Monday, 23 March 2015

Creature in the Giant Sequoias

Today I am going to talk about the 'Creature in the Giant Sequoias' video. There are numerous breakdowns and talks about this particular video but it still manages to resurface often.

There is a lot of speculation about whether the video is authentic or if it was an attempt by a film student to make a short film go viral. Unfortunately, I don't have a definitive answer but I will try to present enough information so you can make a decision yourselves. Personally, I think the video is just another hoax. It has all the hallmarks of a hoax in my opinion. Out of focus and shaky camera work is at the top of the list.

The video, as most of us know, was posted by Shawn Bannon. Shawn is an aspiring film maker with some titles under his belt.

Shawn Bannon: IMDB

Shawn also has a website that showcases his short documentary that was shot with 16 mm film.

Here is Shawn's short film.

I can't find the original video but this one is close. This video includes some slow motion which provides a better view of the subject.

Shawn Bannon claims to have shot the film in about a minute but there are numerous camera angle changes. Previous breakdowns on the video have mentioned the angle changes and edits.

The only breakdown that seems to suggest the subject is a real Bigfoot comes from Thinker Thunker. Just when a video is put to rest, he comes up with a sensational video that tries to convince viewers this video shows a Bigfoot. The only thing that I agree with in the breakdown is that the Bigfoot is not CGI.

Excluded from Thinker Thunker's breakdown are the easily found photos of this alleged Bigfoot. How convenient.

The last two photos above are interesting because both show the extremely long arms. This is due to the fact that very long hair extends past the hands. This can be seen in the sighting video and in the documentary. Never before have I seen a Bigfoot video that shows hair that covers and extends well past the hands by a foot or more.

The next set of photos shows a very similar Bigfoot on stage with a band by the name of Dead Meadow.

This Bigfoot is also with the band outdoors. Note the very long hair at the hands.

Dead Meadow feature this beast in their live shows and in a few of their videos. Here is a screenshot from a video showing the drummer wearing the head. I'll provide the video below the photo.

The video is low resolution and has a low budget feel to it so the creature is hard to see clearly. Another glaring problem is the lack of any visible facial features. All we see is a red glowing light on the face.

I was trying to find a connection between Shawn Bannon and Dead Meadow, or a connection to both of them through the costume, such as a common friend or artist who may have provided them with the costume.

I will admit that I failed in that area but I'm a stubborn and persistent SOB, so I kept digging. What I found was the Dead Meadow Facebook page that yielded a couple of interesting photos.

This is the first photo I found and it shows the mask of their onstage hairy dancing machine.

I know what you're probably thinking. This looks nothing like the Bigfoot in Shawn's video. Maybe the next photo will be a bit more convincing.

The photo above from the Dead Meadow fan page strongly resembles the Bigfoot in Shawn's video but that's my personal opinion.

I did a side by side to see how the faces compared.

The background photo is a bit dark but I can see similarities in the brow, black nose and lips so I tried an overlay.

Here is a short overlay animation to compare both faces.

While there are no definitive answers to this video, you only need to ask yourself this. What are the chances of a real Bigfoot and a fake Bigfoot looking so similar in almost every possible way?


  1. I think the last line sums it up nicely. We'll done

  2. Randy you the man!!! Tinkerbell Thunker, well not so much. BF

  3. Ya know...that timber giant "big red" vid got the work over by M.K....
    It's all over YouTube again...
    Can we smash that next??

  4. The critter in the video looks large...but doesn't move with mass...
    Look how an nfl lineman moves compared to a wide receiver...100 pound difference between the 2 positions... entirely different movement...
    Average guy in a suit that builds up the shoulders and arms...

  5. Thanks for sendinf me the link.....your research is compelling and i agree that the photos match the mask and suit.....HOWEVER U HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM TO OVER COME......THE CLIP OF THE CREATURE ON TT AND THE PHOTOS R VERY OBVIOUSLY NOT THE SAME......Sorry to burst ur bubble and tell u u were chasing your tail. I'm telling u as a Board Certified Physician and Surgeon THAT THE MUSCLES SHOWN ON THE TT CLIP BREAKDOWN ARE NOT HUMAN.....PERIOD. So unless u can get Shawn to explain how he CGd the massive and disproportionate to human anatomy...... biceps femoris, gluteus maximus and minimus and semitendinosis muscles shown in that clip....along with the flopping winter coat about ready to shed I've seen THOUSANDS of times in exactly the same manner in other large mammals (bears, elk, deer, buffalo, coyotes) my professional opinion that clip is of an as of yet unidentified great ape species. :-/

    1. I never sent you anything. The creatures are one and the same and so is the camera man.
      We have no idea who you are and your appeal to authority argument is a fallacy.
      Furthermore, there is no muscle definition in the video. You also failed to address the multiple camera angles.
      This was a film project, nothing more. Your argument doesn't hold water.


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