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The Ultimate Camping Story

                                    Editor's note: The following is a guest post by Julie Rench

 In light of recent events that have occurred I feel it is time that I step up and share some information with all of you.  On the podcast Sasquatch Chronicles there were some podcasts concerning a National Park called The Big Thicket in Texas.  It was claimed that a Bigfoot had attacked and killed two people and one survived and was sent to a hospital.  A video had been posted on the internet by a respected researcher name Mr. Bob Garrett.  He happened upon an abandoned campsite, recorded it and posted it to youtube.  At the time he called 911 to report the abandoned campsite.   Evidently, afterwards this video was confiscated for whatever reason by law enforcement.  The podcast stated that obstructing justice charges had been filed related to the video.

I have family members who live in Texas and they go to the Big Thicket frequently.  You can imagine my concern after hearing these claims.  I decided since the podcast was not providing any evidence of these claims that I would set out and find my own.  So, at the end of December, 2014 and into the beginning of January, 2015 I began by calling the five Sheriff Offices that cover the Big Thicket to ask about the event.  When I began to call I did not document the names of who I talked to until I realized after about 6 phone calls that I was not able to acquire any information or validation of the claims.  Then I began to write down names of who I spoke to and I also sent some emails and text messages to the Sheriff office’s and County Court houses.  I called the court houses looking for any record of possible charges related to obstructing justice for having the “murder scene” recorded. Please note that I did not mention in most of my phone calls or emails or otherwise that a Bigfoot had been the culprit.  I did not want them to ignore my inquiry.

Phone numbers for the five county Sheriff Offices that cover the Big Thicket National Park in Texas. 

Liberty County- 936-336-4500
Hardin County- 409-246-3441
Tyler County- 409-283-2172
San Jacinto County- 936-653-4367
Polk County- (936) 327-6810
The Big Thicket National Forest Ranger office- (409) 951-6700
Liberty County Courthouse- 936-336-4670
Hardin County Courthouse- 409-246-5185
Polk County Courthouse - 936-327-6805
Tyler County Courthouse- 409-283-2162
San Jacinto Courthouse- 936-653-2324
Intermountain Regional Office 303-969-2020 (oversees the Big Thicket)
Jerry Jordan

Southeast Texas Investigates
409-498-1074 phone

I called all five county Sheriff offices and court houses, armed with the Public Information Act, and I asked them if they had two murders and one survivor related to an abandoned campsite in the Big Thicket Forest in or around June 2013 to present.  The answer was “no”.  I asked them if they were covering up two murders and one survivor related to an abandoned campsite in the Big Thicket Forest in or around June 2013 to present.  The answer was “no”.  I asked the clerks at the County Court houses if there were any charges ever filed against anyone in the summer of 2013 to current date related to obstructing justice for having videotaped a murder scene at the Big Thicket National Park.  The answer was “no”. 

Here are the contact names and responses that I did document:

In December 2014 I called the Big Thicket National Park office and talked to an employee about the event.  They said they had never heard anything about it and they took my name and number to give to Ranger Moody and if there was anything true that was related to this story he would call me to talk to me about it.  I did not receive a phone call from Ranger Moody.
On February 10th, 2015 I called the Liberty County Courthouse and talked to the clerk.  Her name is Paulette Williams and I asked if they had any record of charges related to obstruction of justice or any other charges in the summer of 2013 to current date for having recorded a murder scene at the Big Thicket and getting the video confiscated by law enforcement.  She did a search in their computer and she responded “no”.
On February 10th, 2015 I called the Hardin County Courthouse and talked to Nan, who is the clerk for misdemeanor charges.  She said she had no record of any charges on anyone from the summer of June 2013 to now for obstructing justice related to recording a murder scene at the Big Thicket.  She then transferred me to the District Attorney’s office and I spoke to Chelsea, and I asked her the same question.  She said “no”.  Then I asked her if she had heard of the event in question from any other County employees that cover the Big Thicket.  Her answer was “no”.  She was shocked and concerned that the story was being told on a public broadcast on the internet.

Again, I called all five county court houses and asked the same questions, however these were the only names that I wrote down because in the beginning I was not on a hunt to disprove this story, I was indeed trying to prove it and would have requested copies of the related documents.  By law they would have to allow me access to them because it is public records, and I was also prepared to utilize the Publication Information Act if needed.  If there was an ongoing investigation then of course that would be a whole different story.   However, I was not told by anyone that there was an ongoing investigation.  I am not saying that these charges were not filed, if they were dropped then of course it would not be in any records that they could give me anyways.
There has been some drug activity that goes on in National Parks and I was given the impression while making these calls that if a video of an abandoned camp site had ever been confiscated it may be involved with an ongoing investigation and they would not be able to discuss it until its conclusion. 

