Wednesday, 30 December 2015

SOHA Found!

Once again the boys from the Bluff Creek Project give us something substantial before 2015 comes to a close. Jamie and Steven have been hot on the trail of the location of Matt Johnson's SOHA location since at least this past summer.
  Johnson repeatedly mocked and taunted the duo, telling them that they would never set foot at SOHA (or something like that). It looks like Steven and Jamie have the last laugh.

 I won't do too much talking because the photos and videos speak for themselves. The only reason I am posting this is because I heard that the team at Johnson's Facebook group have been busy deleting all references to the site being found. Tsk, tsk. What a totalitarian approach they have.

According to Steven and Jamie, there are houses within a mile of this deep-in-the-woods location and dogs could be heard barking from the site.

Here are a couple of videos of the men at SOHA. Steven has many more videos on his Coalition page on Facebook.Coalition for Critical Thinking in Bigfoot

" FINDING SOFA group here, especially Mitchell Wilson, who was the one who finally located the site on Google Earth. There are a number of others. I'm just waiting on for permission to name them. With us at first were Chris Burbick and "Anonymous," then expanding to include Phil Poling, Mitchell, Richard Allen (Special Cuntsultant), and Kirk Brandenburg. Many anonymous sources helped our group along, some of them inadvertently as they are TS-USA minions. Rictor Riolo and ScoutLee Finch helped, and hooked us up with some other sources. It was a very WIDE NET we used to catch this bird with all the clues good and bad."

                             ~Steven Streufert

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Merchant Magic

Now that it's winter time in Bigfootland, things usually start to get weird, strange and a bit crazy. This year the crazy shit started back in the spring with Matt Johnson's ludicrous and unfounded claims of portals and Bigfoot activity. Keep in mind, all that Matt has provided thus far is heavily edited audio and truck loads of biased opinions. Matt needs to learn that opinions are not facts. He claims to have DNA of some sort but he neglects to tell us why he has not sent any out for testing. Other researchers have had their "evidence" tested for free so I wonder why Matt missed the boat.
Maybe it's his charming personality.

This post isn't about Matt though, it's about one of his newly found fans.

Lately, Michael Merchant has been making waves with what looks like, his support of Matt Johnson's absurd claims. I have watched Michael's videos that try to support the paranormal or "woo" but his arguments fall flat in my opinion. Much of what Michael talks about actually has nothing to do with Bigfoot, and in typical Merchant fashion, Michael tends to wander off on his own tangents, leaving the rest of us to sort it out or try to make sense of what was said. His talking points can be easily rebutted. I have done so in the past but have been ignored for whatever reason. Such is life.

For the most part, I just rolled my eyes and ignored the pseudo-science mumbo jumbo that Michael was feeding everyone. It took awhile to accept the fact that Michael had changed from a logical, critical thinker to an "anything is possible" kind of guy. I hate to burst your bubble but not everything is possible. Get over it.

The last straw came a few days ago when Michael produced some videos showing what he claims are abilities of telekinesis. Really, there is only so much bullshit I can take until I say something about it. Michael states that the events that take place in the video are the result of him using his mind to control objects. I call bullshit and it's my opinion that these events now propel Michael in to the category of hoaxer. He doesn't appear to be mentally ill to me, so that's what I am left with. Hoaxer, charlatan, snake oils salesman.  It pains me to say that but I see no other options available.

If you have not seen his recent videos, here is one of them.

I was really confused after watching this video because I didn't know if Merchant was serious or if he was pulling a gag to make fun of someone. Once I realized that he appeared to be serious, I didn't know whether to scream, laugh or sit there with a blank stare on my face. I think I did all three, if my memory serves me correctly.

As I sat there scratching my head, all I could think was "you can't be serious". Then Michael made another video but this time he was using a feather.

I decided to show how easy this "trick" was to perform. I have had no training in magic, telekinesis or anything else that may be related to moving objects. I gave it one quick try the previous evening and recorded two videos last night and I spliced them together. There are no edits in the video and it is recorded in real time.

As you can plainly see, there is no telekinesis in my video or in Michael Merchant's video. It is science, folks. I tried to explain it in my video but the video below explains it much more clearly.

There you have it. No magic and it's explained and debunked very easily and very clearly. It would be futile to argue that this trick is telekinesis. Just because Merchant doesn't care what James Randi or skeptics have to say, it doesn't make his hoax any more real or valid.

I don't know what Michael's angle is or if he really believes his own bullshit hoax magic trick. I don't really care, to be honest. Maybe there is a new twisted television series coming out that features tipped over rocking chairs and babbling fools. Again, I don't really care.

All I know is that the bullshittery in Bigfootland needs to stop. If you are going to make claims of any sort with regards to Bigfoot, please make sure you have the material to back it up. Silly parlour tricks prove nothing.

