Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Squatchmaster: Hoaxing since 2011, Maybe Longer

I have decided to take on busting other hoaxers as time permits and last night, 'The Squsatchmaster' was busted wide open with his video, 'Sasquatch Speech'.

Here is the original video by Jeff Patterson. Don't worry, he can't delete this one from my blog.

This is a recent video of Jeff's in which he claims there is Bigfoot language. We now know this is false because I covered it on last night's blog. Steve Kulls also performed an analysis and came to the same conclusion as I did.

You can read Steve's blog at Squatchdetective

Jeff Patterson posted this particular video on Sept. 5, 2014. There is a lot of echo in the video so we know he has tampered with it. The question is why?

Here is the video after I have reversed Squatchmaster's reversal.

Why am I bringing up this video again?

 Let's take a trip back to Sept. 7, 2011 for the answer. I was looking through Jeff's videos for anything interesting and I wanted something older that shows the Squatchmaster's hoaxing goes back a few years.

I found this little gem hidden way down low in his videos. You need to watch this video first before going to the one below because Jeff Patterson is caught in some lies.

Here is the above video, only I recorded it backwards again. Did you notice anything? There is no reverb in this version. I'll get to that in a moment.

Here are a couple of screen shots to show this video dates back to 2011, and here is a link: STRANGE DISCOVERIES

In this original video, Jeff says this was an EVP session his son conducted and Jeff also said he played the recording BACKWARDS. Now, if he did that, he would know that the recording contained living human speech. The Squsatchmaster deliberately duped people with this audio. He knowingly hoaxed and he can not deny this.

We already know that Jeff hoaxed his recent 'Sasquatch Speech' video but he also had the nerve to lie to someone who questioned him.

"This was part of an EVP session years ago along the lake near one of the old farms that is now under water.
This particular audio clip was from a 4 minute file that has gotten lost over the years."

Really? It got lost? Perhaps Jeff can explain how I found it so easily. Squatchmaster flat out lied to the person he was replying to in the comments of his 'Sasquatch Speech' video.

Jeff Patterson committed a hoax in 2011 and recycled it for another hoax in 2014. The man is a complete fraud and he should not be trusted. All of his videos are worthless now (as if they weren't before).

I highly doubt these are isolated incidences, folks. The day of reckoning for all of these hoaxers has arrived.


  1. Good find Randy, definitely hoaxing, guys like this should be road out on a rail.


    Oh ya im assuming the no firsting rule applies tothis blog sso i shall refrain from saying first..... :)

  2. I wish I could find the tree shaker video he put up claiming enhanced vocals but I think he took it down. Sounded exactly like this recording....would of been another nail in his coffin especially after the message he sent kulls


  3. Too bad for Tim his hoaxes aren't very sophisticated or ambiguous enough for him to claim ignorance. When he gets caught, there's no question to what his intent was. I remember the video clip where he boasted about a tranquilizer gun that was clearly just a Daisy bb gun. How did he think he was going to get away with that? In this case he didn't put a lot of effort into his "voices", and just running them backwards did the trick. The sad part is that he seems to involve his son. He does need to find a new hobby.

  4. We need a body that is scientifically verified. All the pictures, videos, eyewitness accounts, foot prints, piles of branches, etc (everything used as "proof") is worthless.


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