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Questioning the M.K. Narrative: Bluff Creek Bigfoot

M.K. Davis has created quite a stir with his latest video and his claim that he unknowingly recorded a Bigfoot at Bluff Creek. M.K. has gone so far as to post two enhanced videos of the subject and one video explaining how he came to record the video in question.

 Anyone who knows me, knows that I question all evidence and I never take any evidence at face value. It's in my nature to break it down in every aspect. If there is a crumb trail, I will follow it. Well, I found a few crumbs.

  I can tend to be long winded and this might be one of those times because I think it's important to be thorough.

For those who have not seen the alleged Bigfoot video, here it is, as posted by M.K. Davis. All copyrights belong to the copyright holder. Videos and screen shots are used for educational purposes, commentary and criticism purposes only.

I won't post the enhanced videos but I would like you to watch this video where M.K. Davis explains the events that led up to his alleged Bigfoot video.

M.K. drags this video out a bit by covering two months worth of trips to Bluff Creek. He is including a lot of other information in order to give his Bigfoot video some legitimacy, in my opinion. He seems to be going through an awful lot of effort to show what he thinks is Bigfoot activity. The fact is, there is no evidence of that. Broken trees happen for a variety of reasons.

When I go to the woods I come across broken trees all the time. I even come up to groups of broken trees and here is a shot I took a few months ago to prove it.

There are about five or six trees in the foreground that are all broken at about the same height. So what you might say. Exactly, says I. I think M.K. is just trying too hard to convince us that was a Bigfoot.

In the above narrated video (this seems to be a new theme) explaining what happened, Mr. Davis goes on to say they found a lair but in the original video, there is no mention of any such thing. There is a lengthy shot of water trickling from a hillside and then the video cuts away to show Don talking about a deer skull. Likewise, there was no mention of any prints in the original video.

Have a look for yourself. I believe this video was recorded in October of 2008. It's what M.K. says at one point in the video.

This video turned out to be a gem. When I was watching the narrated video and it got to the part with the culverts, I knew I had seen it before. I went to M.K.'s channel and dug until I found the exact video I had seen a couple of years earlier. I used to be quite the M.K. Davis fan but not so much now, sad to say.

I watched the video hoping to find anything in it that would be helpful to this new claim of a recorded yet unseen-by-his-own-eyes Bigfoot. I have recorded hundreds of hours of videos and not once did something this close go unnoticed by me. The human eye is wonderful for detecting movements and shifts in colours, among other fantastic things.  I simply can not buy the notion that M.K. was standing in a creek, recording in front of himself and he didn't notice this being to his right.
M.K. is in a shaded area with no sunlight in his eyes. I find the odds of him not seeing the thing to be astronomically beyond belief.

Davis then goes on to say that he walked by the beast and never saw it. He surmises that the critter pulled a branch down in order to conceal itself from the human. I am to believe that M.K. sloshed down the creek and this massive beast just sat there and didn't move. Perhaps it lost its fight or flight instincts, who knows for sure. All I can say is that I have never seen a large forest animal just stand there when a human gets that close to it. The animal will charge or it will flee but that's my experiences.

Another thing I would like to know is why M.K. cut his video in half. It kind of ruins the context of the situation. The ten or fifteen second video is actually closer to thirty seconds. Don't believe me?
See for yourself.

Once again, am I supposed to believe that M.K. was within yards of a Bigfoot that was apparently washing up with a cloth and this creature was completely unaware of M.K's presence for thirty seconds or longer? Am I supposed to believe that Mr. Davis didn't see the creature either?

What is easier for me to believe is that M.K. recorded his friend at the edge of the creek washing his hands and getting ready to head back to the truck. It also seems to be the most likely explanation.
Seven years is a long time to try to recall events that happened, especially when one doesn't know that they experienced an event in the first place.

Lastly, why didn't M.K. answer two people on his channel that asked who the figure was? There were only four comments below the video so it's not like he couldn't see it. Does M.K. not read his comments? I know I read all of the comments I receive. I may not answer all of them but I do read them. You Tube notifies the channel owner via email and/or Google+.