Let's discover the beast first before we bestow magical attributes and habits to it. To do so is speculation at best.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Breaking Bigfoot: Hypocrites

There is so much hate, stupidity and downright childish behavior with the people of this page that it baffles me as to where to begin. I do know that the page is owned or run by an old Dyer associate, Daz Jeff, AKA, Daz Quick, AKA Jeff Brown. For reasons unknown to me, Daz, my former friend, has turned his back and decided to add a bunch of ignorant and uninformed people to run his page in to the ground.

The cowardly and nameless admins have no rules. They act like spoiled butthurt kids who can't have that pack of Smarties at checkout. They are angry, pathetic and they all lack any sort of moral compass or boundaries. They think they are the new Bigfoot police or some sort of savior for the hoaxers, con artists and backstabbers in the community. I say that because THAT is who they are defending.

The depths of their depravity know no bounds. No limits. These people make Rick Dyer look like a saint. On that note, it's good to see Rick with a legit business doing something he loves. I knew he could do it. Sorry, got a bit off topic there. The admins at this page have no cohesion, no mission statement as it were. Their sole goal is to attack personal lives through childish and superficial means.
Bullying and name calling are the order of the day and it has nothing to do with Bigfoot.

This where I think things get started because ignorant illogical people don't know they are ignorant. One or two individuals seem to think that  a "gang" of us are bent on destroying the lives of other people BUT, as usual, they don't give any specifics. In order to narrow things down, I'm going to throw things out there for people to chew on.

One individual is absolutely sure that we (our "gang") is attacking Matthew Johnson. The person seems to think that Matthew Johnson is mentally ill but we have no certification from a trained professional who states such a thing. Furthermore, Johnson himself declares that he is mentally competent.

Because someone states an opinion, that does not make it fact. Many people make this mistake all of the time.

Let's get back to Johnson. Matt has some very far out claims aside from his claims of Bigfoot interactions. Matt claims to have seen a portal open up in the middle of a forest. He has claimed to see little ewok-like guardians. and he claims to have viewed another reality or dimension.
On top and separate from this are Matt's constant claims of Bigfoot interactions at his site in southern Oregon.

Any rational person with no emotional investment can see that these claims are huge. Anyone outside of Bigfootland would be rolling their eyes, laughing, running scared or just plain weirded out by such claims.

  Try as Matthew might, he has not provided any viable or verifiable evidence to support his claims. Smudges, scuffs and pareidolia are not evidence.

As a result of Matthew being unable to provide any evidence despite his claims to the contrary, he has opened himself up to public ridicule, and rightly so. People are tired of bullshit claims, heavily edited audio and hollow excuses. This has happened throughout history. Those who make wild claims without showing proof are generally considered nutcases.

The question seems to boil down to this. Is Matthew Johnson a hoaxer, a self hoaxer (self deceiving, confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance) or is he mentally deranged?
Until Matt shows us an evaluation from a professional stating that he is incompetent, we have to assume that Matt has all of his faculties. So now we are left with the former.
These twits seems to think they are defending someone who doesn't need defending and they have twisted what is really being questioned. These people are acting emotionally instead of acting rationally. The fact that they hate critical thinking is an indication that they are not worth reasoning with. Matt is a big boy and he can defend himself without some Nazis deciding that opinions are worth more than facts.

The anonymous and cowardly admins seem to think they are champions of the down trodden and misunderstood but they lack first hand facts so they can come to a rational conclusion.
They compiled a list. A  deadpool, sort of.

The order of the list is interesting, if you know what s going on.

The first seven names on here tell me that a CryptoLogic fan, a psycho one at that, has an axe to grind with those people who are listed.  The names lower down on the list apply to Matt Johnson, and other bullshit artists and partly with the CLR hullabaloo. That's an educated guess on my part.

Right now I am not going to get in to the issues of CryptoLogic radio because it would encompass an entire blog post of its own. If it comes to that, or if I am pushed hard enough, I will fully disclose and expose a certain individual who slips under the radar of his/her peers. The things I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears will astound you. It's not a personal attack. It is related to the Bigfoot world itself. I won't be posting addresses and houses and shit like that. I will be posting FACTS that can be corroborated by at least eight people.
Those who know me, know I don't bluff and I don't make shit up. So try me. I really want you to dare me, okay "Possum"? Or is that SH? I don't know because Possum is too cowardly to identify his pansy ass self.

Okay, let's get to the meat and potatoes of the latest cowardly bullies at Breaking Bigfoot. Like I said earlier, they have some sort of twisted fantasy that they are righting wrongs. The problem is that they are acting the same way that they accuse others of acting. Not one of their posts has much, if anything to do with Bigfoot. These pathetic sissies resort to all out personal attacks and they have no problems with bringing up deceased loved ones in order to justify their pure hate and illogical ideas.

