Thursday, 8 October 2015

Matthew Johnson: Threats and Blackmail

I managed to wake up to a shit storm today and Matthew Johnson is the sole cause of the latest drama. The implications of Matt's actions could be far reaching for the pseudo-researcher.

I really am beside myself because of the latest bullying tactics by Johnson. Matthew Johnson claims that "someone" has filed a false complaint against his license to practice. I assume it would be for the state of Washington because that's where Johnson resides. I am not 100% sure.

Regardless of where this allegedly occurred, Johnson blabbed, cried and sniveled about this all over his fan page. Some time ago, Johnson said he knows who filed the report but he failed to provide even a hint of evidence to support his claim. This seems to be typical for Matt. Wild claims and nothing to back it up.

IF anyone filed a complaint against Johnson, we have no idea what it might be for. Any alleged complaint could have merit but that is not for us to decide. It is up to the board that oversees these matters. It is why we have checks and balances in place.

Time went on and not much has been said until today. Johnson unleashed a post on his fan page basically blackmailing  "someone" in to giving up information on who filed a complaint against him and in exchange, Johnson would not file charges against the person. That right there is a huge bag of what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say?. The audacity to do that in public is something else folks. Who the fuck does Matthew Johnson think he is?

Here are the screen shots for all to see. For obvious reasons, I have blurred out the home.

What we have here is a crazed man who will do anything in order to shut people up. Matthew claims to be open and transparent with regards to his "research" but as soon as any slightly hard questions are asked, the person is booted from his high five cult of kool-aid drinkers.

Seriously, check THAT out! How dare anyone question the man behind the curtain! Heretic! Infidel!
There is no end to the arrogance of Matt Johnson. Many normal everyday people have been kicked out of his group. Now Matt has his good little soldiers who bully other members in to being silent. Smile and nod, that's the order of the day.

Well, not any fucking more. I have about had it with this lunatic. Who the fuck does Matthew Johnson think he is? He acts like he has discovered Bigfoot but he doesn't show anything to support his fucking claims?

How do we even know if this smoke and mirrors show is real. Richard Allen mentioned it and so will I. It appears to me as if Johnson is stealing plays from the Rick Dyer Playbook of underhanded moves. Dyer wrote the book, there is no denying it and I see Matt ripping pages out of that book.
Is this just some random house with random people living there, or is there any truth to the claims put forth by Johnson?

If the answer is the latter, Johnson has opened up his ass to a world of hurt from the person who lives in that home. My suggestion to the person or people is that they file another complaint with the board and take every single screen shot here and use it as evidence against Johnson.

Johnson and his sycophants are quite the hypocrites. They bleat on endlessly about haters who dare ask questions about extraordinary claims. They blame entire groups for their own problems and they label those groups as being some sort of witch burning mobs just because curious people want answers for outlandish claims.

Now  just take a look what they have done. I say "THEY" because Matt's fans condone the behavior of their delusional leader. Just read the comments. If they had trees and ropes, there would be lynchings happening. What a sad bunch of fucked up people. Really folks. Take a moment to let it all sink in. What we have here is seriously fucked up shit.

As I was about to close off my post, I received another screen shot. It looks like Matt Johnson is doing a bit of back pedaling.

What kind of bullshit is this? Matt makes no sense with his ramblings. If the board doesn't care about his hobbies. WHY in the fuck is the blowhard making such a big deal out of this? The board doesn't regulate his hobbies so the case should be a non-starter, right?
What's with the chest thumping then? Once again, Johnson rips a page out of the Dyer playbook. Johnson is creating a fictitious boogeyman so his fans can rally against something and thus it gives them a sense of community, a sense of being righteous. It also is a great tool for deflecting any nasty issues that may arise, such as bogus claims of habituating bigfoot.

Johnson can't sue anyone because he hasn't lost any money due any alleged false complaint. Even it it was true, Johnson would have to prove intent and that would be virtually impossible.

Matt Johnson is a bully. He is a blowhard and he cries like a little baby. This latest move is his worst so far. I am repulsed by him and his hypocritical fans. They would rather go down with a burning ship than admit that they could be wrong and that's sad.

In closing, I would just like to say that I always gave Dyers fans ONE chance if they ever wanted to switch sides as it were. If any of Matt's fans wish to talk to me, I am extending the same branch. It's warm and sunny on this side. The side of reality.


  1. What if I told you that it was the government that is working a campaign of discrediting and smear against Johnson because he is involved in something that the government doesn't want the public to know about?
    Here is what will happen:

    - Johnsons reputation professionally will be smeared
    - license will be pulled
    - does anyone remember PHIL SCHNEIDER? He blew the whistle on aliens on earth and look where it got him! He was discredited professionally, lost his license then his job. Next he was followed by MIB's constantly and given MULTIPLE warnings. Next he was tortured then assassinated in his own home. Oh and the cherry to top it all was ruled a suicide!!! If that incident taught the public anything, it was that you DO NOT BLOW THE WHISTLE about aliens being on Earth!

  2. Great article. Johnson is wacked off the deep end as usual trying to sue all of these people. How can he take someone to court if he doesn't even know their name? The fact he just posted the instigators house on the net just gave the defence more ammunition to use against him! I bet you all that this is all just hot air blowing out Johnsons ass and that he has no intention.of taking this to court.
    As usual The Johnson camp is doing stupid shit.

  3. It's good to be back! I am glad Randy is back in action again! Now we just need everyone from the old site to come here

  4. Did anyone catch the part of the interview where Carlson talked about the bear that had been hanging around the camp all week? He basically insinuated that all the "Bigfoot" noises that they were hearing stomping around in the dark, and all the Bigfoot grunts and groans were from a bear! He did say that exactly, but right after he said that they didn't agree with Johnsons opinion about Bigfoots, and that they did not see one- just that they heard growls and grunts coming from the darkness. Immediately after stating that he went on to talk about "the bear".

    Carlson said Johnson warned them both about a bear that had been hanging around camp all week. He warned them that he had to bring his handgun for protection and even had to show Davies and Carlson how to use it for protection. This tells me that Carlson and Davies were insinuating:

    1. The bear was responsible for eating from the bowls and was returning often for repeat feelings! Free chow! A bears dream come true.
    2. The creature circling the camp in the darkness making all the growls and grunts was the bear! Not a Bigfoot.
    3. Since Johnson was dumb enough to leave food out uncovered and in the open the bear would return often. This is the number 1 no-no that park rangers tell campers not to do! They say make sure all your food is covered, sealed and hung up high in a tree to keep nosey hungry bears away from your camp! What does Johnson do? He does the opposite! I wouldn't be surprised if Johnson knew about the bear and was intentionally luring it in close to camp so that his guests could hear a lot of action that night that they would make attributable to a Bigfoot.

    Well that's the angle on the bear story. It's 100% true.

  5. I doubt if it was someone from his fb page it was probely someone that was seeing him at his practice and found out he was more sacked out then they were and wants their money back.


  6. I'm going to have to dog a little through my old college law books but I believe what the good doctor did is highly illegal. If I lived in that house I would screen shot all of that and send it to the board and my lawyer.


  7. Good job Randy, and nice to see some of the old crew coming back. BF

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