Email to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department:

From: Julie Rench
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 10:38 PM
To: Ed.Cain@Co.Hardin.TX.US
Subject: Two people found dead in Big Thicket

To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to check into a story that is being told on a public podcast that there were two people found in the Big Thicket National park that had been killed in or around June 2013 and that the Law enforcement agencies in that area are not releasing this information to the public.  It is being said that someone killed them and their torn up camp was found abandoned.   I have loved ones who live close by and they are at that park frequently.  I am very concerned about this.  I am unable to find any media reports or any kind of verification on the internet or at your local media offices.  Could you please inform me who these two people where and why it was not released to the public?  I would like to petition the Public Information Act if need be.  Please let me know if this is true or what else I need to do in order to get the information from your records.
Julie Rench

Response on February 11th, 2015:
On Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:36 PM, Ed Cain <> wrote:

Mrs.  Rench, we have not found anyone dead in the big thicket. We have no reports of such story. This does not match any deaths that we in Hardin County have had. If you get more information on this let us know.
 Ed Cain

My response to Sheriff Cain:

Feb 11, 2015

Thank you so very much Mr. Cain for your quick response.  I feel a lot better about this knowing my beloved Niece and Nephew go there frequently.  Have a great day!
Julie Rench

February 11, 2015, I sent the following message to the Polk County Sheriff’s department via Facebook Private Message as was an option for contacting them:

To whom it may concern, I am writing this message to check into a story that is being told on a public podcast that there were two people found in the Big Thicket National park that had been killed in or around June 2013 and that the Law enforcement agencies in that area are not releasing this information to the public. It is being said that someone killed them and their torn up camp was found abandoned. I have loved ones who live close by and they are at that park frequently. I am very concerned about this. I am unable to find any media reports or any kind of verification on the internet or at your local media offices. Could you please inform me who these two people where and why it was not released to the public? I would like to petition the Public Information Act if need be. Please let me know if this is true or what else I need to do in order to get the information from your records
Regards, Julie Rench please respond to my email at… (Email address deleted for privacy)

Response I received on February 11th, 2015:

Not aware of this story you are asking about. We did have two people missing near Chester who were later found deceased in 2012-2013. This investigation was conducted by Tyler County Sheriff's Office. They were residents of Polk County.

My response:

Ok, but they were not found dead in the Big Thicket National Park?

Their response:
February 11th, 10:21am

Not to my knowledge.

My response:

Ok thank you so much for your time, I feel a lot better. Have a good day!

On February 11th, 2015 I also called the Polk County Sheriff’s Department before I received the above response via private message.  I spoke to Detective Christie Allen in depth concerning the allegations.  She was very easy to speak with so I decided I would bring up the Bigfoot connection.  She laughed and said that she hikes there all the time and has never “seen a Bigfoot”   in the Big Thicket.   I explained to her that these claims where made on a public podcast called Sasquatch Chronicles. She then said she was going to google them and I told her which episodes to listen to.  She also, as I was on the phone with her, googled “torn up camp Big Thicket” and was surprised to see all of the links that came up related to the story and saw the claims about two dead bodies, one survivor and that the government was covering it up.  She was not amused.  She said she was going to show all of this to other employees of the Sheriff’s office because they need to be made aware.  Her concern was people who listened to those podcasts would be roaming around the Park with guns hunting this “Bigfoot” and someone getting shot by mistaken identity.
On February 11th, 2015 I called Mr. Jerry Jordan from Southeast Investigates. Com.  He is an award winning Investigative Reporter, and I asked him if he had heard anything about these claims and told him that the culprit was a “bigfoot”.  He said “no”. He also had me send him the podcasts and other information in an email so he could look into it and determine if this should even be investigated.  His mindset was if this was true and he could prove there was a cover-up it would most certainly be a career boosting story.  I sent him the emails with all of the podcasts that they had discussed the story in.

On February 15th I then sent another email to Jerry Jordan:  copy is below.

To: Jerry Jordan
Feb 15

Hi Jerry.  I was wondering if you had received my emails and if there is any interest in the information.  Let me know, thanks.
Regards, Julie Rench

Jerry Jordan (spelling has not been corrected).

