Saturday, 14 February 2015

Thinker Thunker Attempts to Censor Bigfoot Anarchy

I received an interesting message in my You Tube inbox today. Why can't people just email me? I rarely, if ever, check my messages there.

  Apparently I have upset the all powerful and mighty Thinker Thunker for stating my opinions about how he conducts his breakdown videos, if you can call it that. It's actually more like sensationalistic click baiting and that isn't unusual in any area of media.

  I have a huge problem with people like Thinker Thunker who take obvious and proven hoaxes, or take innocent videos and twist those videos in order to drive viewers to their channel. If a person is making an honest attempt, I don't have an issue with it. In Thinker's case, the evidence against sincere breakdowns is glaring. A person would have to lack critical thinking skills to come to the conclusions he does, or they are hoping for big hits on their videos. Those are my opinions. If you choose to agree with me, that's cool. If you choose to disagree with me, that is also cool.

Anyone who knows me or interacts with me knows I have strong opinions about anything that is Bigfoot related, especially when it comes to hoaxers, cons, bullshit artists and hoax enablers. In my opinion, Thinker Thunker has jumped from hoax enabler to hoaxer. My reason for this is because of the utterly far reaching and ridiculous Buffalo vs. Bigfoot video breakdown. That video even beats out the almost equally lame Turkey Hunter video.

Here is a new example of other opinions on the Buffalo video. Can 99% of the rational people be wrong?

This brings me to the message I received. Thinker Thunker appears to have an issue with my opinions, and as a result, he is trying to censor and/or silence me. Thinker Thunker provides no valid reasons for telling me to cease and desist, other than to call my posts "hate-posts".
Thinker Thunker, having nothing intelligent to say, resorts to ad hominem attacks.

Good grief. Jed White, AKA Thinker Thunker is such a tough one, isn't he? Please, bitch, come up with something original. This sorry-ass cease and desist letter is vague, childish and carries no weight.

Monday, 9 February 2015

This Is What Happens

The latest video breakdown by Thinker Thunker has gotten under my skin. He took a perfectly innocent video and turned it in to a circus freak show. I'm sure he knows damn well there are no Bigfoot in his video but that doesn't sell. What does sell is contrived bullshit combined with flashy software and some fast talking.

  It is people like Thinker Thunker who make the Bigfoot community look foolish. He may not be a hoaxer but he is a hoax enabler and a bullshit artist. Thinker Thunker is counting on the fact that people will blindly believe his weak analysis, and that those people will not research the issue.

Two other breakdowns have been done by other individuals and their analysis of the video better shows what those bipeds likely are. They are human beings out for the day, having fun. Even still, there are others who dismiss those breakdowns in order to side with Thinker Thunker. No real reasons were given other, than "I trust him more" or "I believe him". Really? Is that good enough for people nowadays? It's kind of scary if you sit back and think about it.

I was visiting a thread in one of the Bigfoot Facebook groups and there were a few people who were able to cast doubt on the Bigfoot vs. Buffalo video in about five minutes.

Here is a link to the streaming video of Yellowstone. Old Faithful Geyser Webcam

I checked the webcam yesterday and *gasp* guess what I saw? No, it wasn't a rogue Bigfoot. It was a person strolling on the walkway. It takes awhile for the person to start walking. Look to the right side of the screen and you will see a dark figure on the walkway.

Someone took a few minutes to compose an email and send it to the park. After all, if you want to really get to the bottom of a mystery, why not start with a comment from park officials.
  This was the reply the individual received.

If that's not enough, the same person found a website showing a group of people out that very day. Could they be the four people caught by the park webcam?
Link:  Yellowstone National Park

You won't believe this but one person in the group took a photograph of a fierce Buffalo.

There was a question asked on the website but no reply had been given when I last checked the site. Today the person replied to the question. Click on the photo to enlarge.

"how many where there in your group , and did you walk single file?"

 "Hey Danny, there were four of us. When we snow shoed we mostly walked single file, but there was room in some areas to walk next to each other on more established trails. Thanks for sending the Bigfoot link. Wish we could have had a sighting!"

Isn't that an interesting coincidence? Thinker Thunker magically finds four Bigfoot in a random video and there were four individuals walking single file in the same area, and on the same day.