The first few attacks were directed at me because I'm vocal and I don't back down from bullies. Especially cowardly bullies who aren't man enough to identify themselves. Any anonymous fucktard can make shit up and "Possum" doesn't let me down.

Those of you who have been around for a few years may remember Stephanie Henderson. She was a wonderful human being and it reflected in her work as a respected VA nurse. Steph loved the subject of Bigfoot and she was the undisputed number one fan of MXR radio, that at the time was hosted by Johnny Bigfoot and Shane Corson.

Stephanie and I met through the Bigfoot Forums through my friend Skyla. Shortly thereafter both the ladies joined Facebook. To make a long story short, Stephanie and I became fast friends. We just clicked. Eventually things got a bit more serious and we started to talk about visiting each other.

Fate had different ideas though. Awhile later Stephanie was not feeling well but being the way she was, she took care of others first. Her pain started to get worse so she finally went to the doctor. A short while later she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Not long after that, Stephanie passed away due to the rapid spread of the cancer.

Anybody who knew me or her knew we were "together". I loved her and she loved me. That was a fact.

Now, this is where the Breaking Bigfoot pansies crawl out of the woodwork. "Possum" the pussy goes on the attack but instead of calling me an asshole, a loud mouth, a fucktard or whatever, the coward thinks it's good form to bring up Stephanie.

This is how it starts and it doesn't get any better. This idiot has no clue who Stephanie was, although he claims to know who she was and he had some specific things to say. What kind of sub-human waste of skin hypocrite bring s up a dead loved one? Only the most vile of oxygen thieves, that's who.

Mike Humphrey AKA Ganglian seems to think this was particularly funny. What a stellar human being. Later on, when confronted, Ganglian denies condoning this action. It was much like what he did after I called him out for calling my friend Richard Allen a nutcase and then marginalizing Richard's opinions. For those who don't know, my British friend is schizophrenic. So here we have another super hero who is a hypocrite. If I call Matt crazy I'm a mean bully. When Mike does it, it's just a slip of the tongue, or it's okay because he said it.

Let's get back to the moron who brought up Stephanie. The next day the idiot makes another post.

In this post, "Possum" tries to justify his inexcusable actions by saying it was an attention getter. Really? Possum then goes on to say that he met Stephanie. "Possum" also seems to know a great deal about my past with Stephanie, so he knew first hand OR someone was feeding him information. If someone was feeding him, it could have been Daz.

The crazy thing is that unanimously and separately, my friends and I had decided this person was Paul Hulsey of gay bashing Rictor infamy. Stephanie only met ONE Bigfooter and that was Hulsey. Possum had hours to deny that he was Hulsey and to correct what he really meant. It was hours and hours later, maybe even the next day when "Possum" decided to change his story. He had not met her through Bigfooting. He claims to have met Steph at the VA hospital where his dad was.
I call bullshit on that because Stephanie was very private in her real life. As close as we were, she didn't make a habit of talking to random strangers about me or her personal matters.

Do you see a pattern of lies developing so early in the game? "Possum" IS Paul Hulsey or he knowingly led me to believe he was Hulsey OR he is just plain full of shit. None of it helps his credibility in to trying to accomplish whatever it is he thinks he's doing. Whomever he is, he's a cowardly disgusting vile little man with big anger issues.

Possum avoided answering my questions as to how he knew about my relationship with Stephanie. Her and I never hid anything but we never blabbed about things either.

For the next few days Possum threw some more mud at me but it pales in comparison to bringing up Stephanie's name. She was a loyal friend to me and others. She was like a mom to a few of you and she was like a sister to many of you. Possum said some more disgusting things about her, hoping to get under my skin. I just thought of Stephanie, the things we enjoyed together and how she would have reacted to this vile cesspool of hate from Possum. She would have called him a "twat" and then nicely told him to fuck off.

Now I want to focus on the main part of this blog post. It has to do with the hypocritical nature of the gang at Breaking Bigfoot. Possum and his brain dead goons jumped all over Rictor Riolo for his racist comments against Kathy Villereal (I hope I spelled that correctly). I had only read Rictor's racist slur maybe three days ago and I was appalled. His remarks about Kathy were especially disgusting because Rictor is a gay man, in case some of you were not aware.

I don't consider myself to be racist, homphobic or whatever. Religious affiliation or lack of it doesn't concern me either. There are many hypocrites on Facebook. They will scream at you for the slightest wrong word when it deals with racism and the LGBT community. These same people however will have no issues with bashing Christianity, Islam or any other perceived religion. apparently Pagans are exempt, from what I have witnessed. I am sure they get bashed too. My mother is a Pagan if it matters. I am not. But I digress. I get easily side tracked.

Breaking Bigfoot claim to be upstanding saviors of those who are attacked personally (ad hominem).
I will show why they are full of shit.