To: me
Feb 16

I id receive your email and I have made some initial inquiries.
Unfortunately, I am still out of town so that will delay some
involvement right now. If anything turns up on this, I will keep you


Thank you,

Jerry Jordan
Southeast Texas Investigates
409-498-1074 phone

On March 4th I called the Big Thicket National Forest Ranger’s Office again and this time I spoke to Mary Kay Manning.  I asked her about the claims and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I told her about the forums I had read on some of the links where people had talked about the rogue ‘Bigfoot” killing two people, tossing their bodies into trees, one survivor was sent to the hospital.  She then asked me to send the podcasts to her and other information.  She was concerned that people would believe this story and start looking for a “rogue Bigfoot” in the woods with guns and someone could be hurt or worse.  She was appalled that this story was being circulated and said she was going to present this to her supervisors.  I called the office again on March 12th, 2015 and Mary Kay was out of the office but I spoke to Ranger Jason.  I asked him if he had heard about this and he was unaware of any such event.  I also asked him if there were black helicopters that routinely fly over the big thicket to check on what people are doing.   He said no and was not amused.   He then asked me if I had contacted law enforcement to tell them the story because they may want to have a heads up about anyone wanting to go into the Park with guns hunting for the “Bigfoot”.  I explained to him that I had already done that.  He said he would bring it to the attention of the other Rangers.   I left a message for Mary Kay to call me back and let me know if she had listened to any of the claims on the podcast. 

On March 12th, 2015 I called Jerry again and asked if he had heard anything on the claims.  He said he had contacted several sources, and that they had never heard of the events.  He also stated that if something like that would have happened he felt certain he would have heard rumors back in 2013 because of all the contacts that he has in law enforcement due to being an Investigative Journalist.  I then told him I had been in contact with Mary Kay Manning at the Big Thicket National Forest and she was very concerned about these rumors.  His office is 7 miles from The Big Thicket National Park Ranger’s office so he said he would go to the office and talk with Mary Kay himself and then get back with me with his findings, if he were able to indeed come up with any leads that this story may be true.  I have not heard back from him as of this date.


*Jerry Jordan covers all of eastern Texas and he could find no evidence of such an event.

On March 17, 2015 I spoke to Lena Koschmann at the International Regional National Parks Service.  They oversee the Big Thicket National Forest.  I asked her why they are covering up two murders in the Big Thicket Forest.  She had no idea what I was referring to but asked me why I would ask that question.  I told her about the story being told that Bigfoot killed them.  She asked me to send her some links to where she could verify this for herself.  She was concerned about people actually believing this and roaming around the woods looking for Bigfoot with guns.  She said she would call all the law enforcement agencies that cover the Big Thicket and speak to them directly and give them a heads up.
The only other law enforcement agency that would have been involved is the Federal Government or the Texas Rangers.  I asked the folks at the Big Thicket Ranger Office if there had been an event like this where two people were killed and thrown into trees inside their park what the odds of them knowing this would be.  They said 100%.  Since a 911 call was claimed to have been made when the campsite was discovered, that would have gone out to one of the Sheriff Offices to report to, since it was not in city limits.  Local law enforcement would have been dispatched to the scene.  Texas Rangers…, I do not think they would be easily intimidated either and if someone was truly murdered I do not think they would just go along with some conspiracy as they take their job to serve and protect very serious, and are from the Great State Of Texas.  Texas is not known for their leaders or law enforcement to bow down to the government.

I sent an email to Sasquatch Chronicles on February 1st and advised them that I had been in contact with some of the Law Enforcement in Texas and I could not verify the story that two people were killed and asked if they had checked into it as well.  I did not receive a response.  Shortly after the email I was removed and blocked from the Sasquatch Chronicles Facebook group.

I invite you to call all of the Sheriff Offices, Court houses, the National Park, the Intermountain Regional Park Service and Jerry Jordan the Investigative Journalist, and ask any questions.  I also called a couple police departments but they told me they had never heard of such a story and wouldn’t  have handled any calls to the National  Park as that  would have went to the Sheriff’s office, so there was no point to continue that avenue.

I have several members of my family who are law enforcers.  Knowing what I do about law enforcement, it is a known fact that Sheriff Departments do not answer to the Federal Government.  They are independent and their concern is for the safety of their own communities.  Therefore what I found out by trying to prove this story was this: In order for this to be true, the  Intermountain Regional National Parks Office and all of their employees,  the Big Thicket National Park and all of their employees and Rangers, all five Sheriffs offices and all of their employees, the court houses and all of their employees, the media including the entirety of the internet, Jerry Jordan, the award winning Investigative Journalist who has an office 7 miles from the Big Thicket National Park Ranger’s office and his team,  the survivor of the attack and his or her family, the employees of the hospital that the survivor was taken to,   the families of the two people killed, the  State of Texas, and potentially Texas Rangers, are all in on the cover up and are not speaking of this event and are all denying it ever happened.  Could this really be the case?  I am not saying one way or the other, I am just stating the facts.

