Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ed Waterman - Hoaxer, Or......Something Else?

I'm not even sure where to start with this jackass. Ed Waterman claims to be a photographer with thousands of photos of Bigfoot. The only problem with this is that all of his photos show trees...and moss...and stumps. It is beyond ridiculous.

Believe it or not, Waterhead actually has a following of gullible people who apparently are willing to believe anything they are told. It gets so bad in fact, his groupies start to post their own blurry stump photos and then there is great rejoicing, high fives and back slaps. I find it seriously disturbing.

This will be a post filled with screen shots. Some of them will be funny, and others will disturb you.

Here is a photo of alleged Bigfoot every where. The yellow circles prove it. All I see are a bunch of moss covered trees. This photo is in focus, so how could any rational adult think this photo shows so many of the elusive beings?

Wow, look at that. A pile of branches. I think Ed forgot to rule out all other possibilities first before jumping to the conclusion this was made or inhabited by Bigfoot.

Shooting cloakers just ten feet away? Really? How does Ed know they are there? If the Bigfoot mysteriously cloaked, it stands to reason that they don't want to be seen, right? Not these ones. They just stand there all invisible for Ed. Pure bullshit. Asshattery at it's finest.

What we have here is a lovely shot of some greenery. Thanks for the circles, Ed, I would have never seen the leaves. I wonder if he closed his eyes and picked random spots for the circles or if he had to think about it for awhile. This is what happens when people enable hoaxers. Perhaps Ed has mental issues. I don't know but the choices are limited. I'm not qualified to make such a determination.

There really are no words for this photo. I'm sure you can think up your own expletives.

All I can say is, looney tunes. Let's zoom in until we see something. Outrageous bullshittery.

Ed with his imaginary and invisible Bigfoot. The creature was invisible according to Ed but watertap knew how far away it was. Um, okay.

Ed doesn't come out and say it but I get the impression that he wants people to think these rock piles were made by something unknown.
It took someone about five minutes to show that Ed is stretching things by a long shot.

Oh, darn it. Would you look at that. It was only humans. This isn't such a mystery after all. Stop enabling these con artists. Wake up!

Now I'll show Ed's dark, twisted and disturbing side. If you are easily offended, click off the blog right now. It's the only warning you will get.

For real? What woman in her right mind would consent to sex with a Bigfoot? Waterheater apparently stood by and watched while a young boy was raped by a Sasquatch. Either Ed is full of shit, or he should seek professional help. Who in their right mind would even say such a thing?
It's appalling and disturbing. Seriously fucked up shit.

According to Ed, he snapped another photo of a woman with a Bigfoot clan. If this was in fact true, why didn't he call the police? Maybe it's because watermelon made up the entire scenario...or he has a screw loose. It's only a guess on my part. Just a personal opinion.

Ed Waterman is a truly messed up person in my opinion. He claims to have tracked down Steven Streufert, which really isn't hard to do. Steven is not shy about where he lives and how he can be found. I mean, who would have a bookstore hidden from public view?
Ed sounds like a bit of a creepy stalker waiting to blindly pounce on unsuspecting individuals. I don't recall Steven ever slandering Watertub. Ed has a hissy fit when he's questioned and he likes to threaten people with legal action. All the butthurt hoaxers do that. When in doubt, threaten with a lawyer.

I ran in to Ed Waterman in a Facebook Bigfoot group. I was delighted and thrilled to finally be able to tell this douchebag exactly what I thought  of him. He proceeded with the usual slurs about living at home, or being a city dweller, or never traveling to the woods. The thread was epic. Ed was getting it from all directions but he couldn't answer simple questions. He just kept repeating himself over and over.

Ed asked for photos from other people and I'm always up for a challenge. I decided to test Ed to see what his reaction would be to some of my "Bigfoot" photos. Unfortunately, Ed only responded to one photo but the answer was what I was looking for.

That was in a series of photos a viewer of my videos sent me. According to the viewer, I was surrounded by Bigfoot. I went back to the area under the same conditions and at the same time of day. I followed up on each photo and soundly debunked all of them except for one.
The photo that Ed thinks is a Bigfoot is actually a fallen stump. A stump! A large dead piece of wood.

If we want this community to be taken seriously, we need to rid it of the cons, hoaxers and bullshit artists. Where does Ed Waterman fit in? That's difficult to determine, given his strange behavior.
I would suggest moving on to honest researchers. Leave the egomaniacs to themselves. Sooner or later they will disappear...hopefully.