Common sense and a tiny bit of logic should tell us that just maybe this group was caught by the park webcam.

This kind of blatant sensationalism by people such as Thinker Thunker needs to come to a stop. Take ten minutes to do a bit of checking on your own. People in the community are always complaining about hoaxers but how many are doing anything about it? Take the time and dig for answers you can share with others. Let's put an end to this madness.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Who is Thinker Thunker?

This is a blog post I have been wanting to do for awhile because I am growing weary of hoax enablers, sensationalists, and fabricators of information.

In my opinion, Thinker Thunker has turned in to one of those individuals. I used to be a fan of his videos because I thought he was providing some good breakdowns for questionable videos.
  It seemed like his motives changed over night. Instead of well thought out breakdowns and good observations, his videos have turned in to "everything is a Bigfoot" kind of mentality. I was noticing that Thinker Thunker was revisiting Bigfoot videos that had already been deemed hoaxes by the majority of people in Bigfootland.

I will provide some examples for you.

First up is a screenshot from the IMAX video which allegedly shows a Bigfoot. If I am not mistaken, the subject shown in the video was later reported to be a crew member on an ATV or BMX bike.

In his description, Thinker Thunker goes for the sensational approach and explains why this can NOT be a human.

Then we have the 'Big Red' videos recorded by Timbergiant. In Jim's video, he records something but it's difficult to determine what it is. Some people say it's a dog and others say it's a costume. I am going with the latter on this because I think Timbergiant presents questionable videos. He is either a hoaxer or the luckiest Bigfoot researcher of all time. The man has videos of at least three Bigfoot, multiple videos of foot prints and he has collected evidence, only to be "accidentally" destroyed by TGBF himself.
  According to Thinker, not only is this a Bigfoot, but it's carrying a baby. You can't get more sensational than that.

Next there is the Bigfoot in the giant Sequoias. This video has been proven to be a documentary done by Shawn Bannon, yet Think Thunker still tries to get some mileage out of it by claiming this is a real Bigfoot.

This might be intriguing to someone who is new to the Bigfoot community so I'm sure Thinker Thunker is playing on this for channel hits. Thinker spends a lot of time on his videos but he can't research this to find out it's actually not a Bigfoot? His actions are irresponsible and he is blatantly misrepresenting this particular piece of footage.

There is also the Siberian Bigfoot which was later confirmed to be a hoax by Igor Burstev. Thinker Thunker presented this creature as real and carrying a baby as well.

This screen shot contradicts Thinker Thunker.

The last straw for me was recently. Thinker Thunker took an innocent video of Buffalo and hiker/skiers and turned it in to a Bigfoot video.

 Thinker has presented complete and utter bullshit with this latest "breakdown". His methods are flawed. Sure, he has a cool voice and fancy software but shit is shit. Spritzing it with perfume won't change it.

If you want a much better and realistic breakdown, I suggest you visit Snow Walker's channel or ParaBreakdown's channel. Both men give a more realistic and sane explanation of what occurred in this video.

Breakdown by Snow Walker

ParaBreakdown video

With so much big shittery going on with Thinker Thunker, I decided to have a look around to see if I could find a reason for his motivations of presenting such  sensationalistic crap.

It didn't take long before I believed I had my answers.

"So far I have over 1,300,000 views on Youtube with well over 9,000 subscribers. I'm not exactly a household name, but it's a nice start.

(I use CGI software to examine and investigate paranormal videos.) People LOVE this stuff! :) And it all ties in with my last script (a paranormal thriller,) which happens to be the 1st script I want to shoot. And at least now, I have an active, hungry audience waiting for new projects)"

I have no issues with Mr. White being an entertainer or making money from entertaining. What I have an issue with, is Thinker Thunker making money off his videos by misleading people. He is knowingly creating false information in order to drive traffic to his channel and videos.
In my opinion he is no different than any other hoaxer, snake oil salesman or bullshit artist. He should no longer be allowed to ride on the backs of people who are interested in the subject of Bigfoot. He does the community a disservice and it's a slap in the face of those who take this subject seriously.

The man should not be taken seriously when it comes to his breakdown videos of anything related to the subject of Bigfoot.