Now we have people saying that Mr. Garrett is a liar and a hoaxer.  This is very disturbing because from what I know about him, he is a stand up gentleman who loves to research, has put a lot of hours into it, and has contributed to the community.  I do not think that Mr. Garrett created this story.  All he did was video tape an abandoned campsite and posted it to YouTube.

  Months and months later it had turned into a story of two people killed, one survived and it is a huge government conspiracy.    I do not think this story should be left the way it is.  Mr. Garrett does not deserve to have his good name tarnished in this manner.  I know there are people out there who know some truths about what really happened.  How this story got so blown up.  It is time for those people to come forward.   I know I will probably take a hit for sharing this information.  I no longer care.

  When events like this happen and innocent people are hurt, it seems certain people get a pass, and I for one, am sick of it.  I urge you to help clear Mr. Garrett’s good reputation.   If you have information, I challenge you to share it.  And as far as the information that I obtained by contacting all of the agencies listed,   please do not shoot the messenger.  I am only stating facts.  

Thank you.


March 20, 2015

I spoke with Deputy Cross from The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and asked him if there were two people who were found dead in the Sam Houston during the summer of 2013 to current that was being covered up by the government.  His answer was “no”.  “I had never heard of that story”.   He was not amused.

I spoke with Deputy Danny Billingsley from the Walker County Sheriff’s Department and asked him if there were two people found dead in the Sam Houston during the summer of 2013 to current that was being covered up by the government.  He responded, “Why would we want to cover something like that up?”.  He asked me why I would ask that and I told him that there is a podcast that is claiming that there were two people found dead in the Sam Houston.   They were allegedly attacked by a Bigfoot, two people were found dead and one survivor was taken to the hospital and the Park and law enforcement involved were covering it up.  He said that would never happen because they would not be involved in a government conspiracy to cover up two people being murdered.  He then told me that he has been hunting all of his life in the Sam Houston and knows multiple other law enforcement officers that work in the area of both the Sam Houston and the Big Thicket and has never heard anything about any government conspiracies involving people being murdered by a Bigfoot.

I called the Sam Houston Park and asked to speak Law Enforcement and was advised they were out in the field.  I then asked who I was speaking with and she replied that she is the Receptionist.  Her name is Rhiannon and she has been employed there since 2009.   I asked her if she had ever heard of anyone being murdered in the Park in the summer of 2013 to current.  She said “no, not that she had ever heard about”.  I then told her that there is a podcast on the internet who said there were three people attacked by a Bigfoot, two people were killed and one survived and was sent to the hospital, and it was being covered up by the Park and Law Enforcement.   She said that she has no idea why anyone would be making those claims.  I gave her my phone number and she said she would make sure one of the Rangers would return my call as soon as they are available.  As soon as I receive a call I will include it in my findings.

  Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department

Walker County Sheriff’s Department

The Sam Houston National Forest


  1. Great blog...awesome info! Eventually, and if these type cover ups do indeed exist, and I think they do....someone is going to play whistle blower. Regardless of content, I might add.

  2. Great job Julie :)

  3. Funny how the "torn up camp" video mysteriously popped up last week before Sas Chron came back from their expedition (good timing for the show) now people will say , it's a cover-up, MIB hiding BF etc. etc. It's a "show" a bf"podcast" chill out everyone. geez

  4. A lot of work put in, but the "torn up camp" happened in the Sam Houston National Forest, not the Big Thicket National Preserve.

    1. We will be posting the responses from the other two Counties involved, Walker and Montgomery, and from the Sam Houston Park later this afternoon. They have all denied this event happened.

  5. Great article Randy. Sasquatch Chronicles created this mess for $$$.
    Just the usual motive for getting involved in our bigfoot entertainment cult.
    The past few years have showed me that absolutely nobody can be trusted in this wacky cult.

  6. Great work and kudos to you for getting to the bottom of this story. Bob Garrett does seem like a stand up guy, but it does appear as if he played along with Germer's story, right?

  7. Julie thanks for fact checking this story. It is absolutely necessary that these stories are vetted properly and thoroughly.

  8. Off topic here..
    Randy, did you just try a video call ??
    There was an odd icon on my phone and it said I had a missed video call...

  9. As a law enforcement officer when i first viewed the Garrett video my gut instinct was that it was staged. Not to mention the Jack Links beef jerky bag that's had to be a poor attempt at humor.