Question everything. Take the time to research the researcher.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Exclusive: The Torn Up Camp Videos

Since I talked so much in my last couple of blog posts, I will be short on words tonight. The 'Torn Up Camp' videos have garnered a lot of attention recently, mostly due to the fact that the videos were pulled. The other factor is that many people have not seen the videos. I have seen the videos in the past and noted nothing nefarious.

Thanks to a person who shall remain anonymous, I am thrilled to be able to finally share these videos with all of you.

This is the night time video.

Day time video.

*The above videos are shown in their entirety. Copyright belongs to the copyright holder(s).
These videos are used for news reporting, community education and discussion purposes only.
This blog is not monetized in any way, shape, or form.*

I have reviewed the videos and I still do not see anything that can not be attributed to human activity. In my younger days I went to many bush parties and witnessed things far worse than this. I have seen "tore up" woods and it was due to drunken idiots hacking down trees or from people intentionally running in to trees with their trucks. People due stupid things while under the influence of alcohol.

I have been on bike runs and plenty of poker runs that involved over night stays in campgrounds. I have seen what sauced up, half-in-the-pail adults will do. I have seen torn up camps and the camp in this video pales in comparison.

I am not saying that this is what happened but it certainly is possible, and I would go so far as to say that it's probably likely that this was just a drunken party that got out of control. I don't see anything that would indicate otherwise but that's my personal opinions.

Here are some photos of the general area in Sam Houston National Forest

According to my source, it has rained in this area for two weeks straight. There was a lot of deadfall in the area as well.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Creature in the Giant Sequoias

Today I am going to talk about the 'Creature in the Giant Sequoias' video. There are numerous breakdowns and talks about this particular video but it still manages to resurface often.

There is a lot of speculation about whether the video is authentic or if it was an attempt by a film student to make a short film go viral. Unfortunately, I don't have a definitive answer but I will try to present enough information so you can make a decision yourselves. Personally, I think the video is just another hoax. It has all the hallmarks of a hoax in my opinion. Out of focus and shaky camera work is at the top of the list.

The video, as most of us know, was posted by Shawn Bannon. Shawn is an aspiring film maker with some titles under his belt.

Shawn Bannon: IMDB

Shawn also has a website that showcases his short documentary that was shot with 16 mm film.

Here is Shawn's short film.

I can't find the original video but this one is close. This video includes some slow motion which provides a better view of the subject.

Shawn Bannon claims to have shot the film in about a minute but there are numerous camera angle changes. Previous breakdowns on the video have mentioned the angle changes and edits.

The only breakdown that seems to suggest the subject is a real Bigfoot comes from Thinker Thunker. Just when a video is put to rest, he comes up with a sensational video that tries to convince viewers this video shows a Bigfoot. The only thing that I agree with in the breakdown is that the Bigfoot is not CGI.

Excluded from Thinker Thunker's breakdown are the easily found photos of this alleged Bigfoot. How convenient.

The last two photos above are interesting because both show the extremely long arms. This is due to the fact that very long hair extends past the hands. This can be seen in the sighting video and in the documentary. Never before have I seen a Bigfoot video that shows hair that covers and extends well past the hands by a foot or more.

The next set of photos shows a very similar Bigfoot on stage with a band by the name of Dead Meadow.

This Bigfoot is also with the band outdoors. Note the very long hair at the hands.

Dead Meadow feature this beast in their live shows and in a few of their videos. Here is a screenshot from a video showing the drummer wearing the head. I'll provide the video below the photo.

The video is low resolution and has a low budget feel to it so the creature is hard to see clearly. Another glaring problem is the lack of any visible facial features. All we see is a red glowing light on the face.

I was trying to find a connection between Shawn Bannon and Dead Meadow, or a connection to both of them through the costume, such as a common friend or artist who may have provided them with the costume.

I will admit that I failed in that area but I'm a stubborn and persistent SOB, so I kept digging. What I found was the Dead Meadow Facebook page that yielded a couple of interesting photos.

This is the first photo I found and it shows the mask of their onstage hairy dancing machine.

I know what you're probably thinking. This looks nothing like the Bigfoot in Shawn's video. Maybe the next photo will be a bit more convincing.

The photo above from the Dead Meadow fan page strongly resembles the Bigfoot in Shawn's video but that's my personal opinion.

