Sunday, 28 September 2014

Stacy Brown: Allegations From Robert Lindsay

I haven't seen a Bigfoot related post by Robert Lindsay in a long time. He went kind of quiet after the Rick Dyer hoax was proven to be just that, a hoax. Robert backed up Rick's story because of "anonymous sources" but these sources could never provide anything solid for us to see or read.

Robert has a new Bigfoot post up and it involves Stacy brown. Recently Brown came across an arm that was allegedly a "non-human primate" limb. It didn't take long for the results to come back to confirm that the limb was from an alligator.

According to Lindsay, he has inside information that accuses Stacy Brown of selling the original primate limb and presenting a purchased alligator limb as the one that was found.

Here is a snippet from Robert's blog:

"Within one hour after taking possession of the arm, Brown received a phone call from a very wealthy Bigfoot enthusiast in Ohio. He wanted to get involved. Brown said no. The man said how much would it take you to give up that arm. Brown quoted a very high figure – I can now reveal that that figure was $500,000. The man bit, unbelievably enough. The sale was made immediately, incredibly, the entire $500K was wired into Stacy’s account, and the arm was in the mail just like that.

Brown then started putting out fake stories about how they were going to test the arm even though they didn’t even have possession of it anymore. Very quickly, Brown called up a taxidermist friend and asked how much for an alligator arm. The man quoted $600. Brown said fine and bought the reptile arm. They then put out a fake story about the arm being tested and having been proven to have been an alligator, all to cover up the huge amount that Brown made on the sale of the arm. Brown is now, like the man in Ohio, a rich man. He is also a great big liar. On the latter count, in Bigfootery, he has found a happy home."


 "My source for this information: An anonymous source very close to Beyond Highbrow has revealed this very exclusive information to us. I know him well and believe him implicitly. This man is extremely close to Stacy Brown"

You can read the rest of Robert's post  here.

I debated with Robert for a short time about the allegations against Brown and I told Robert that I had done a couple of overlays and the two different photos line up..

The first photo I used from a post at Bigfoot Evidence, dated September 1, 2014. I believe this was the first time the limb was shown to the public. This is the same photo Robert Lindsay says is the switch, showing the alligator limb.

The next one I used was from a video that was uploaded on September 3, 2014.

Now, it's possible that the video was recorded earlier but I don't have information that indicates this is true. Robert says the above photo is also the switched alligator arm. According to Lindsay, this renders my overlay invalid. I am going to post it anyway.

Identical match. I went on a search to find all posted photos of the limb. Robert said the original was posted at but it was removed and replaced with a different photo.

Here are all of the other photos I could find.

Based on all of the photos available, I can only assume that Robert is talking about the photo with the limb on the ground as being the original "non-human" primate arm.

Let's compare that photo with a couple of the other "switched" photos.

I would say these line up quite well. Below is a side by side comparison.

If none of these photos is the original, someone must have it. If the original was posted online, someone grabbed it. Photos can be deleted from websites but they don't just disappear.

I have another issue with Robert's post. He says a rich guy from Ohio bought the arm within an hour and he paid $500,000 for it. Really? Some rich dude wires 500K to Stacy's account without having tested the limb? Lindsay would have us believe this but he rules out an official from FWC being wrong. The former assertion has more sex appeal than the latter, but I'll go with the FWC official being wrong, if that's okay.

In order to settle the matter, I contacted Stacy Brown. I was apprehensive because he and I have had some heated exchanges in a couple of Bigfoot groups. As it turns out, Stacy doesn't remember me...I guess I need to work on that.

Stacy and I had a private message session that lasted about fifteen minutes in total. I asked Stacy if Robert was making up this story but I forgot to include that perhaps Lindsay has another bad "anonymous source".

This is Stacy Brown's reply to that question.

"I don't think he made it up. It just didn't come from my camp or no one I know. Like I said this is probably the same people that are bashing me on the coalition page"

Robert went so far as to call Brown a liar without providing any proof that he is in fact lying.

