Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bigfoot, or Big Tree?

Today I visited one of the Facebook Bigfoot groups and a discussion had started about an old alleged Bigfoot sighting from 2010, however, the video was only recently posted on YouTube.
If you have time check out The Genoskwa Project Ohio , it's a fantastic group.

Here is the video. It's a series of still shots. Link: Paranormal Central

This alleged sighting was also discussed in this video: Bigfoot Photo From Trail Cam

Right from the get go I had problems with this video. First of all, the titles state that the subject in the video is a real Bigfoot without a shred of real evidence or proof shown.

When I see marketing tags like these, it usually raises red flags with me. How can the individuals be so confident that this thing is a Bigfoot?

I watched the video about six times and left some comments in the thread that was discussing this anomaly. From the stills in the video I created some overlays to show what I considered to be nothing more than a tree, foliage and shadows blended together that gave the illusion of a large dark upright body.

Jeffrey Gonzalez from the Sanger Paranormal Society jumped all over me for my own opinion. There were plenty of  "LOL!!!", followed by other words with exclamation points. Mr. Gonzalez, as a last resort, started in with the expected ad hominem attacks. At no point in time did Mr. Gonzalez provide any further evidence to support his claim, save for this ONE photo.

If anything, this one photo helped support my assertions that this is nothing more than pareidolia.

I will lay out the photos down below so you can decide for yourselves.

Zoomed image

Jeffrey Gonzalez at the location

They did do a good job of getting the angle right in this photo but that's about as good as it gets in my opinion.

The next photo is a side by side comparison. Note the shadowed tree behind Mr. Gonzalez. Also, note the bright sunlight on the photo on the left. I believe this is causing a darker and/or larger shadow.

This gives a reasonable size comparison between the "Bigfoot" and Mr. Gonzalez. The scale of the two photos is a bit off in the above picture.

That has been corrected in the overlays below.

I don't have a decent animated gif program so I used Bandicam for the following:

So, is this a blurry Bigfoot? A huge bear? Pareidolia?  I'm sticking to my own opinion on this one but don't let that sway your own opinions.

I do not think this is an outright hoax but I do think it's a simple misidentification or wishful thinking...or maybe both.

If someone, especially those with a public platform, are going to assert that something is genuine, I would hope that these people perform their due diligence to rule out ALL possibilities before jumping to the conclusion that something is a Bigfoot.

I suppose trees don't garner much excitement though.