Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ed Waterman - Hoaxer, Or......Something Else?

I'm not even sure where to start with this jackass. Ed Waterman claims to be a photographer with thousands of photos of Bigfoot. The only problem with this is that all of his photos show trees...and moss...and stumps. It is beyond ridiculous.

Believe it or not, Waterhead actually has a following of gullible people who apparently are willing to believe anything they are told. It gets so bad in fact, his groupies start to post their own blurry stump photos and then there is great rejoicing, high fives and back slaps. I find it seriously disturbing.

This will be a post filled with screen shots. Some of them will be funny, and others will disturb you.

Here is a photo of alleged Bigfoot every where. The yellow circles prove it. All I see are a bunch of moss covered trees. This photo is in focus, so how could any rational adult think this photo shows so many of the elusive beings?

Wow, look at that. A pile of branches. I think Ed forgot to rule out all other possibilities first before jumping to the conclusion this was made or inhabited by Bigfoot.

Shooting cloakers just ten feet away? Really? How does Ed know they are there? If the Bigfoot mysteriously cloaked, it stands to reason that they don't want to be seen, right? Not these ones. They just stand there all invisible for Ed. Pure bullshit. Asshattery at it's finest.

What we have here is a lovely shot of some greenery. Thanks for the circles, Ed, I would have never seen the leaves. I wonder if he closed his eyes and picked random spots for the circles or if he had to think about it for awhile. This is what happens when people enable hoaxers. Perhaps Ed has mental issues. I don't know but the choices are limited. I'm not qualified to make such a determination.

There really are no words for this photo. I'm sure you can think up your own expletives.

All I can say is, looney tunes. Let's zoom in until we see something. Outrageous bullshittery.

Ed with his imaginary and invisible Bigfoot. The creature was invisible according to Ed but watertap knew how far away it was. Um, okay.

Ed doesn't come out and say it but I get the impression that he wants people to think these rock piles were made by something unknown.
It took someone about five minutes to show that Ed is stretching things by a long shot.

Oh, darn it. Would you look at that. It was only humans. This isn't such a mystery after all. Stop enabling these con artists. Wake up!

Now I'll show Ed's dark, twisted and disturbing side. If you are easily offended, click off the blog right now. It's the only warning you will get.

For real? What woman in her right mind would consent to sex with a Bigfoot? Waterheater apparently stood by and watched while a young boy was raped by a Sasquatch. Either Ed is full of shit, or he should seek professional help. Who in their right mind would even say such a thing?
It's appalling and disturbing. Seriously fucked up shit.

According to Ed, he snapped another photo of a woman with a Bigfoot clan. If this was in fact true, why didn't he call the police? Maybe it's because watermelon made up the entire scenario...or he has a screw loose. It's only a guess on my part. Just a personal opinion.

Ed Waterman is a truly messed up person in my opinion. He claims to have tracked down Steven Streufert, which really isn't hard to do. Steven is not shy about where he lives and how he can be found. I mean, who would have a bookstore hidden from public view?
Ed sounds like a bit of a creepy stalker waiting to blindly pounce on unsuspecting individuals. I don't recall Steven ever slandering Watertub. Ed has a hissy fit when he's questioned and he likes to threaten people with legal action. All the butthurt hoaxers do that. When in doubt, threaten with a lawyer.

I ran in to Ed Waterman in a Facebook Bigfoot group. I was delighted and thrilled to finally be able to tell this douchebag exactly what I thought  of him. He proceeded with the usual slurs about living at home, or being a city dweller, or never traveling to the woods. The thread was epic. Ed was getting it from all directions but he couldn't answer simple questions. He just kept repeating himself over and over.

Ed asked for photos from other people and I'm always up for a challenge. I decided to test Ed to see what his reaction would be to some of my "Bigfoot" photos. Unfortunately, Ed only responded to one photo but the answer was what I was looking for.

That was in a series of photos a viewer of my videos sent me. According to the viewer, I was surrounded by Bigfoot. I went back to the area under the same conditions and at the same time of day. I followed up on each photo and soundly debunked all of them except for one.
The photo that Ed thinks is a Bigfoot is actually a fallen stump. A stump! A large dead piece of wood.

If we want this community to be taken seriously, we need to rid it of the cons, hoaxers and bullshit artists. Where does Ed Waterman fit in? That's difficult to determine, given his strange behavior.
I would suggest moving on to honest researchers. Leave the egomaniacs to themselves. Sooner or later they will disappear...hopefully.

Question everything. Take the time to research the researcher.


  1. Glad you called this POS out. Nice job

  2. Very funny; good stuff. Watermelon, hahahahHAHAHAHA

  3. Just remember Mr.Edward Waterman. Everything you say or do, can be used against you!

  4. Seriously... who buys in to this guys bullshit??
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

  5. Bust Sasquatch Ontario please. His followers are the WORST. Total assholes to anyone who doesn't buy into his BS.

  6. Sasquatch Ontario reminds me of Eric beckford (beckjord) ...back on we would refer to him as "he who shall not be named"
    His theories were beyond crazy...

    1. Well Ontario can't be too far behind him. In the documentary with Chris Munch he speculates that bigfoot can time travel lol.

  7. You should focus on this Ed asshole some more, this guy seems like a real slimy piece of shit. I say keep picking at this scab, till he falls off the internet.

  8. Ed Waterman? Is that DS' s real name?

    1. I have people sending me black blobs like this from my videos, but I wont post them, unless the are as clear, and definitive as possible!
      But some people do not think there are BF in my area.....HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. Time travel? I guess I will have to watch that documentary very carefully.

  10. Ed Watermelon Eats Shit.

  11. I've given this guy some shit before, but he never responded. Anyone who says the words "I've seen a boy get raped by a Bigfoot" needs to get medical care.

  12. Just... wow.

    Nice post as usual Randy!

  13. This guy is a creepy hoaxer

  14. Randy, when are you going to expose another hoaxer, wer'er all bored out here. BF

  15. Warm weather`s here, I`m sure Randy has other interests as well.

  16. Hey guys! Long time no talk!!! I was just curious if anyone had the skinny on Mike Sasquatch Ontario. It appears his YouTube page is gone!!

    thanks!! - Hopeful Optimistic no more

  17. Expose all the scum bag liars. A boy and women raped by Bigfoot yea right. I bother no creature, but I will not be threatened by any creature either. If anything threatens me it will know what dead feels like and I carry the fire power to do it. I got something that will stop the charge of a bull elephant dead in its tracks, well it might take a few steps before it drops.


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