Last night while I was asleep, Possum or one of his pansy ass friends decided to attack my friend Don Boucher.

 Don claimed to be in the military and he provided photos. Apparently this wasn't good enough for the twat who was calling Don a liar.

Right away the admin is showing discrimination towards Don by calling him a "fake fatass". Really? Is that how we are supposed to do it? Double standards much?

For the record, Don tells me that he has lost a minimum of 100 lbs. and it shows. I'm proud of Don for choosing to do something to better himself so he is around for years to come.
The admin seems to think that Don is some sort of "stolen valor"  idiot.

I don't know about you guys but this looks legitimate to me. I don't see what the issues are. Mr. Boo Shay also claims that his post was deleted. The admin claims Don deleted his post. Given the current situation, I am inclined to believe Don. So far the admins have lied at every turn.
Don defended himself valiantly against some nameless pussy who has no clue what he is talking about.

To close out this blog post, I want to cover one more area of body shaming. So far we have witnessed nothing but the most vile and heinous personal attacks witnessed in a long time. Probably ever in my life time.

The lowly and cowardly pussy of an admin thought it would be fun to play a "game".

Well, would you look at the that. The bitterness and hate can be tasted from here. The imbecile has posted some sort of puzzle picture in order to cause anxiety among its deadpool list. Anxiety is a serious affliction for many people in North America and it can lead to all sorts of other issues. I just wanted to point that out to the thoughtless idiots because, well, they are idiots.

The pond scum posing as humans didn't think they should stop at shaming Don about his weight, they went after a woman as well. These fucktards have covered the entire gambit of shameful acts in order to satisfy there need for depravity.

The person in question is a very dear friend of mine and she is the friend of many people on Facebook. Somehow Ang Reeves made the list too, probably because of things she knows first hand.
Aside from being an awesome friend and confidante to me,Ang is a proud mom of four kids.

For obvious reasons (cowardly creeps) I won't go in to further detail. Suffice it to say that Ang is an awesome person. Most of us adults learn that as we age we tend to change. Most of us aren't the svelte versions of ourselves that we once were. Mothers especially can relate to this. Some women can drop weight at the snap of a finger and others take longer. Every female is different.

Let's get back to the puzzle picture, shall we? Breaking Bigfoot had to do a lot of stalking and snooping to find this old picture of Ang. Even I wouldn't know where to find it, to be honest, and I know Ang very well. That says creepy stalker if nothing else. Maybe a butthurt twat had it and passed it along. Who knows. I do know that we can't believe a single word of these sissy boys who hide in the shadows.

Ang recognized the patterns in the photo and she knew it was her. Rather than let bullies win, Ang took the photo to Facebook and shared it so her friends could see what kind of whacked out people there are on Facebook and in the Bigfoot community at large. The picture shows Ang at a different stage in her life.

This was going to be the "game". Really nice of them to try to shame Ang in to whatever it is they thought she would do. This is body shaming at its worst folks. What were they hoping to gain from this? Remember what I said earlier about backstabbers? This is likely the result. How many women are slim and trim after four children? Only the lucky few and only those with enough spare time to go hard at it.

Ang was nice enought to send me some more photos.

Above is a photo of Angie with  her third child. Such a proud mom right there.

Ang with her last child.

Above is Ang today. Literally. Today. She looks awesome, doesn't she? She  looks great in the other three photos as well. Look at the joy and happiness on her face. Motherhood is something to be revered. It should be awe inspiring, not ridiculed. I have no idea at all what the shit for brains cowards at Breaking Bigfoot were thinking when they planned this attack on Ang. Make no mistake, they would have carried this one out to the end.

The Breaking Bigfoot page and its admins are sick, sadistic and utterly fucked up beyond anything I have ever witnessed in Bigfooting. For me to even have to write this blog is embarrassing. Why? Because it shows what pathetic and sad pieces of shit humans can be. None of the attacks had a single thing to with Bigfoot.

The comments and opinions expressed against the people they claim to be champions of had everything to do with Bigfoot. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The burden of proof is upon the person or people making the claims. The wilder the claim, the more the evidence is required. If people can't handle the criticism, they have no business being in Bigfooting. If a person or people continually make wild claims and provide no proof or evidence, it stands to reason that they will eventually be labeled a hoaxer, delusional or outright mentally unfit.

What Breaking Bigfoot and its admins did was disgusting. It was uncalled for and was way over any line that one could cross. I am working on obtaining the identities of these people, who gave them information and who sold out their friends for some sick kicks.

We do not need people like this in Bigfootland. One admin already exposed himself. This could be a new profile or a fake profile.

I am asking anyone who "liked" Breaking Bigfoot to promptly "unlike" it. I also encourage everyone to report the page. This page is nothing but a hate filled hive full of cowardly little boys.

