Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Russian Yeti

Once again, three years later, these series of Bigfoot photos from Russia are making the rounds. Thanks M.K., I thought these were debunked back then.

Mr. Davis decided to drudge up these photos and I have no idea why. New people enter the Bigfoot community every day and I am sure many of them have not seen the photos.

I wasn't going to talk about the Russian Bigfoot photos because I thought it would die a quick death. Many people, including myself, think these photos are simply another hoax. There are some who think the photos are of a real Yeti and some are not sure.

For the most part, the "Bigfoot" is obscured by trees, branches, shadows, or a combination of those things.

Because I think this is just another hoax, and an old one at that, I will show why I think it is so. I will show the original first, then I will show the enhanced photo with an explanation below it.

Aside from the baggy looking arm, the most glaring anomaly is the presence of long brown hair that appears to coming loose and falling out from underneath the hood. We are looking at a profile shot so this isn't a beard. The hair is drastically different in colour and length from the fur body of the costume.

Not only is hair spilling out the sides, it's falling out of the back of the hood now. I wonder if the person can see where he or she is going. In the blow up you may notice a red object of some sort. Originally I thought it could be a zipper tab but now I'm leaning towards this being a hair tie for a pony tail. It doesn't seem to be working to well.

This photo and insert show the hair and red object much better.

It looks as though Bigfoot was thrown a hair grenade. Red object is in the middle of the neck area and on either side is long messy hair.

This photo is the strangest of the bunch. I have no idea what is on the face. Are those supposed to be teeth or did Bigfoot visit India and get one of those shiny brass things on a chain to adorn his forehead?
  I did notice something interesting on the foot. Unfortunately it's obscured a bit by the Russian website address. Blown up and enhanced, it almost looks like the sole of a boot. I'm not 100% sure on this but whatever it is, it looks out of place.

Below are all of the cropped inserts by themselves.

Based on what I see, I have come to the conclusion that this Bigfoot is just a human in a fur suit but that's my personal opinion. I am sure there will be folks who will disagree with me. To those, I would ask that they show WHY they think this is a real Bigfoot.

Quite often I get chastised from a few people because they think I'm a skeptic, or I don't "believe" in Bigfoot. I get asked why I am around if I think everything is a hoax.

The fact of the matter is, it's not very often that compelling photos or videos make it's way in to Bigfootland, and most of the time those photos and videos raise red flags for one or more reasons.

I will admit, I do not believe in Bigfoot BUT I do think there is a good possibility that they exist. From what I've seen, belief is blinding. It can be so blinding that many people will lose all rational thought. Objectivity gets thrown to the wayside. Personal due diligence is almost unheard of.

When I see alleged evidence, you can bet that I will look at every square inch of photos or every frame of a video in order to see what's wrong with it, or what is right with it. If I see a crack in the story, I am sure to voice my opinion about it. If that makes me a terrible person, so be it.

I would urge everyone to just take a bit of time and look at things more closely before jumping on the bandwagon. Really look at the evidence and look at it again. Scrutinize, ask questions.
The community has it's share of snake oil salesmen and fraudsters. There is nothing wrong with being critical of evidence. ANY researcher worth his or her salt will be more than willing to answer questions to the best of their ability.

I would like to point out that after these photos appeared three years ago, nothing ever became of it. That in itself is reason to question the authenticity of this alleged Bigfoot.

Russian News Site Photos 


  1. Good post. I think it would be great if there was a website that listed known or suspected hoaxes. It seems like everything gets recycled at least a couple of times. A lot of times the evidence is available, but you have to do some looking. Of course it also disappears at times for various reasons.

    1. Thanks. I am using this blog for that purpose as I come along stories that are new and old.
      I can't PROVE this is a hoax so I stated it as my opinion. I prefer to have proof but in this case the evidence is fairly strong.


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