evident. The man punts more people from his page than anyone else, or so it seems. I dislike Matt Johnson but I don't hate him. I think he's full of shit as well. Why is that you may ask?  Let me do my best to explain.

It seems quite apparent that all three men experienced "something" but what exactly, still has to be determined. Matt Johnson calls it a portal and he says that he has definitive proof of this portal. So far no tangible evidence has been shown to anyone to support this extraordinary claim.

Then on the other hand we have Davies and Carlson. Neither man wants to call this a portal and both men agree that their story is by no means proof of anything but they do maintain that "something" happened to them that night in June of 12014.

Originally, I was going to talk about the interview and the portal itself but things took a sharp turn. What I will talk about are the discrepancies in the narrative with regards to the telling of events of those two nights in June.

Within moments of the interview, I realized that there was a bit of a quandary. All three men claim to have seen the same thing but one of those men, Matthew Johnson, describes things completely differently than what Davies and Carlson describe. WHY is that?

It is well documented, and it is admitted by Matthew Johnson that he went to sleep shortly after witnessing the "portal". It is also documented that Johnson didn't think it was a big deal because he thought the "portal" was Bigfoot related, and if I'm not mistaken, Matt still believes that. You'd think it would be drilled in to my head by now because he drones on about the same things over and over and over in every fucking video. It's like he's trying to hypnotize you in to believing his words are the facts. Matthew is allegedly a psychologist, so I wouldn't put it past him. I'm sure he has many manipulative techniques at his disposal for the sake of patient compliance.

One thing I found really strange was the fact that Johnson felt he needed to record a preemptive video and post it before Adam and John's interview. In the video, Matt repeats himself numerous times at his frustration over Adam not coming forward. Johnson is his usual condescending, arrogant self. Anyway, I thought it was strange. It's as if Johnson was worried that these men might say something that Matt wouldn't have an answer for. He seemed worried and nervous to me. He can't hide it behind his fake smiles and laughter. This is NOT my first rodeo when it comes to calling out bullshitters.

I'm getting a bit long winded here, so I'll give you a video to watch.

In the above video you will have noticed that Matt's descriptions are hugely different than those of Davies and Carlson. Why is that? Matthew Johnson was the least impressed with this "portal" but he ends up talking about it the most. Adam said he had hoped to not discuss this for years, possibly never but we have Johnson bragging like he's some sort of hero who strolled in to save the day.
It is evident that Matt lied about quite a few things so he could play the big shot at his first ever woo conference. According to Adam and Carlson, the "portal" looked nothing like a Stargate. Adam says the being was possibly smooth but Johnson calls them hairy Ewoks. Adam turned the light on the "portal", not Johnson.

If Johnson lied about this, what else has he lied about? I can't put my finger on it yet but something is fishy. Very fishy.

To make matters worse, Johnson creates a two part follow up video to the interview so he can hammer more thoughts in the heads of his fans. It took him and Cynthia....well, mostly Matt, over an hour to say five minutes worth of words. The videos are terrible. Even if you don't like me, you can't deny that Matt repeats the same selling points over and over and over again. He says he agrees with the interview but he acts like he is trying to nullify it. He has that same nervous vibe about him during both videos.

Matt tries to hammer home that he has "facts". Lots and lots of "facts". The fact is that he has nothing. Nothing at all. He claims to have replicated the opening of the "portal" a few times but he has no tangible proof or evidence. Where are the multiple videos? All the man has are excuses as to why he can't produce anything. I think his monthly treks to the land of make believe are taking a toll on Johnson. The need to produce "something" for his fans must put him under a lot of pressure. We see this time and time again with the YouTube researchers. It would get kind of boring if he had months of nothing to talk about. God forbid he try to educate anyone about his area such as the fauna and foliage.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The two part follow up ass kissing videos. I really had a good laugh during my bouts of comatose drooling. Johnson brings up the Oregon Vortex of all things to even mention. He speaks of it as if it lends credibility to his novel of bullshit.

Johnson somehow thinks that because he, Adam and John went to the Oregon Vortex (scam), that they managed (lol) to  pick up ju-ju and fairy dust, lmao. I never use "lol" in my blogging but damn, I can barely contain myself because of the overt stupidity on Johnson's part. Is he serious? The Oregon Vortex? The place is nothing but a money making amusement. It's a tongue in cheek curiosity for tourists, just the same as the Montana Vortex and other roadside attractions.

There is no science behind such 30's era amusements. These places have been proven to be bunk. Optical illusions, nothing more. Good grief already. The portal story is really stretching things as it is but to give it credence because they picked up pixie dust and thus Matt was able to reopen the portal? For real? Even a child would know he was being fucked with. The Oregon fucking Vortex???? That was the most idiotic thing to come out of Johnson's mouth in a week, I swear.

I know there those who think these places are magical and unique but they aren't. They are man made attractions that use deception in to tricking the mind in to believing certain things.

If you doubt me, here is just one article explaining what these backwoods scams are.

Oregon Vortex

The fact that Matt is hanging his hat on this as a key to his portal shows me that he is desperate. Let's be completely honest with ourselves here. Pour a drink. Take a sip. Sit back and ponder that thought for a few minutes folks. Ju-Ju. Fairy dust. Yes, an adult said that in all seriousness. You better slam back that drink now.

