Monday, 15 September 2014

The Squatchmaster is Busted

I have long suspected Jeff Patterson, AKA, The Squatchmaster of hoaxing his alleged evidence but hard proof was hard to come by.

 Those of you who are familiar with Jeff may have seen his infamous "tree shaker" video that was featured on 'Finding Bigfoot'. That video did not fair well on the program and Jeff was extremely bitter over the situation.

  Jeff also had a video where he tried to pass off photos of a Gorilla as a Bigfoot. As usual, when jeff gets caught in something, he is quick to remove the videos.

It's not going to happen this time. Before I get to the video, here are a couple of reminders that Squatchmaster doesn't think Bigfoot exists.

If you have not seen Jeff's video of "Sasquatch Speech". Listen to this, it's worse than Sasquatch Ontario's audio.

Just in case Squatchmaster decides to delete his videos, I took the liberty of grabbing a couple of screen shots.

Here is a couple of more screen shots, just in case Jeff tries to back pedal. At least a few people are calling him out on his bullshit lies.

I would like to give credit where credit is due. Sam Kitchen suggests the audio is of human speech played backwards. I decided to put his assertions to the test.

Well, did you hear that, folks? Clear spoken English! I have no idea where Jeff originally got the audio but it's not really important. The important thing is that the Squatchmaster intentionally altered an audio recording and passed it off as Bigfoot language.

The man is a fraud. It has now been proven that Jeff Patterson is a hoaxer. There is no doubt. No wiggle room this time Jeff. It's time for you to have a garage sale and sell your equipment. Find a new hobby.

Patterson also has one or two paranormal YouTube channels, so we might as well dismiss all of those videos too.


  1. Nice one! Playing the audio backwards to test that theory was awesome. He is sooo busted lol

  2. that you've crushed that cockroach can we rip smeja a new one?

    1. Justin Smeja is likely telling the truth. For one thing he passed a lie detector test. For another it is two of them, Justin and the driver of the truck, who are vouching for that incident. And thirdly a researcher named Bart Cutino, who has a background in criminology, secretly placed a microphone to listen to the two witnesses to see what they would say alone, and they talked intimately about the incident for several minutes compelling Cutino to believe they were telling the truth.

  3. Dang. You know you're a terrible hoaxer whenever your whole lie can be debunked as easily as reversing the audio. Fail. I'd love to see how he responds to this, if he even does at all.

  4. I see he has an inhanced vocals on his tree shaker video. Perhaps someone can run that one backwards and see what it says. Sounds the same as this one.

  5. Is it just me or has he removed all his videos with voice recordings?

    I think you hit a nerve Randy.

  6. If anyone watches any of the Bigfoot videos real or hoaxes one can see that The Squatchmaster is parodying them or making a farce. I can see timbergiantbigfoot or fasano parodies in his submissions. In other words, he is joking. Watch them and laugh.

  7. Jeff Patterson = Squatchmaster

    Mike Patterson = Sasquatch Ontario


    Or just a common last name for hoaxers?

  8. lol oh now come on, really. Did this dude really try to pass that off as legitimate Sasquatch audio lmao. Omg that is just hysterical. My husbands snoring sounds more like Sasquatch that this. lol people are nuts...


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