I did a side by side to see how the faces compared.

The background photo is a bit dark but I can see similarities in the brow, black nose and lips so I tried an overlay.

Here is a short overlay animation to compare both faces.

While there are no definitive answers to this video, you only need to ask yourself this. What are the chances of a real Bigfoot and a fake Bigfoot looking so similar in almost every possible way?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

IMAX Bigfoot

Usually I focus on the hoaxers and cons of Bigfootland but I have decided to focus on something different for my next few posts.

  The Bigfoot community has a constant influx of new people, and those people usually post videos that have been debunked, or videos that are highly questionable. The goal here is to try to get to the bottom of these videos. I will likely focus on the more popular videos in which the lines have been blurred by guesses and assumptions.

  Part of the problem for new members to the community is that there are breakdowns of videos that are incorrect, in my opinion. Other breakdowns are sensational in nature in order to drive viewers to their channel.

Recently I have seen debate about the IMAX Bigfoot in various Facebook Bigfoot groups, so I'll cover this one today.

I don't know who it was that first suggested this being is a Bigfoot or something other than a human being but I did find a video to use to show how people can jump to conclusions.

The above video appears to be innocent in nature, even though I consider the analysis to be faulty.

The next video comes from a person who I consider to be a detriment to the Bigfoot community. His analyses of videos appear as if he has done his homework but if that was the case, I wouldn't be talking about him. He has over 17,000 subscribers and that is problematic when it comes to sorting out fact from fiction.

   He has a loyal following and many of those folks are people who are new to the community. They get sucked in by fancy illustrations and graphics, and by a confident and believable channel host. If you have the time, watch the following video. This one compares to the highly debated Bigfoot versus Buffalo video. It has becomes obvious to me that Thinker Thunker really doesn't have much of an idea of what he is doing, so I hope this blog post gets passed around to as many eyes as possible.

If Thinker Thunker had really investigated this video at all, he would have come across the next video. That would have rendered his half bake analysis useless, though.

The video below comes from Cliff Barackman's channel. Matt Moneymaker and Wally Hersom discuss the subject in the video. This is probably the best resolution I have seen so far.

My advice to everyone would be to be responsible for what you accept as evidence of Bigfoot. Spend a bit of extra time and dig deeper. Most of the time it's easier than you think. Compare various breakdowns and talk to better informed people before jumping to any conclusions.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Ultimate Camping Story

                                    Editor's note: The following is a guest post by Julie Rench

 In light of recent events that have occurred I feel it is time that I step up and share some information with all of you.  On the podcast Sasquatch Chronicles there were some podcasts concerning a National Park called The Big Thicket in Texas.  It was claimed that a Bigfoot had attacked and killed two people and one survived and was sent to a hospital.  A video had been posted on the internet by a respected researcher name Mr. Bob Garrett.  He happened upon an abandoned campsite, recorded it and posted it to youtube.  At the time he called 911 to report the abandoned campsite.   Evidently, afterwards this video was confiscated for whatever reason by law enforcement.  The podcast stated that obstructing justice charges had been filed related to the video.

I have family members who live in Texas and they go to the Big Thicket frequently.  You can imagine my concern after hearing these claims.  I decided since the podcast was not providing any evidence of these claims that I would set out and find my own.  So, at the end of December, 2014 and into the beginning of January, 2015 I began by calling the five Sheriff Offices that cover the Big Thicket to ask about the event.  When I began to call I did not document the names of who I talked to until I realized after about 6 phone calls that I was not able to acquire any information or validation of the claims.  Then I began to write down names of who I spoke to and I also sent some emails and text messages to the Sheriff office’s and County Court houses.  I called the court houses looking for any record of possible charges related to obstructing justice for having the “murder scene” recorded. Please note that I did not mention in most of my phone calls or emails or otherwise that a Bigfoot had been the culprit.  I did not want them to ignore my inquiry.

Phone numbers for the five county Sheriff Offices that cover the Big Thicket National Park in Texas. 

