Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Real Todd Standing

I have never been a fan of Todd Standing, mostly due to his used car salesmen style of pushing his claims and his muppet looking Bigfoot heads. Todd has a very well rehearsed narrative that seldom deviates.

I won't get too much in to my personal opinion because I would like to focus on a well written article by Dave, author at 'the Sasquatch Voice'. Dave is somewhat of a Todd Standing expert. Dave has followed Standing's work from the beginning, as far as I can tell.

From Dave's blog:

"This is one of those articles that has been a long time in the works, and frankly it was very difficult to write because the events are so damn convoluted.  There aren't a lot of photos.  It remains convoluted and I may even make further edits or clarifications in the following days/weeks.   However this Exposé should shed light on Todd Standing in a way that will cause all his uninformed supporters to cringe and examine his phony claims.   I've finished it just in time for the SasquatchSummit in Washington State so that people will know who he really is, while he tries to look you in the eyes telling more of his fantastic tales.  Frankly, he deserves no podium to further sell he wares!   His conduct herein is just one more example of how he operates.  He generally gets away with things because he knows few actually validate his claims to their genesis.   He often then covers his tracks by leap-frogging his way from one claim to the next without corroborating his prior one.   Here are a few examples.   And while most of his newer supporters weren't around for most claims he's made, a few of the longer term may recall some, like when he made the claim of Dan Hamilton and the four teens that went missing and were killed in his fabled land of Sylvanic?  He used this alleged event to garner all sorts of support from the most gullible of younger supporters, and yet he never validated it and instead moved on to the next saga to trap those who are easily 'influenced'.  Many of you are also unaware of how he used shill identities on several different forums to write phony posts to build himself up and sell videos.  The different identities and their IP Addresses came right back to match Todd's same exact IP Address.   To his newest supporters who come along, you need to wake up, research his past, and start asking hard questions about Todd and his shenanigans.  Most importantly, make sure you authenticate his answers!  He will give you little validation otherwise, knowing you won't or can't check out his claims." 

Read the rest of the article here:  How Todd Standing Operates

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  1. Standing is a scumbag hoaxer victimizing people who have recently taken up interest in bigfoot, just like Dyer but much more intelligent.

    He WILL be back, I guarantee it.


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