  10. By the way, very good field work Julie.

  11. I respect randy but not this wackjob poser guest post. I've never even heard of this julie chick? Not credible at all

    1. Julie's never heard of you, Anonymous. You're not credible at all.

    2. Awwww... I don't really care RR...

    3. Awwww... I don't really care RR...

  12. I'm not saying that the torn up camp story is justifiably believable because it is true that there is no definitive or demonstrable evidence to support that claim. But have we really been provided with conclusive evidence that debunks and falsifies the claims in regards to this article? I'd have to contest that.

    The information provided here as proof of this is largely hearsay in and of itself. I'm not claiming this is the case, but for arguments sake anyone could type up content that appears to be valid emails and claim that they corresponded with those officials. There are no unique identifier numbers, server indicators, or IP addresses associated with the emails to conclusively tie them back to any party or conclusively prove their authenticity. There are no signed and notarized affidavit's from these alleged sources. Hence the claims made therein remain unfounded alleged evidence of the writer's/investigator's claims. Confirmed sources and/or references are the core of any verifiable claim, story, or paper. Without these details then that claims is also logically unworthy of critical acceptance.

    Just as we shouldn't accept the torn up camp claims without sufficient evidence, we shouldn't be quick to label the claims of debunking it conclusive without sufficient evidence either. There may be a bias here to accept these claims because some are so eager to see the torn up camp claims debunked.

    All positive claims are subject to the burden of proof regardless of if they are a rebuttal to an initial claim or not. Otherwise one falls prey to the logical fallacy known as tu quoque. Basically an appeal to hypocrisy due to failure to act consistently in accordance with that position. Especially considering that the premise of the article was based around the concept of Hitchen's Razor to bolster the perceived credibility of its content therein. Hitchen's Razor - "That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence".

    Tu quoque (/tuːˈkwoʊkwiː/;[1] Latin for "you, too" or "you, also") or the appeal to hypocrisy is an informal logical fallacy that intends to discredit the opponent's position by asserting the opponent's failure to act consistently in accordance with that position. It attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies equally to the person making it.

    1. Anyone can make some calls to check for themselves, it is not that hard to do if they want to verify, why would I refer to people's names and include the phone numbers? However if Randy would like for me to send him the links it is no big deal to me. Believe whatever you wish. Randy would you like me to send you all of the links to post?

    2. But I will be glad to post the links for anyone who would like them.

    3. The responsibility to the burden of proof is yours and yours alone to sufficiently satisfy as pertains to your claim(s), not anyone else that may or may not want to make calls. That responsibility requires empirical and demonstrable evidence, of which there is none here. Therefor there is no logical or rational reason to accept or believe said claim(s). Just like the initial claims that you set out to confirm or debunk.

      Why would you do anything? I honestly have no idea; the potential motivations of anyone can be complicated and seemingly unending. People do all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons. It's almost impossible to accurately assess those types of reasons. Perhaps you wanted people to just take you at your word and thought they wouldn't go through the trouble of fact checking or verifying. Or providing easily obtained phone numbers and websites addresses would be enough to sufficiently convince others. Maybe you wanted to capitalize on the sensationalism of the overall situation to promote your name and standing, attempting to lend credibility to both. I'm not claiming any of that is the case, only citing potential possibilities as you requested.

      There are many people and claims out there that have asserted and stated the same thing; "People can take this information or leave it, that is there choice." Of course it's their choice, stating so is redundant. People will believe what they want to. I'm only stating that the logical and rational time to accept or believe a claim is when that claim is supported with the necessary empirical or demonstrable evidence. How many extraordinary claims without the sufficient extraordinary evidence have we all seen roll through, seemingly trying to make their mark or garner support?

      I'd rather not submerse myself in subjective conjecture and unfounded claims. I'm more interested in objective facts and demonstrable evidence. Unfortunately your article is very light on the later. No need to take offense about it or exception to it, that's just the reality of the situation.

    4. Then shut the fuck up...

    5. Yeah the burden of proof is not on Ms. Rench. The burden of proof is on the person espousing miraculous tales. Julkie did some diligent work here to see if any of the stories are corrborated. There was no corroboration. Ms. Rench cites sources which you may verify. That is much more than the stories provided to us by the people claiming a murder had occurred. Seems like that you'd rather believe a story without any references than one with.

    6. Where did the original podcast video of the site and incident dissappear to?

  13. For those of you who would like to have the links, here they are. I am only sharing this information because many people have asked about what I found out, and I felt it was time to share it. They can check it out for themselves, all I am doing is posting what I was told. If I felt an affidavit was necessary I would have acquired them. If someone would like to obtain them for themselves they can do so. People can take this information or leave it, that is their choice.

  14. It would help if the links worked... Dur

    1. They work when you copy and then paste into the search bar and then click enter.

    2. Can you be any dumber? I bet you tryed to click on the ascii txt. The dur belongs on you and your parents. So dur dur.