Liberty County- 936-336-4500
Hardin County- 409-246-3441
Tyler County- 409-283-2172
San Jacinto County- 936-653-4367
Polk County- (936) 327-6810
The Big Thicket National Forest Ranger office- (409) 951-6700
Liberty County Courthouse- 936-336-4670
Hardin County Courthouse- 409-246-5185
Polk County Courthouse - 936-327-6805
Tyler County Courthouse- 409-283-2162
San Jacinto Courthouse- 936-653-2324
Intermountain Regional Office 303-969-2020 (oversees the Big Thicket)
Jerry Jordan

Southeast Texas Investigates
409-498-1074 phone

I called all five county Sheriff offices and court houses, armed with the Public Information Act, and I asked them if they had two murders and one survivor related to an abandoned campsite in the Big Thicket Forest in or around June 2013 to present.  The answer was “no”.  I asked them if they were covering up two murders and one survivor related to an abandoned campsite in the Big Thicket Forest in or around June 2013 to present.  The answer was “no”.  I asked the clerks at the County Court houses if there were any charges ever filed against anyone in the summer of 2013 to current date related to obstructing justice for having videotaped a murder scene at the Big Thicket National Park.  The answer was “no”. 

Here are the contact names and responses that I did document:

In December 2014 I called the Big Thicket National Park office and talked to an employee about the event.  They said they had never heard anything about it and they took my name and number to give to Ranger Moody and if there was anything true that was related to this story he would call me to talk to me about it.  I did not receive a phone call from Ranger Moody.
On February 10th, 2015 I called the Liberty County Courthouse and talked to the clerk.  Her name is Paulette Williams and I asked if they had any record of charges related to obstruction of justice or any other charges in the summer of 2013 to current date for having recorded a murder scene at the Big Thicket and getting the video confiscated by law enforcement.  She did a search in their computer and she responded “no”.
On February 10th, 2015 I called the Hardin County Courthouse and talked to Nan, who is the clerk for misdemeanor charges.  She said she had no record of any charges on anyone from the summer of June 2013 to now for obstructing justice related to recording a murder scene at the Big Thicket.  She then transferred me to the District Attorney’s office and I spoke to Chelsea, and I asked her the same question.  She said “no”.  Then I asked her if she had heard of the event in question from any other County employees that cover the Big Thicket.  Her answer was “no”.  She was shocked and concerned that the story was being told on a public broadcast on the internet.

Again, I called all five county court houses and asked the same questions, however these were the only names that I wrote down because in the beginning I was not on a hunt to disprove this story, I was indeed trying to prove it and would have requested copies of the related documents.  By law they would have to allow me access to them because it is public records, and I was also prepared to utilize the Publication Information Act if needed.  If there was an ongoing investigation then of course that would be a whole different story.   However, I was not told by anyone that there was an ongoing investigation.  I am not saying that these charges were not filed, if they were dropped then of course it would not be in any records that they could give me anyways.
There has been some drug activity that goes on in National Parks and I was given the impression while making these calls that if a video of an abandoned camp site had ever been confiscated it may be involved with an ongoing investigation and they would not be able to discuss it until its conclusion. 

Email to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department:

From: Julie Rench
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 10:38 PM
To: Ed.Cain@Co.Hardin.TX.US
Subject: Two people found dead in Big Thicket

To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to check into a story that is being told on a public podcast that there were two people found in the Big Thicket National park that had been killed in or around June 2013 and that the Law enforcement agencies in that area are not releasing this information to the public.  It is being said that someone killed them and their torn up camp was found abandoned.   I have loved ones who live close by and they are at that park frequently.  I am very concerned about this.  I am unable to find any media reports or any kind of verification on the internet or at your local media offices.  Could you please inform me who these two people where and why it was not released to the public?  I would like to petition the Public Information Act if need be.  Please let me know if this is true or what else I need to do in order to get the information from your records.
Julie Rench

Response on February 11th, 2015:
On Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:36 PM, Ed Cain <> wrote:

Mrs.  Rench, we have not found anyone dead in the big thicket. We have no reports of such story. This does not match any deaths that we in Hardin County have had. If you get more information on this let us know.
 Ed Cain

My response to Sheriff Cain:

Feb 11, 2015

Thank you so very much Mr. Cain for your quick response.  I feel a lot better about this knowing my beloved Niece and Nephew go there frequently.  Have a great day!
Julie Rench

February 11, 2015, I sent the following message to the Polk County Sheriff’s department via Facebook Private Message as was an option for contacting them:

To whom it may concern, I am writing this message to check into a story that is being told on a public podcast that there were two people found in the Big Thicket National park that had been killed in or around June 2013 and that the Law enforcement agencies in that area are not releasing this information to the public. It is being said that someone killed them and their torn up camp was found abandoned. I have loved ones who live close by and they are at that park frequently. I am very concerned about this. I am unable to find any media reports or any kind of verification on the internet or at your local media offices. Could you please inform me who these two people where and why it was not released to the public? I would like to petition the Public Information Act if need be. Please let me know if this is true or what else I need to do in order to get the information from your records
Regards, Julie Rench please respond to my email at… (Email address deleted for privacy)

Response I received on February 11th, 2015:

Not aware of this story you are asking about. We did have two people missing near Chester who were later found deceased in 2012-2013. This investigation was conducted by Tyler County Sheriff's Office. They were residents of Polk County.

