Friday, 28 November 2014

I'm So Startled! - Bigfoot Sighting While Turkey Hunting

There is a new "Bigfoot" video up on YouTube and for some odd reason, there are people who actually think this is the "real deal". Actually, the video is from June 19, 2014. One popular You Tuber has  done a breakdown of the video that supports the two subjects being real Bigfoot. I'm not sure why the video is getting this sudden attention but it is what it is.

This really surprised me because even a quick view of the video does not scream Bigfoot. It screams two-guys-walking-in-the-woods. It's obvious...very obvious.

Here is the video in question:

The first red flag for me is the terrible acting. It seems like the woman is forcing herself to breathe heavily, and she does NOT appear to be startled. She sounds more like Marlin Perkins in an episode of Mutual Omaha's 'Wild Kingdom' than anything else.

The two subjects casually enter the frame and the woman follows them flawlessly, cell phone perfectly focused. It's just a shame she didn't use the zoom function, then we would have a very clear shot of two people. She was poised enough to keep the phone steady, so I see no reason why she would forget about zooming in. That's red flag number two.

I have grabbed some stills from the video, brightened and adjusted the contrast. I don't have fancy software, so I didn't magnify the stills by 700%, which renders the images useless. I resized the images just enough to show differences of colours in the main subject (the one with the dead deer).

I'll post the full sized enhanced images and below those I will post cropped images and add commentary below each one.

Just by looking at the photos above, it's quite easy to see this is nothing more than a man wearing a gray or light coloured jacket.

Next up are the resized cropped stills. Brightness and saturation have been adjusted slightly in order to show detail.

In this photo we can clearly see the bottom line of the jacket, sloping from upper left to lower right. The head of the subject is much darker than the upper body. The legs are also darker than the body but not as dark as the head. The man is carrying something but it does not resemble a deceased deer.

Once again, dark head, light or gray jacket, and pants of a different colour. In the video it may have appeared as if a dead animal was swinging in the arms of a Bigfoot but this still shows something completely different.
It looks like the person is carrying something similar to a pack or a coat, and dangling below that appears to be a smaller bag, perhaps a case for binoculars. A strap can be seen and it's being held be the left hand.

I have isolated and magnified this portion of the video. It doesn't look like a deer head flopping around.

Is he wearing a cap? Light jacket and brown pants, perhaps. He's holding something with the right hand. The arm looks bent at the elbow with the forearm almost horizontal.

I see nothing in this photo that comes close to resembling a Bigfoot. It looks like a person wearing a jacket.

One last thing that I thought was a bit strange and it didn't make sense until someone posted this short clip from South Park.

This could be a coincidence but then again, maybe it's not. I was unaware that people like to parody South Park. A quick search on YouTube yielded many parodies of this very clip.

Thomas Marcum has also taken a look at this video. You can find his post at The Crypto Crew

EDIT: Thanks to a reader of the blog, we have a zoomed and stabilized version of the video.



  1. Thanks for doing this, Randy. How this could be construed as anything other than what it is, I don't know (the bad act aside). It seems to me that this was done more as a joke at the time it was filmed. It's too bad that particular Youtuber chose to confirm it on some ridiculous invented standards.

  2. I made a comment calling this out as a hoax and the uploader deleted it so yeah...she's perpetuating a HOAX.

    1. My bad. The comment is back from purgatory. She's still perpetuating a hoax though.

    2. You can bet that ThinkerThunker will not admit to being wrong.
      None of these YouTube guys ever really do.
      It's all about the number of views and $$$ to 95% of them.
      Just like the ass-wipe Dyer says (the one thing he is right about)

  3. It is one thing for those outside the subject to make a silly vid for laughs, but for someone that is Known..... to perpetuate the hoax, ( and who knows how many other hoaxy vids) calling it the real deal is pitiful!

  4. LOL! the smart asses have detected a hoax words on the proportion of legs and arms or the toddler, you poor boneheads! "I made a comment calling this out a hoax and the uploader deleted it", yes, anybody would do if one gets a comment by somebody with room-temperature IQ ! Right as we speak nearly 800 people give it a thumb up, just 30 down. this shows - again - that you belong to an "intellectual minority". in other cases not bad if one belongs to the "elite", but in your case: you are definitely part of the bottom of society...get proper jobs, a decent sex life and care about real problems like real adults do and not about alleged bf hoax videos or other bf hoaxes. Thinker Thunker - if he is right or not - at least tries to prove something that could, if proven real, revolutionize science and our understanding of what is human. What you are doing is soo "teenagy", please grow up! I (32) try it myself by avoiding online shit holes like yours from now on...what - when I see the number of comments on this blog - almost everybody on this planet does ;-)

    1. So a bunch of Thinker Thunker's fans have given him "thumbs up". How is that different than any other of his videos? I think that ratio actually portrays how many Bigfoot believers want to believe and not question- and it's downright embarrassing. Thankfully the pages I have visited are much more negative to his claims, including the Bigfoot Forum, Bigfoot Evidence, and the Crypto Crew.

      Thinker Thunker went out on a ridiculous limb and his reputation will rightly suffer from it. Remember he not only claimed these hunters were Bigfoot, he also said there was a "baby" and deer carcasses involved. That's beyond his faulty measurement arguments. All for a video that was probably intended as a joke when it was made.

    2. ACHTUNG!

      One who does not capitalize the first word in their sentences should never tell someone else that they belong to an "intellectual minority".

    3. Seriously?
      There are people out there who think this is a pair of bigfoots??
      No wonder this subject is a complete joke. Because of people who support video evidence such as this they (and myself) will always be portrayed as a bunch of crazies believing everything that moves in the forest is a Sasquatch.

      This video and it's supporters are proof that gullible crazies in bigfootery is the norm.
      These whacko's even defend ThinkerThunker as much as that TimberGiant hoaxing guy here in Ontario. (Probably the same bunch)

      There is a plethora of evidence on Youtube that proves bigfoot "research" is full of hoaxing and naive people who want to see evidence so bad that they will support the most insane ridiculous stuff out there.
      More so, than any real bigfoot evidence at least.

  5. I made it halfway... I'm ashamed I kept watching... really, I should have clicked away before the hikerfoots... anotther couple of moments of me time squandered into the ether. Now the regret... I'm spiraling hard!... What? I'm commenting?!?! Nooooooo!

  6. So I'm out hunting, I spot two bigfoot, so rather than take the opportunity to film them I shoot 13/14sec of my face instead while they walk slowly along in front of me. Then as usual I stop filming while they are still in shot although they show no aggression towards me. Yea sure not buying this one. They move just like humans walking thru the woods.

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