If you have a problem with me, man up and PM me face to face and discuss it like an adult. I am under no illusion that everyone likes me. It comes with the territory. If you have issues, voice them in the comment section. I only delete comments if you're a dick, or racist or a homophobe.

If you want to call me an asshole or a loudmouth or what ever, say it on Facebook. I'm easy to find. Don't be a stalker sick fuck and do what these fuckers are doing. I hold Daz Jeff partly responsible for this because he abandoned the page by deactivating his account. I also hold Mike Humphrey (Ganglian) responsible because of his overly exaggerated claims and his personal vendettas against me and others in the community.
Mike has helped create the very lynch mob he claims to want to eradicate. At least he showed his name, if that's any consolation to him.

The rest of his team/friends/associates are nothing but cowards of the highest order.

Friday, 9 October 2015


Matt Johnson must be one of the most blessed "researchers" in all of Bigfootland. Wherever he goes, Bigfoot seem to follow. The most elusive creature on the planet and Matthew Johnson gets hit after hit from these big hairy creatures. Isn't that amazing? Matt is right  on par with Timbergiant and the proven hoaxer, Squatchmaster. Have you ever noticed that these YouTube researchers always manage to find evidence every time they go out? It doesn't matter if they are five feet from their car, standing on a bike trail or in their own backyard, these morons claim to have activity where ever they go.

Matthew Johnson used to be....nah, he was never a good researcher. He has always been an arrogant ass and a self promoter who will throw anyone under the bus, just so he can get his two minutes look-at-me and a few ass slaps from his misguided minions.

Anyway, we all know he has his super secret SOHA location that is somewhere near Grant's Pass. So far nobody has given up the location so others can check out the spot. Since we can't get to SOHA, how about WAHA? WAHA is Matt's other habituation area. You can't see me but I am laughing my ass off right now.

Johnson is trying to lead us to believe that he has another successful habituation area that is literally just outside his back yard. Really now. Bigfoot are hanging out in cities now because the forests are too much hustle and bustle for them, right?

Give me a fucking break. I suppose it's easy to make outlandish claims and not have to show any evidence or proof. In a few videos we get to see some snippets of trees and trails that may lead one to believe that Matt is in a large wooded area. This is not the case at all. Have a peak folks, here is WAHA in all its glory.

Wow, look at all those houses! Maybe Matt is on the edge of civilization?

Oops, I guess not, huh? That little tiny triangle piece of woods is WAHA, ladies and gentleman. Feast upon it's remoteness.

Why would the Forest people want a strip of land that is roughly 1.28 miles long when they could have all that land and hills to the right? It seems kind of silly, doesn't it?

I am sure at least one fanboy will try to rationalize this for Matthew Johnson. How convenient is that? To have an active little park right outside your back door must be amazing. What are the odds?
I won't hold my breath on seeing any convincing evidence from this place. What a joke.

Just give it up already, Johnson. We are on to you. Now it is just a matter of informing everyone.

One more thing before I go. If Matthew Johnson posts ONE more photo of anyone's house. I will post a photo of his house and I will post the address. One word of caution, Matthew. I never bluff.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Matthew Johnson: Threats and Blackmail

I managed to wake up to a shit storm today and Matthew Johnson is the sole cause of the latest drama. The implications of Matt's actions could be far reaching for the pseudo-researcher.

I really am beside myself because of the latest bullying tactics by Johnson. Matthew Johnson claims that "someone" has filed a false complaint against his license to practice. I assume it would be for the state of Washington because that's where Johnson resides. I am not 100% sure.

Regardless of where this allegedly occurred, Johnson blabbed, cried and sniveled about this all over his fan page. Some time ago, Johnson said he knows who filed the report but he failed to provide even a hint of evidence to support his claim. This seems to be typical for Matt. Wild claims and nothing to back it up.

IF anyone filed a complaint against Johnson, we have no idea what it might be for. Any alleged complaint could have merit but that is not for us to decide. It is up to the board that oversees these matters. It is why we have checks and balances in place.

Time went on and not much has been said until today. Johnson unleashed a post on his fan page basically blackmailing  "someone" in to giving up information on who filed a complaint against him and in exchange, Johnson would not file charges against the person. That right there is a huge bag of what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say?. The audacity to do that in public is something else folks. Who the fuck does Matthew Johnson think he is?

Here are the screen shots for all to see. For obvious reasons, I have blurred out the home.

What we have here is a crazed man who will do anything in order to shut people up. Matthew claims to be open and transparent with regards to his "research" but as soon as any slightly hard questions are asked, the person is booted from his high five cult of kool-aid drinkers.