My response:

Ok, but they were not found dead in the Big Thicket National Park?

Their response:
February 11th, 10:21am

Not to my knowledge.

My response:

Ok thank you so much for your time, I feel a lot better. Have a good day!

On February 11th, 2015 I also called the Polk County Sheriff’s Department before I received the above response via private message.  I spoke to Detective Christie Allen in depth concerning the allegations.  She was very easy to speak with so I decided I would bring up the Bigfoot connection.  She laughed and said that she hikes there all the time and has never “seen a Bigfoot”   in the Big Thicket.   I explained to her that these claims where made on a public podcast called Sasquatch Chronicles. She then said she was going to google them and I told her which episodes to listen to.  She also, as I was on the phone with her, googled “torn up camp Big Thicket” and was surprised to see all of the links that came up related to the story and saw the claims about two dead bodies, one survivor and that the government was covering it up.  She was not amused.  She said she was going to show all of this to other employees of the Sheriff’s office because they need to be made aware.  Her concern was people who listened to those podcasts would be roaming around the Park with guns hunting this “Bigfoot” and someone getting shot by mistaken identity.
On February 11th, 2015 I called Mr. Jerry Jordan from Southeast Investigates. Com.  He is an award winning Investigative Reporter, and I asked him if he had heard anything about these claims and told him that the culprit was a “bigfoot”.  He said “no”. He also had me send him the podcasts and other information in an email so he could look into it and determine if this should even be investigated.  His mindset was if this was true and he could prove there was a cover-up it would most certainly be a career boosting story.  I sent him the emails with all of the podcasts that they had discussed the story in.

On February 15th I then sent another email to Jerry Jordan:  copy is below.

To: Jerry Jordan
Feb 15

Hi Jerry.  I was wondering if you had received my emails and if there is any interest in the information.  Let me know, thanks.
Regards, Julie Rench

Jerry Jordan (spelling has not been corrected).

To: me
Feb 16

I id receive your email and I have made some initial inquiries.
Unfortunately, I am still out of town so that will delay some
involvement right now. If anything turns up on this, I will keep you


Thank you,

Jerry Jordan
Southeast Texas Investigates
409-498-1074 phone

On March 4th I called the Big Thicket National Forest Ranger’s Office again and this time I spoke to Mary Kay Manning.  I asked her about the claims and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I told her about the forums I had read on some of the links where people had talked about the rogue ‘Bigfoot” killing two people, tossing their bodies into trees, one survivor was sent to the hospital.  She then asked me to send the podcasts to her and other information.  She was concerned that people would believe this story and start looking for a “rogue Bigfoot” in the woods with guns and someone could be hurt or worse.  She was appalled that this story was being circulated and said she was going to present this to her supervisors.  I called the office again on March 12th, 2015 and Mary Kay was out of the office but I spoke to Ranger Jason.  I asked him if he had heard about this and he was unaware of any such event.  I also asked him if there were black helicopters that routinely fly over the big thicket to check on what people are doing.   He said no and was not amused.   He then asked me if I had contacted law enforcement to tell them the story because they may want to have a heads up about anyone wanting to go into the Park with guns hunting for the “Bigfoot”.  I explained to him that I had already done that.  He said he would bring it to the attention of the other Rangers.   I left a message for Mary Kay to call me back and let me know if she had listened to any of the claims on the podcast. 

On March 12th, 2015 I called Jerry again and asked if he had heard anything on the claims.  He said he had contacted several sources, and that they had never heard of the events.  He also stated that if something like that would have happened he felt certain he would have heard rumors back in 2013 because of all the contacts that he has in law enforcement due to being an Investigative Journalist.  I then told him I had been in contact with Mary Kay Manning at the Big Thicket National Forest and she was very concerned about these rumors.  His office is 7 miles from The Big Thicket National Park Ranger’s office so he said he would go to the office and talk with Mary Kay himself and then get back with me with his findings, if he were able to indeed come up with any leads that this story may be true.  I have not heard back from him as of this date.