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  15. I gave up on them ages ago when someone claiming to be some sort of cop in Chavez County, NM said that Albert Fountain (legendary wild west lawman) was killed and eaten by Bigfoot. They then claimed that another well known historical incident could be attributed to Bigfoot, and that is how locals view it. I may live about 60 miles away from said site, and I consider myself local. As a historian and someone who is something of an 'expert' in the wild west, I can assure you I've not run across any Bigfoot claims. There are numerous UFO crashes, etc. but no Bigfoot.

    1. This particular story was of interest to me because I have family who frequent the Big Thicket and Sam Houston Parks, which is stated in the post. I did not set out to "one day post this on a blog to promote my name and standing". Whether or not people know my name in this community is irrelevant to me. The "who's who of Bigfootland" does not fascinate or impress me in the least. It is really quite simple actually, people asked me to share my information and posting it here was the easiest way to do that. There are no hidden agendas. The blog owner and I discussed my intentions in great length before it was posted, and trust me, promoting my name was not in the mix. If someone wants to make more out of it than that and has the extra time to do so, that is their choice. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I respect that.

  16. In today's world a cover up like that is impossible just the lawsuits alone would cause people to talk. Doctors, nurses, EMT's all made to stay quiet. Not gonna happen. BF

  17. Hmm. Interesting. I had found the sasquatch chronicles to be mildly amusing, but now Im leaning toward disappointment. It would be unlikely that all those agencies would be collaborating in a conspiracy.

  18. the position is bigfoot tore up that camp and killed two people.. where was the rest of the stuff in the night video? there was charcol, so they were xooking food.. wheres the coolers, the bread bags, the metal utensils... wheres the bigfoot tracks? and why does a bigfoot tear up trees when it gets mad .. seems like a waste of energy.. bob mentions he had been through that camp just days prior... what a coincidence two days later he finds this... and his videos taken down by youtube... only bob or youtube staff could do that..but he claims the government, took all his social media down..including youtube.. sounds like a hole in googles billion dollar networks.. now wes with his tv show.. heres what i think, with absolulely no evidence... wes is an imaginative creature... he tells bob... hey bob, i got a way to increase your popularity and make some cash while at it... give u enuff money to buy some new equipment,,. all bob has to do is stage a scene, make a few videos and tell a few stories... then it leads to a number of followup shows... until... all his staff mysteriously bail... OR it could be true. maybe 2 people died, were throen in trees, the government covered it up, so did the hospital and no friends or family ever talked about it...and the only person to figure it all out, is wes gerber... hmmm....

  19. Call the department of the interior in your region


  21. Where did it first come out that people were murdered?

  22. Where did it first come out that people were murdered?

  23. Can you please provide the link to an episode where Bob Garret or Sas Chron members or affiliates stated that the government had actually covered up 2 murders and that there was a survivor? I did not hear that during the interview. In fact I remember hearing that he came across a torn up camp and wasn't at liberty to discuss all of the details. He also spoke about being harassed which I'm sure that is not out of the scope of possibilities. Does he imply government cover ups, sure and with good reason. The Government does not disclose all information just because a person sends them an email with a threat of "The freedom of Information Act. have you not heard of something called a sealed file? I know as humans we would like to think that everything fits into a tidy little box but sadly that is absolutely not the case. Could it be completely out of the question that someone or some organization may have taken over a case like this and erased it from the neat tidy little file that was tucked in the neat and tidy little box? That May have happened. That organization may have told local police departments to not discuss it further with people that call or email about government cover ups (sealed file). I don't want to believe that you or anyone else is truly that ignorant or arrogant to think for one second that as Americans we know or have the "right" To know everything that goes on in this country. Do you think that we will be given explanations to some time the unexplainable? You made a few phone calls or sent emails and expect the whole truth just because you asked for it. Now with that being said,I do not know what happened at the torn up camp, nor do you. I do not know who handled this case, nor do you apparently. What I do know is that by you posting this you are as bad as anyone else spreading rumors about this situation. In a passive aggressive manor you say it's not fair to Bob that people are blowing this up and spreading rumors but in all of the emails you clearly state that Bob Garret and this show said that two people died an there was a survivor. You contradicted your self with that statement but yet you want me to take your post seriously? How about this. When you are given the highest security clearance in our Federal Government then please do post the facts in this case. Until then, your opinion is no more important to me then mine is to you. It's all hear say and rumors. And that is just a complete waste of time. Are they hoaxing? who knows? Do you know? By reading this post I seriously doubt it. And with that being said, any man or women regardless of rank sits the same with me. Bob Garrett, an officer or an employee in the Federal Government can lie. But the question is, who is lying? And exactly how will you prove it? I'm assuming you didn't get an email giving you those answer either? Oh that's a bummer. If you can answer who is lying and back it with facts please post another insightful post. I'll be waiting.