If you would like to check for yourself, here is a link to the video and the comments: Bluff Creek 2008

I admit that I am not the best at enhancing videos but I made only one adjustment to the video in hopes of exposing any details not seen in the original.

 Full video at normal speed:

First half of the video slowed down and zoomed:

I see what appears to be a human in a reddish coloured shirt who could possibly be wearing a backpack. The resolution is poor but I very much doubt that this is a Bigfoot.

Why dredge up a thirty second video from seven years ago when the originally posted two year old video only had 1,945 views? mind.

Question everything.


  1. the King of the Blogs, gets back on his throne. Awesome work dude!

  2. Great job, Randy! It only makes sense to me that a PERSON, wanting to take a break from the heat and maybe get their bearings by looking at a map, would do so near a stream and in the shade. Also, if MK didn't know the subject wasn't there, why does he seem to pan his camera that direction? Finally, if he is that unaware of his surroundings when in the outdoors, he needs to stay out of the woods.

  3. An here I thought how human looking Bigfoot acts while cooling off with a towel at the river NOT. BF

  4. Well, I for one was a big supporter of MK in the beginning, even so far as the first few "whitey" bigfoot video's. The later video's he released of the white bigfoot (the closeup/ partial face was a mask imo....and the guy climbing over the fence were not bigfoot IMO)
    At one time he was one of my favorite's! But now he seems to consistently promote very questionable video's recently and I no longer trust his latest analysis. This makes me question some of his past analysis that much more.
    I hate to sound mean but he seems to want to believe he sees a bigfoot so bad at times he is blinded by the obvious.
    I am nobody special in bigfootery, just a casual observer and bigfoot news follower.

    1. Never say you are a nobody. All of our opinions count, It's how we foster discussions and exchange ideas.
      I appreciate your input and I hope you stop by again.

  5. Speaking of newer opinions we could really use an updated news report. How about some new son the latest potential hoaxer Dr. Mathew Johnson? The guy is a quack claiming to have made the biggest discovery in the history of mankind, claiming to:

    1. Have made first contact with alien big foots
    2. Claiming to have discovered a new alien species of midget Ewok portal guardians
    3. Claims to have discovered portal technology

    These three discoveries would literally be the largest discoveries in the entire history of all mankind. He would win a Nobel prize and be famous the world round if this was actually true.

    With the greatest potential discovery in all mankind happening here and we have Dr.J making them peanut butter sandwiches ? I mean wtf, this doesn't add up at all.

    If these aliens are so technologically advanced to the point of being able to construct these high tech portals and taking part in intergalactic travel probably looking at humans like we are Neanderthal cavemen compared to where they are technology wise, and we have Mathew Johnson feeding them dirty peanut butter sandwiches covered in bugs on the floor of the forest sitting out in the elements for days on end like he is providing food for dumb baboons in the jungle? I don't think so. It doesn't add up at all. This is so stupid and fake people.

  6. Randy it's been 2 months since a posting. All the Dr.Johnson hoaxing action is taking over at the Rambling Schizo Bigfoot Blog. Heck you even made the news today and yesterday on the blog as there were 2 news reports on you!
    For those of you not already over at The Rambling Schizo Bigfoot Blog, get your asses over there as there is some serious anti-Bigfoot hoax busting taking place over there! It's almost like the old Rick Dyer blog of Randy's when it was hot! Well ok maybe not that hot, but here it is:

  7. I apologize for the chain posts here. I am eager to have this relatively silent blog resurrect from the dead, but I think it will be an all uphill battle. We need Randy to get back into posting again and we need members to return to posting and commenting once more also.
    Randy, are you interested in facilitating the return to life here?
    Posting members are you interested I helping to resurrect Bigfoot Anarchy or am I the only one that wants that?

    If there is anyone out there please let me know your thoughts!?

  8. Seems like EVERYONE in bigfootery is a hoaxer. Hmmm...


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