*Jerry Jordan covers all of eastern Texas and he could find no evidence of such an event.

On March 17, 2015 I spoke to Lena Koschmann at the International Regional National Parks Service.  They oversee the Big Thicket National Forest.  I asked her why they are covering up two murders in the Big Thicket Forest.  She had no idea what I was referring to but asked me why I would ask that question.  I told her about the story being told that Bigfoot killed them.  She asked me to send her some links to where she could verify this for herself.  She was concerned about people actually believing this and roaming around the woods looking for Bigfoot with guns.  She said she would call all the law enforcement agencies that cover the Big Thicket and speak to them directly and give them a heads up.
The only other law enforcement agency that would have been involved is the Federal Government or the Texas Rangers.  I asked the folks at the Big Thicket Ranger Office if there had been an event like this where two people were killed and thrown into trees inside their park what the odds of them knowing this would be.  They said 100%.  Since a 911 call was claimed to have been made when the campsite was discovered, that would have gone out to one of the Sheriff Offices to report to, since it was not in city limits.  Local law enforcement would have been dispatched to the scene.  Texas Rangers…, I do not think they would be easily intimidated either and if someone was truly murdered I do not think they would just go along with some conspiracy as they take their job to serve and protect very serious, and are from the Great State Of Texas.  Texas is not known for their leaders or law enforcement to bow down to the government.

I sent an email to Sasquatch Chronicles on February 1st and advised them that I had been in contact with some of the Law Enforcement in Texas and I could not verify the story that two people were killed and asked if they had checked into it as well.  I did not receive a response.  Shortly after the email I was removed and blocked from the Sasquatch Chronicles Facebook group.

I invite you to call all of the Sheriff Offices, Court houses, the National Park, the Intermountain Regional Park Service and Jerry Jordan the Investigative Journalist, and ask any questions.  I also called a couple police departments but they told me they had never heard of such a story and wouldn’t  have handled any calls to the National  Park as that  would have went to the Sheriff’s office, so there was no point to continue that avenue.

I have several members of my family who are law enforcers.  Knowing what I do about law enforcement, it is a known fact that Sheriff Departments do not answer to the Federal Government.  They are independent and their concern is for the safety of their own communities.  Therefore what I found out by trying to prove this story was this: In order for this to be true, the  Intermountain Regional National Parks Office and all of their employees,  the Big Thicket National Park and all of their employees and Rangers, all five Sheriffs offices and all of their employees, the court houses and all of their employees, the media including the entirety of the internet, Jerry Jordan, the award winning Investigative Journalist who has an office 7 miles from the Big Thicket National Park Ranger’s office and his team,  the survivor of the attack and his or her family, the employees of the hospital that the survivor was taken to,   the families of the two people killed, the  State of Texas, and potentially Texas Rangers, are all in on the cover up and are not speaking of this event and are all denying it ever happened.  Could this really be the case?  I am not saying one way or the other, I am just stating the facts.

Now we have people saying that Mr. Garrett is a liar and a hoaxer.  This is very disturbing because from what I know about him, he is a stand up gentleman who loves to research, has put a lot of hours into it, and has contributed to the community.  I do not think that Mr. Garrett created this story.  All he did was video tape an abandoned campsite and posted it to YouTube.

  Months and months later it had turned into a story of two people killed, one survived and it is a huge government conspiracy.    I do not think this story should be left the way it is.  Mr. Garrett does not deserve to have his good name tarnished in this manner.  I know there are people out there who know some truths about what really happened.  How this story got so blown up.  It is time for those people to come forward.   I know I will probably take a hit for sharing this information.  I no longer care.

  When events like this happen and innocent people are hurt, it seems certain people get a pass, and I for one, am sick of it.  I urge you to help clear Mr. Garrett’s good reputation.   If you have information, I challenge you to share it.  And as far as the information that I obtained by contacting all of the agencies listed,   please do not shoot the messenger.  I am only stating facts.  

Thank you.


March 20, 2015

I spoke with Deputy Cross from The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and asked him if there were two people who were found dead in the Sam Houston during the summer of 2013 to current that was being covered up by the government.  His answer was “no”.  “I had never heard of that story”.   He was not amused.