  24. It's on sasquatch chronicles podcasts when I get time I will post the links to those podcasts. The only people who blew anything out of proportion was Sasquatch Chronicles. You missed the entire point anyways Brandy. Everybody knows what was said on his podcasts and by who... clearly you have never listened to all of the podcasts ... you are out of the loop. It's old news now anyways .. everyone knows it was a bullshit story and we have all moved on. But since you are way behind on facts I will post all of the links here. It will take me a few days .. they are all archived in my email. Good day.

  25. Here is a link to Squatchers Lounge Podcast that reviewed everything that was said. .. I am going to have to dig up the other links for you. It appears there has been some attempt to delete some of these episodes but I can probably find them anyways. I will be happy to post them Brandy. Enjoy this one in the meantime. You may have to fast forward some of it to get to the torn up camp story section.

  26. Here is a link to Squatchers Lounge Podcast that reviewed everything that was said. .. I am going to have to dig up the other links for you. It appears there has been some attempt to delete some of these episodes but I can probably find them anyways. I will be happy to post them Brandy. Enjoy this one in the meantime. You may have to fast forward some of it to get to the torn up camp story section.

  27. Your hard work is appreciated Julie but the truth is that this entire fiasco is typical of the bigfoot "community".... some of the comments above show just how naive and gullible the majority of people with an interest in sasquatch are.... too many whack-jobs in bigfootland who will defend any claim if it keeps the possibility of existence alive.
    How many researchers have searched for bigfoot over just the past 20 years? Thousands of hours searching North America by numerous groups and/or hard evidence. Not one clear photo....This cannot be possible if there is a breeding population roaming North America.
    Time too wake up people. Move on. It just isn't there.
    Now since technology has advanced so has bigfoot! The sasquatch people are now using portals. This explains why they continue to elude mankind today!
    In the year 2525....who knows?

  28. "Annomous" comments like these make me disgusted to be a part of the bigfoot community. I usually don't partake in bigfoot beef'n but this whole thread annoys me. I am called a "Wack job" you because I believe in a undiscovered species? I wonder how many times Aristotle or Einstein were called "Wack jobs" because they were free thinkers and willing to put themselves out there and think outside of the box. After all ,without people willing to explore new possibilities, we would all still think the world was flat. I would love to personally thank all the "Wack job" wildlife biologist, scientist and researchers that go out and do the work that I am not willing to do. People sure do enjoy visiting the zoo and watching the discovery channel. How do you think we found those animals to fill these zoos?Its the "Wack jobs" of the world who research and explore to find new species. Free thinking is how we evolve as a species. And FYI how ignorant and biased are you to assume that all Bigfoot believers believe they travel through portals. Please tell me you are kidding.

    1. Not all people believe in the portal theory, most legit researchers that I know of are more concerned with gathering evidence of value just to prove the creature exists. To try to sell the portal theory is putting the cart before the horse and does no favors in deeming this entire research as nonsense.

  29. Julie just stumbled upon your infinite time wasted to debunk one man's claims. My conclusion is if you believe everything told to you by any government entity your the fool. You don't think the federal government doesn't have reason to cover up the reality or possibility of a dangerous murderous animal on federal lands as well as their knowledge of it's presence than you have obviously drank their kool-aid. Second grow a pair and go camp a week down at Kellys Pond and tell me what's in the woods there with ya. I been there done that and know. My advise go armed.

  30. I am going assume that you are a young lady because you seem foolish. So I ask do you believe in the creature or not? If a 100 people have seen it and 90 are hoaxers what about the other 10. How many true sightings make it true! Put down your torch little witch hunter and pick up your tent, go check it out your self. Oh and at 3am when your out in the Sam Houston look around and see how many of those parks officials and cops are out there camping... What do they know you obviously don't. Ask how many have died in the Sam Houston in the last 10 years, how many missing. Bet they don't answer that question either.

  31. All of you anonymous posters... I evidently struck a nerve. Have a great day 😁

  32. All of you anonymous posters... I evidently struck a nerve. Have a great day 😁

  33. Does it seem odd that not one person Julie contacted had any knowledge of the story ? Mmmmm

  34. Does it seem odd that not one person Julie contacted had any knowledge of the story ? Mmmmm

    1. Not to me. They are all involved in the cover-up. The gov't got to them all.

  35. What did you THINK they were going to say? "Oh yeah, that happened"?

    It isn't local LE that deals with this stuff--it's some kind of federal or multinational group. You think they inform the local guys? Heck no.