Unless Robert Lindsay can provide some good evidence or proof that a switch took place and all of us were lied to, I'm inclined to take Stacy's comment at face value.

I don't have an ax to grind with Robert, I am only interested in the truth. The Bigfoot community is muddied enough already so we don't need false accusations flying around.


  1. So let me get this straight. Stacy finds a bone he thinks might be a Bigfoot. So he immediately announces this to the Bigfoot community before having a single test done on it. A rich man from Ohio hears the news and contacts Stacy and offers him $500,000 for the bones of something unknown. Stacy jumps on that deal and immediately sends the bones off to the rich guy in Ohio. He's now stuck in a predicament because he told the Bigfoot community that he thinks he has the bones of a real Bigfoot. So rather than just admit he sold the bones, he decides to purchase the bones of an alligator and have those bones tested instead of the possible Bigfoot bones he sold to the rich guy in Ohio. Of course the test results come back alligator instead of Bigfoot and Stacy reports that news. Several days later, it somehow leaks out that Stacy had sold the possible Bigfoot bones and replaced them with gator bones. Is that about right?

    First off, does anyone actually believe some rich guy had $500,000 burning a hole in his wallet and bought possible Bigfoot bones without any testing whatsoever beforehand? Seriously?

    And if so, why didn't Stacy just admit it and avoid the gator nonsense. Anyone would understand him cashing in like that, even though they would have been worth 10 times that if he had waited and actual testing revealed they are Bigfoot bones.

    Robert claims to have a reliable source. He claimed that forever in the Dyer debacle and all of his sources ended up being the actual idiots in Team Tracker feeding him false information. His sources have consistenly proven to be anything but trustworthy.

    I swear the Bigfoot world is the craziest community on earth. Why do we attract so many crazy and gullible people?

    1. That's how I see it as well. Nobody would hold a grudge against Stacy for cashing in.
      The simplest explanation is too far out there for some people to grasp.

  2. Proving once again that "yeah" Mr. Lindsay you have shit for brains. Why on God's green Earth, would someone "drop" a $500k piece of anything in the mail? You cannot be serious.

    One must wonder if Robert Linsay sits at the foot of the fire place every Christmas eve waiting for Santa Claus because the Santa at the mall told him to.

    1. You got that right. Seriously, that guy sounds like he needs mental help, especially since he hasn't seemed to get past his kindergarten way of thinking.

  3. I'm sure the guy who found the arm originally would have something to say about him selling it for half a million dollars. Robert has shown himself to be extremely gullible from his Bigfoot sources (and in general, but that is another story). It would be one thing if Robert just ran with these stories for the interest he gets, but it is apparent that he really believes them. He takes it personally when any one his readers brings up inconsistencies in the story. You would think he would check things more carefully when he was so obviously burned by the Dyer hoax, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When he first hinted at this story he was almost jubilant in his tone, not knowing that the basic facts had been reported weeks earlier.

    1. What do you expect? That guy's as deluded as hell for makin' up lies Plus, he gets all pissy when others try to contradict him. For example, I remember someone criticized him constructively and he banned that person just for disagreeing with him. Such a big baby he is.

  4. Mabey its time to call out Lindsay as a hoaxer.

    1. He either makes things up or believes everything he hears. With him claiming to be a journalist, either would be pretty bad.

    2. Lindsey would never get a real job as a journalist for any magazine, paper, or online journal.
      His complete lack of ethics that he shows on his blog is worse than any of the controversial rags out there.
      The guy is nothing, just a GOOF.

    3. You guys right about Robert/Bob. That guy thinks that he's hot stuff when he's really full of hot air. Not only that, He doesn't practice what he preaches.

    4. Oops. I forgot to put :are" between "guys" and "right." My bad.

    5. And I mistakenly typed one of my quotation marks as a colon. I apologize.

  5. Any chance of a fresh post at the other site? 322 replies is getting hard to follow.....just saying.

    1. Lol, Dyer is out of material.

  6. People are bashing for reasons Stacy sound exactly like Dyer these days. Who cares that you won that show??? Its about doing what's right, but you don't get that, do you?


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