I spoke with Deputy Danny Billingsley from the Walker County Sheriff’s Department and asked him if there were two people found dead in the Sam Houston during the summer of 2013 to current that was being covered up by the government.  He responded, “Why would we want to cover something like that up?”.  He asked me why I would ask that and I told him that there is a podcast that is claiming that there were two people found dead in the Sam Houston.   They were allegedly attacked by a Bigfoot, two people were found dead and one survivor was taken to the hospital and the Park and law enforcement involved were covering it up.  He said that would never happen because they would not be involved in a government conspiracy to cover up two people being murdered.  He then told me that he has been hunting all of his life in the Sam Houston and knows multiple other law enforcement officers that work in the area of both the Sam Houston and the Big Thicket and has never heard anything about any government conspiracies involving people being murdered by a Bigfoot.

I called the Sam Houston Park and asked to speak Law Enforcement and was advised they were out in the field.  I then asked who I was speaking with and she replied that she is the Receptionist.  Her name is Rhiannon and she has been employed there since 2009.   I asked her if she had ever heard of anyone being murdered in the Park in the summer of 2013 to current.  She said “no, not that she had ever heard about”.  I then told her that there is a podcast on the internet who said there were three people attacked by a Bigfoot, two people were killed and one survived and was sent to the hospital, and it was being covered up by the Park and Law Enforcement.   She said that she has no idea why anyone would be making those claims.  I gave her my phone number and she said she would make sure one of the Rangers would return my call as soon as they are available.  As soon as I receive a call I will include it in my findings.

  Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department

Walker County Sheriff’s Department

The Sam Houston National Forest

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Habituating Bigfoot

There is a popular practice among quite a few researchers who wish to try and lure Bigfoot closer to them. It's known as habituating or gifting. This practice involves leaving various types of human processed food items, as well as fruits and vegetables.

So far this method of trying to attract a Bigfoot has been widely accepted in the community but I think we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

Is there any evidence to suggest this is a better way of researching than other means? In my opinion, no, there is not. Some people prefer to utilize trail cameras, some like to hike for hours, searching for structures, prints and other forms of possible evidence that may lead to a Bigfoot sighting. Others prefer to sit quietly in one location and study the surrounding area for edible plants, mushrooms and berries. I think all of those are acceptable because those methods have no direct impact on wildlife.

I won't bring up any names here but I recall having a heated debate with a researcher who uses gifting as a way to try to obtain evidence, such as saliva or hair. To the credit of the individual, she admitted that no hair or saliva has been gathered through the gifting of food, if I remember the conversation correctly.

  She did, however, feel it was okay to leave out pies and fruit because her opinion was that Bigfoot was taking these, yet there was no evidence to support the notion.
  There is another person who travels to the same location repeatedly and he leaves all sorts of food gifts. Some may be nutritionally valuable but most food stuff left is processed junk food, wrapped or contained in plastic.

I know I am not alone in disagreeing with habituation using food but I think we are the minority, albeit a vocal minority. I say this because I don't come across very many people talking negatively about this serious issue.

I have been told that I am over reacting to this because it isn't harming anyone. Obviously the people that said this to me have not really thought out the potential problems of gifting Bigfoot.

Since we have no evidence or proof of Bigfoot taking food, we should rightfully assume that forest animals are taking the food that is left out. I have never seen any food left in hard to reach or strategic locations. For the most part, the food is left on the ground or close to ground level. Other food is left on trees or on branches.

Researchers and enthusiasts need to wake up to the fact that feeding wildlife is wrong, and it is illegal. Leaving food out will make animals less wary of human interactions and the animals will become dependent on hand outs.

There are other problems with habituating. Small animals such as racoons, squirrels and birds can ingest plastics from wrappers and this can cause serious injury and even death. Many animals have had their head caught in jars while trying to get every last drop of processed goodness.

The biggest problem with habituation is that this can lead to a person or group of people being injured, mauled or killed by a bear. There are signs everywhere in campgrounds informing people to not feed the wildlife. Signs are posted in parks and on picnic tables. The signs are at trail heads and pathways. The signs are there for reasons...very good reasons.

Researchers employing this method of research not only risk the lives and well being of wildlife, they endanger their own lives and the lives of people under their care or in their vicinity.

As Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts, we must become more responsible and respectful of nature and its inhabitants.