For a guy who claims to be less interested in this portal, he sure is using it a lot in order to leverage him self some notoriety. Damn the portal, it's all about the forest friends. Fuck you! It's all about you and your hugely inflated ego and your self important attitude. Matt Johnson makes Rick Dyer look like a fucking saint. At least Dyer knew when to cash out and then admit to hoaxing.
What a piece of work Johnson is after all.

His blatant lying for the last fifteen months. At any time before now, Matt had ample time to change his mind or retell his story. He didn't do that. Not once.

What Matt has done is use the interview to shovel more bullshit on to his already horrendously bad story of how habituating is the best. I have news for you Johnson. Get someone to read this to you after you get your jammies on...the pink unicorn ones.

How Scientists Habituate Chimps

Read this one too, it's more horrifying. This shows what influence mankind can have over a primate. While trying to do the right thing, we end up making things worse.

Demonic Ape

 I have always maintained that habituating (provisioning) is wrong, especially when it is done in an uncontrolled environment. No amount of jumping up and down will eliminate the fact that  any woodland creature can take food from gifting bowls.

Johnson also had the audacity to say that Bigfoot, if it exists, is NOT a primate. Is that a fact now? After what I have seen from Johnson, why the fuck would I even entertain that notion?

Just a couple of more things before I go. Many people asked Johnson for some proof that he opened up the portal. This is what we got.

Give that picture a good hard look. I never saw it until a couple of friends pointed it out to me.

Can you see it yet?

It looks like a pair of legs with crocs or similar shoes on the feet. That foot with the croc is Matthew Johnson's and it's from the same weekend as the "portal" photo.

Try to do better next time, okay??

As far as Adam Davies and John Carlson are concerned, I believe that they believe that they saw something. I do not know the history of either man, so I have to give them the benefit if the doubt.
During the interview, Adam Davies had ruled out hoaxing. I hope that he will reconsider that position given the circumstances.

I know Adam reads my blog, so I hope he reads this one as well.

If some people are so willing to quickly accept paranormal answers to their questions, why will they not entertain more mundane answers?

Think about it folks. Think about everything. Question everything. You owe yourself that much.


  1. Excellent work Mr Filipovic. I love how you debunk these claims piece by piece.

  2. Excellent work Mr Filipovic. I love how you debunk these claims piece by piece.

  3. one critizism, you didn't call him a cunt, other than that great work

  4. This is a great read on the subject of - Dr. Talk Shyt Johnson Mr. Filipovic And being a woman, it turns my stomach to see him And some other guys in the BF subject, have their girlfriends/wives adoringly give their swooning looks and words of approval. Plain Moronic. But that's just another interesting aspect within the subject I suppose.

  5. Is there a summary of the interview anywhere?

  6. This in endless supply of Material

  7. Excellent article Randy. I missed your writing, and am glad you are back to cover the shit out of Mat Johnsons debacle. One thing you are good at is finding inconsistencies in hoaxers testimonies. I am good at finding rumours.
    I have heard one rumour tha claims Johnson is knee deep into witchcraft and the occult and that this whole thing is a result of Johnsons rituals. I have no clue if this is true or not, but I certainly would not be surprised f it's true.
    Another rumour I heard was that there is a bear that has been eating for Johnsons bowls. This was in fact mentioned in the interview that a bear had been in and around camp all.week- as per John Carlson in the interview.

  8. I see legs,socks and crocs too.

  9. Fantastic article on this nutbar!!
    Dr. Johnson is a psychologist correct?
    Anyone think there's a chance he is working on some kind of social experiment on bigfoot believers and alleged bigfoot habituation methods?
    Maybe his endgame is to teach people with an interest in this subject not to be so gullible and trusting of others?
    Surely most people would see just how ridiculous and insane Johnson's stories and claims really are. Only a small minority would believe any of this foolishness!
    (I hope).

  10. You seem upset. We tend to lose objectivity when we start name calling. Can we agree that, with Davies and Carlsons admission that something highly unusual happened there that this event is the most interesting development in apparent cryptid research, possibly since the beginning?

  11. Anyone here ever read the book "Hunt for the The Skinwalker?" DYK a very well resected NIDS scientist claims to have witnessed the exact same thing year's before in Utah's Uintah Basin; at the infamous ranch? All kinds of anomalous activity was supposed to have taken place at The Skinwalker Ranch: mutilations, Bigfoot, UFOs, cryptids, poltergeist activity, orbs, etc., and strange events in the area were well know to Native Americans. Anyway, the similar event was claimed to have been witnessed while staking out the location, when the researcher claimed he watched as a ball of light materialized like a portal and a Bigfoot-like creature crawled out of it! Native Americans tell the similar tales of Crazy Bears descending to Earth in "moons." Those of us who have spent decades researching UFOs know the UFO subject is no joke, FOI documents and hundreds of whistleblower admissions, including our own astronauts. Did you know several biblical characters were hairymen; one is described as a "messenger of the Lords", another "taken up by the Lord"? Just sayin. Many UFO "beams" have been caught using Cell Phones (with limited filtering) and Nightvison, even on trail cams. Google it. You might all get a good laugh out of it. In fact, many UFO reports in Pennsylvania involve Bigfoot. Google Stan Gordon.
    Brett Allen - Cover UFO Magazine


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