Seriously, check THAT out! How dare anyone question the man behind the curtain! Heretic! Infidel!
There is no end to the arrogance of Matt Johnson. Many normal everyday people have been kicked out of his group. Now Matt has his good little soldiers who bully other members in to being silent. Smile and nod, that's the order of the day.

Well, not any fucking more. I have about had it with this lunatic. Who the fuck does Matthew Johnson think he is? He acts like he has discovered Bigfoot but he doesn't show anything to support his fucking claims?

How do we even know if this smoke and mirrors show is real. Richard Allen mentioned it and so will I. It appears to me as if Johnson is stealing plays from the Rick Dyer Playbook of underhanded moves. Dyer wrote the book, there is no denying it and I see Matt ripping pages out of that book.
Is this just some random house with random people living there, or is there any truth to the claims put forth by Johnson?

If the answer is the latter, Johnson has opened up his ass to a world of hurt from the person who lives in that home. My suggestion to the person or people is that they file another complaint with the board and take every single screen shot here and use it as evidence against Johnson.

Johnson and his sycophants are quite the hypocrites. They bleat on endlessly about haters who dare ask questions about extraordinary claims. They blame entire groups for their own problems and they label those groups as being some sort of witch burning mobs just because curious people want answers for outlandish claims.

Now  just take a look what they have done. I say "THEY" because Matt's fans condone the behavior of their delusional leader. Just read the comments. If they had trees and ropes, there would be lynchings happening. What a sad bunch of fucked up people. Really folks. Take a moment to let it all sink in. What we have here is seriously fucked up shit.

As I was about to close off my post, I received another screen shot. It looks like Matt Johnson is doing a bit of back pedaling.

What kind of bullshit is this? Matt makes no sense with his ramblings. If the board doesn't care about his hobbies. WHY in the fuck is the blowhard making such a big deal out of this? The board doesn't regulate his hobbies so the case should be a non-starter, right?
What's with the chest thumping then? Once again, Johnson rips a page out of the Dyer playbook. Johnson is creating a fictitious boogeyman so his fans can rally against something and thus it gives them a sense of community, a sense of being righteous. It also is a great tool for deflecting any nasty issues that may arise, such as bogus claims of habituating bigfoot.

Johnson can't sue anyone because he hasn't lost any money due any alleged false complaint. Even it it was true, Johnson would have to prove intent and that would be virtually impossible.

Matt Johnson is a bully. He is a blowhard and he cries like a little baby. This latest move is his worst so far. I am repulsed by him and his hypocritical fans. They would rather go down with a burning ship than admit that they could be wrong and that's sad.

In closing, I would just like to say that I always gave Dyers fans ONE chance if they ever wanted to switch sides as it were. If any of Matt's fans wish to talk to me, I am extending the same branch. It's warm and sunny on this side. The side of reality.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Portal Incident

I really didn't think I would be blogging about this portal thing, but here I am, blogging about it. All things related to Matt Johnson is Richard Allen's realm, so I hope he doesn't mind if I jump in with my two coppers worth of opinions.

As almost everyone in Bigfootland is aware, Adam Davies and John Carlson recently gave an exclusive interview so they could explain what they claim to have witnessed. I thought the interview was well done and I thought it was thorough. I didn't have any lingering questions in my mind afterwards.

   I don't know John Carlson or Adam Davies but both men came across as being sincere. That's my impression anyway. I will accept it at face value until it's proven otherwise.

  If you missed the interview, the ink is  here.

There are some people who are under the impression that I hate Matthew Johnson and that is untrue. I dislike the man because I think he is an arrogant asshole who feels that he has to talk down to people. One just needs to visit his Facebook page or watch his videos in order  for this to be evident. The man punts more people from his page than anyone else, or so it seems. I dislike Matt Johnson but I don't hate him. I think he's full of shit as well. Why is that you may ask?  Let me do my best to explain.

It seems quite apparent that all three men experienced "something" but what exactly, still has to be determined. Matt Johnson calls it a portal and he says that he has definitive proof of this portal. So far no tangible evidence has been shown to anyone to support this extraordinary claim.

Then on the other hand we have Davies and Carlson. Neither man wants to call this a portal and both men agree that their story is by no means proof of anything but they do maintain that "something" happened to them that night in June of 12014.

Originally, I was going to talk about the interview and the portal itself but things took a sharp turn. What I will talk about are the discrepancies in the narrative with regards to the telling of events of those two nights in June.

Within moments of the interview, I realized that there was a bit of a quandary. All three men claim to have seen the same thing but one of those men, Matthew Johnson, describes things completely differently than what Davies and Carlson describe. WHY is that?

It is well documented, and it is admitted by Matthew Johnson that he went to sleep shortly after witnessing the "portal". It is also documented that Johnson didn't think it was a big deal because he thought the "portal" was Bigfoot related, and if I'm not mistaken, Matt still believes that. You'd think it would be drilled in to my head by now because he drones on about the same things over and over and over in every fucking video. It's like he's trying to hypnotize you in to believing his words are the facts. Matthew is allegedly a psychologist, so I wouldn't put it past him. I'm sure he has many manipulative techniques at his disposal for the sake of patient compliance.