    911 calls are directed to the "proper" authority and any record expunged. The military is sometimes somehow involved.

    Several SC listeners and subscribers I talk to went to the BT with Garrett and experienced the same government scrutiny and harassment.

    Ultimately, this cannot be proven because evidence is confiscated, and it cannot be disproven because evidence of a nonevent is hard to come by.

    Garrett is hardly the only one with stories along these lines. There are a lot of people telling some very unusual stories of government involvement with bigfoot.

    You wouldn't think such a thing could possibly be true, but, trust me, bigfoot is real, and if that can be real, who knows what the hell else is going on.

  36. Mo Michaux here, I went on Sasquatch CHR forums and explained to people that Bob Garrett was in fact a hoaxer, I was part of the Big Thicket Watch for a good while and I have all the inside knowledge on this fabricated story which by the way actually was about 3 hunters being killed at this Torn Up Camp....It then morphed into a BLACK FAMILY" I asked Bob to let me see the unedited version, he called me a "sick fuck" for wanting to see a childs head pulled off, I insisted..... He handed me a DVD a week later and said here is the unedited version, well guess what folks, it was the same version you all watched. Bob is full of crap and I was taken in by him because he was like a big brother to me, or so I thought. His plan all along was to create all these stories so he could get people to come out on expeditions.

  37. I know this is an older thread but I just read it and had to comment. I am in my mid 50's and have lived and hunted in the Big Thicket area most of my life. I have also been in and around the Sam Houston National forest most of my life. I have probably been deeper in these wilderness areas for longer periods of time than most of the people reading this blog. I have never seen, heard, or seen any evidence of a "bigfoot". None of my friends and acquaintances, some of whom have spent more time in these areas than I have, have never seen any evidence of bigfoot.

    These areas have problems with poachers, some of whom live in these wilderness areas. I can assure you that if there were a bigfoot in these areas a poacher would have killed one by now and the public would have heard about it.

    To answer critics prior to being asked, I lived in these areas most of my life. No one I know there has seen one of these things. My response would be to ask anyone who has to show proof. My comments are limited to this geographical area, of which I am very familiar with. Please do not present any "proof" from other areas as my comments are only limited to this area.

    The people in this area are very independent, self sufficient, and have fee access to firearms. I can assure you if there were a big scary bigfoot there, someone would have killed one by now and the public would have heard about it.

    I have also been employed in law enforcement for approximately thirty years. I know many of the officials listed in this story. I can say with certainty that nobody was killed by a bigfoot in these areas. If this had happened it would have been all over the news. The law enforcement officials listed in these areas are honest and credible people who would not lie about any murders or deaths in the area regardless of who or what killed them.

    The idea that federal agency could come in and cover up an event like this is ludicrous. If a murder/suspicious death had occurred in an area like this, the sheriff's department would have jurisdiction and would investigate it. No federal agency would interfere with this process. To suggest a federal agency could dictate that local officials cover something of this nature up is also ludicrous. A federal agency has no authority to dictate anything to a local agency in a situation like this.

    There are certain procedural tasks that have to be done in a suspicious death or murder in Texas that are required by law.
    You can ask any law enforcement officer you know, including federal agents. Federal law enforcement has no power to dictate anything to local law enforcement except in certain very limited circumstances and this "bigfoot" incident is not one of them.

    I would also like to point out that a "cover up" as insinuated in this incident would amount to the local agencies falsifying government records. This is a crime in Texas. I can assure everyone that law enforcement does not engage in this type of activity. If a law enforcement officer does falsify a government record, there are laws in Texas that make this a serious criminal offense. I don't personally know any officers who would ruin their career and risk jail time to cover up a "bigfoot" killing anyone.

    Please use some common sense people. Julie Rench's investigation into this matter was about as thorough as a normal citizen could perform without contacting witnesses. As I read the information, the only witness listed was Mr. Garrett. Anyone doubting the validity of her information can call the local officials and verify the information themselves. I know most of the people she talked to and they will be happy to talk to anyone.

  38. the story is on Sasquatch Chronicles now August 15,2017 about the cover up of the Big Thicket murders in 2013. You can never trust the government they cover up too much for their own advantage

  39. LOL
    Sasquatch Chronicles Keeps Getting Bigger & Bigger
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  40. Well Julie Witch
    All This Shows Is It Was You Who Harrased Authorities In Texas Into Harrasing Bob
    Sasquatch Chronicles Is By Far The Best Podcast In The History Of Bigfoot World
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    1. We can all tell by the intelligence of your post the type of people sas chron attracts. Bravo moron...

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