Sunday, 1 March 2015

Habituating Bigfoot

There is a popular practice among quite a few researchers who wish to try and lure Bigfoot closer to them. It's known as habituating or gifting. This practice involves leaving various types of human processed food items, as well as fruits and vegetables.

So far this method of trying to attract a Bigfoot has been widely accepted in the community but I think we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

Is there any evidence to suggest this is a better way of researching than other means? In my opinion, no, there is not. Some people prefer to utilize trail cameras, some like to hike for hours, searching for structures, prints and other forms of possible evidence that may lead to a Bigfoot sighting. Others prefer to sit quietly in one location and study the surrounding area for edible plants, mushrooms and berries. I think all of those are acceptable because those methods have no direct impact on wildlife.

I won't bring up any names here but I recall having a heated debate with a researcher who uses gifting as a way to try to obtain evidence, such as saliva or hair. To the credit of the individual, she admitted that no hair or saliva has been gathered through the gifting of food, if I remember the conversation correctly.

  She did, however, feel it was okay to leave out pies and fruit because her opinion was that Bigfoot was taking these, yet there was no evidence to support the notion.
  There is another person who travels to the same location repeatedly and he leaves all sorts of food gifts. Some may be nutritionally valuable but most food stuff left is processed junk food, wrapped or contained in plastic.

I know I am not alone in disagreeing with habituation using food but I think we are the minority, albeit a vocal minority. I say this because I don't come across very many people talking negatively about this serious issue.

I have been told that I am over reacting to this because it isn't harming anyone. Obviously the people that said this to me have not really thought out the potential problems of gifting Bigfoot.

Since we have no evidence or proof of Bigfoot taking food, we should rightfully assume that forest animals are taking the food that is left out. I have never seen any food left in hard to reach or strategic locations. For the most part, the food is left on the ground or close to ground level. Other food is left on trees or on branches.

Researchers and enthusiasts need to wake up to the fact that feeding wildlife is wrong, and it is illegal. Leaving food out will make animals less wary of human interactions and the animals will become dependent on hand outs.

There are other problems with habituating. Small animals such as racoons, squirrels and birds can ingest plastics from wrappers and this can cause serious injury and even death. Many animals have had their head caught in jars while trying to get every last drop of processed goodness.

The biggest problem with habituation is that this can lead to a person or group of people being injured, mauled or killed by a bear. There are signs everywhere in campgrounds informing people to not feed the wildlife. Signs are posted in parks and on picnic tables. The signs are at trail heads and pathways. The signs are there for reasons...very good reasons.

Researchers employing this method of research not only risk the lives and well being of wildlife, they endanger their own lives and the lives of people under their care or in their vicinity.

As Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts, we must become more responsible and respectful of nature and its inhabitants.


  1. Great post Randy. My biggest problem with Habituation is the claims of getting so close, yet their is no video/photo proof of said interactions. They claim they want to help those animals, yet at the same time they refuse or provide excuses as why there is no evidence. Yet proving they exist, is at the core of making sure they are protected.

  2. True Steve Lane, and it is a great post, thanks Randy. In my younger days, I have made the mistake of feeding stray, or ferrel animals. It only takes once, and in their minds, it is a regular spot to dailey check the menu. I couldn't imagine a BF knocking on my house or sitting on my door steps waiting for a hand out! And I am being a bit exaggerated in my example, but you know what I mean. ALTHOUGH...if I knew 100% that I could have a face to face encounter with a Sasquatch, I may be willing to give up a jar of peanut butter, last resort of coarse!

  3. Dangerous and irresponsible. Great blog!

  4. If only we could get people to stop being irresponsible. LOL

  5. If I bait I bait with fresh fish caught from a local steam or road kill I field dress personally. Habituation is a terrible misnomer anyway. You aren't habituating a Bigfoot, at best you are mutually conditioning a Subject that was already there to accept a gift that you should be responsible as to it's potential harm in leaving. If anything, you are habituating yourself by changing your own behavior and nature. Good Stuff Randy, I've got sixty days left till blimp pimp, come on down when you can, Lupe Mendoza and Bigdog Alpha showed up this last weekend, good stuff.

  6. How did you feel about trinkets, something hung out of reach of most animals. BF

    1. The BF certainly mess with trinkets more than food! I had a kids playroom next to my old office, so I went through the toy box, and put out a bunch of stuff on a log. I put a Dora doll, baby doll, Barbie doll, triceratops, T-rex, a monkey, and colored rocks. The Dora dolls head was smashed in, the baby dolls were face down, about 2 feet from the tree, the triceratops was under the log, T-rex was not touched, some rocks taken. I wedged all of the figures in the log, so they could not have been bumped off. I also put out grapes, bananas, and snickers bar, which were all gone. I put camera activity. I poured 10 MacDonald's syrup packets in a loaf of bread, and put camera up where I found 22" footprints..
      Camera was ripped off fence next day, gone, and bread was opened, and eaten.
      Best chance to lure them in, is natural food, IMO. I put out a bunch of Anchovies once..just got a few raccoons on video...and a swarm of bugs that set camera off from behind..then all bugs left from behind...skunk ape?

    2. You immediately think bigfoot?!
      Not raccoons moving the toys looking for food? Which you are feeding to them? Maybe skunk? Positive the print was not a double bear print DS?

    3. I had 2 sightings in this area, so yeah, I know it's BF! I wedged them in real good, so I know it wasn't raccoon...raccoon can't smash a Dora head in! And I found a six inch white hair, was strong like fishing line, under the baby dolls arm. No bears in this area.

  7. Awesome post Randy.
    People don't take the possible consequences seriously enough and perhaps don't consider them at all before attempting ANY form of interaction with wild animals, and what other animals may be attracted by foolhardy food offerings in the woods.

    1. Several of these silly habituator's do what they do, just so they can post on Facebook, etc. and maintain a following and get attention. Many of them are depressed, feel lonely and introverted without the bigfoot fantasy.
      No better way to gain confidence in yourself and others than by having a group (cult) of people encouraging your need to live a fantasy.
      Also, guys like Johnson know what he is doing but the desire for a small bit of fame/attention is like a magnet for many of the "researchers" like him.

    2. We have to present the evidence to the skeptics....only a few are on a power trip.

    3. There is NO hard evidence DS.
      It is all in your imagination, IMO.
      No offense meant at all dude.

  8. Dyer pulled the white flag from his FB page and posted.

  9. The Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoots don't eat food...they just throw marbles at you.

  10. I love Randy's blog, but unfortunately I can't support this guest post. She could have easily made all that up. I would like to see some proof where she talked to these "supposed" people. I've never even heard of this Julie woman? Is she credible? I have much respect for randy but not this kook Lol


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