One thing I found really strange was the fact that Johnson felt he needed to record a preemptive video and post it before Adam and John's interview. In the video, Matt repeats himself numerous times at his frustration over Adam not coming forward. Johnson is his usual condescending, arrogant self. Anyway, I thought it was strange. It's as if Johnson was worried that these men might say something that Matt wouldn't have an answer for. He seemed worried and nervous to me. He can't hide it behind his fake smiles and laughter. This is NOT my first rodeo when it comes to calling out bullshitters.

I'm getting a bit long winded here, so I'll give you a video to watch.

In the above video you will have noticed that Matt's descriptions are hugely different than those of Davies and Carlson. Why is that? Matthew Johnson was the least impressed with this "portal" but he ends up talking about it the most. Adam said he had hoped to not discuss this for years, possibly never but we have Johnson bragging like he's some sort of hero who strolled in to save the day.
It is evident that Matt lied about quite a few things so he could play the big shot at his first ever woo conference. According to Adam and Carlson, the "portal" looked nothing like a Stargate. Adam says the being was possibly smooth but Johnson calls them hairy Ewoks. Adam turned the light on the "portal", not Johnson.

If Johnson lied about this, what else has he lied about? I can't put my finger on it yet but something is fishy. Very fishy.

To make matters worse, Johnson creates a two part follow up video to the interview so he can hammer more thoughts in the heads of his fans. It took him and Cynthia....well, mostly Matt, over an hour to say five minutes worth of words. The videos are terrible. Even if you don't like me, you can't deny that Matt repeats the same selling points over and over and over again. He says he agrees with the interview but he acts like he is trying to nullify it. He has that same nervous vibe about him during both videos.

Matt tries to hammer home that he has "facts". Lots and lots of "facts". The fact is that he has nothing. Nothing at all. He claims to have replicated the opening of the "portal" a few times but he has no tangible proof or evidence. Where are the multiple videos? All the man has are excuses as to why he can't produce anything. I think his monthly treks to the land of make believe are taking a toll on Johnson. The need to produce "something" for his fans must put him under a lot of pressure. We see this time and time again with the YouTube researchers. It would get kind of boring if he had months of nothing to talk about. God forbid he try to educate anyone about his area such as the fauna and foliage.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The two part follow up ass kissing videos. I really had a good laugh during my bouts of comatose drooling. Johnson brings up the Oregon Vortex of all things to even mention. He speaks of it as if it lends credibility to his novel of bullshit.

Johnson somehow thinks that because he, Adam and John went to the Oregon Vortex (scam), that they managed (lol) to  pick up ju-ju and fairy dust, lmao. I never use "lol" in my blogging but damn, I can barely contain myself because of the overt stupidity on Johnson's part. Is he serious? The Oregon Vortex? The place is nothing but a money making amusement. It's a tongue in cheek curiosity for tourists, just the same as the Montana Vortex and other roadside attractions.

There is no science behind such 30's era amusements. These places have been proven to be bunk. Optical illusions, nothing more. Good grief already. The portal story is really stretching things as it is but to give it credence because they picked up pixie dust and thus Matt was able to reopen the portal? For real? Even a child would know he was being fucked with. The Oregon fucking Vortex???? That was the most idiotic thing to come out of Johnson's mouth in a week, I swear.

I know there those who think these places are magical and unique but they aren't. They are man made attractions that use deception in to tricking the mind in to believing certain things.

If you doubt me, here is just one article explaining what these backwoods scams are.

Oregon Vortex

The fact that Matt is hanging his hat on this as a key to his portal shows me that he is desperate. Let's be completely honest with ourselves here. Pour a drink. Take a sip. Sit back and ponder that thought for a few minutes folks. Ju-Ju. Fairy dust. Yes, an adult said that in all seriousness. You better slam back that drink now.

For a guy who claims to be less interested in this portal, he sure is using it a lot in order to leverage him self some notoriety. Damn the portal, it's all about the forest friends. Fuck you! It's all about you and your hugely inflated ego and your self important attitude. Matt Johnson makes Rick Dyer look like a fucking saint. At least Dyer knew when to cash out and then admit to hoaxing.
What a piece of work Johnson is after all.

His blatant lying for the last fifteen months. At any time before now, Matt had ample time to change his mind or retell his story. He didn't do that. Not once.

What Matt has done is use the interview to shovel more bullshit on to his already horrendously bad story of how habituating is the best. I have news for you Johnson. Get someone to read this to you after you get your jammies on...the pink unicorn ones.

How Scientists Habituate Chimps

Read this one too, it's more horrifying. This shows what influence mankind can have over a primate. While trying to do the right thing, we end up making things worse.

Demonic Ape

 I have always maintained that habituating (provisioning) is wrong, especially when it is done in an uncontrolled environment. No amount of jumping up and down will eliminate the fact that  any woodland creature can take food from gifting bowls.

Johnson also had the audacity to say that Bigfoot, if it exists, is NOT a primate. Is that a fact now? After what I have seen from Johnson, why the fuck would I even entertain that notion?

Just a couple of more things before I go. Many people asked Johnson for some proof that he opened up the portal. This is what we got.

Give that picture a good hard look. I never saw it until a couple of friends pointed it out to me.

Can you see it yet?

It looks like a pair of legs with crocs or similar shoes on the feet. That foot with the croc is Matthew Johnson's and it's from the same weekend as the "portal" photo.

Try to do better next time, okay??

As far as Adam Davies and John Carlson are concerned, I believe that they believe that they saw something. I do not know the history of either man, so I have to give them the benefit if the doubt.
During the interview, Adam Davies had ruled out hoaxing. I hope that he will reconsider that position given the circumstances.

I know Adam reads my blog, so I hope he reads this one as well.

If some people are so willing to quickly accept paranormal answers to their questions, why will they not entertain more mundane answers?

Think about it folks. Think about everything. Question everything. You owe yourself that much.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Beacon Bigfoot

To be perfectly honest, I thought the Beacon Bigfoot would eventually resurface as all alleged Bigfoot videos do. I thought this series of videos had been soundly busted back when the video first came out.

A few sleuths were able to shed some light on the videos but nothing comprehensive has put this to bed...until now.

Last year I collected everything I needed to cover this subject should the need arise to write a blog post to squash this once and for all. I would like to thank my friend Steve Alcorn for pointing me in the right direction. He gave me one piece of information that will bring down the entire house of cards.

I am sure many new people have joined the community since this series of videos popped up on the internet a couple of years ago. I say series because there is more than one video. There are several.

  For the sake of being thorough, I will post everything I know about the videos and the people but I will try to be brief.

Let's start with the blog, Beacon Bigfoot

As far as Bigfoot blogs and images of Bigfoot goes, this blog should be the golden goose. The blog is full of videos and rich, clear images BUT if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.
Here are some images from the blog if you don't feel like reading. At least go there to verify for yourself.

Impressive, aren't they? One would think that these photos were staged. If you thought that, you would be correct. None of these photos are action shots, it's just some dude..or woman, posing in a Bigfoot costume.

The blog was run by 'Randal Hart' and I suspect that 'Randal' is not her real name. Many others feel the same as I do. Randal also has a YouTube channel.
Here is the link: Randal Hart

Randal Hart

"Her" channel has a few videos, all of them are of the Beacon Bigfoot. I use that name to cover all of the videos, regardless of location because this was masterminded by one individual but I will get to that in a moment.

   From this point things got cold but the connections were so close. Steve Alcorn saw that I was working on this and he immediately pointed me in the right direction. After that everything (with some digging) fell in to place.

I contacted the following person via Twitter and he was more than happy to set me on the right path.

Finally. I had a name. To be honest, I had never heard of Ron English so I googled his name. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ron English is a talented, popular and successful artist. I spent hours looking at all of paintings, his urban paintings on buildings and all manner of Ron English artwork. I'm an art geek so hours flew by in minutes, or so it seemed.

Mr. English has a great website called Popaganda and this is where he shows of much of his work.

Once I came upon this information I started to reconsider that these videos were not a full blown hoax by some schlep. The videos were and are still a hoax because nobody came clean, as far as I know b ut I think there is a more innocent reason for all of this.

Personally, I think this was all for promoting an event or events in that area. I started to dig around and found an Erica Patterson who saw the Bigfoot herself and declared it to be real.

It was nice of Erica to post a video because it meant she had a channel. If she had a channel, maybe she had more videos.

Well, would you look at that. Another connection to Ron English. Maybe Erica worked for Mr. English or maybe she is a fellow artist but it really matters not. What matters is that there is a connection but it's really just circumstantial at this point.

I kept following the bread crumbs until I found this.

Jackpot. We now have a direct link to the "Beacon Bigfoot" videos. All of this was done in order to promote a documentary by Ron's son, Mars English.

Here is the twenty three minute short movie:

Here are some photos of the costumes used in the movie.

I think it's safe to say that this can now be put to rest. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Beacon Bigfoot videos were hoaxed in order to promote a young man's documentary.

Even though this is technically a hoax, I am having a hard time getting upset about it because it wasn't your typical hoax and I love the arts. The videos were merely promotional tools to drum up excitement.

Some of you may disagree with me on that sentiment and that's cool with me.