Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Bigfoot Photo

There is a new photo of an alleged Bigfoot that is making the rounds on various blogs.
In one discussion in a popular Facebook group, it was suggested this Bigfoot is a prop in Silverwoods Theme Park.

I knew of an artist that made some props for Silverwood, so I contacted him to get an opinion on the photo. A short time later Chris Russel replied back to me.

This is what Russel had to say:

"Yes. Its at silverwood theme park on the summer train ride. I made it."

There you have it folks, another hoax busted.

You can visit Chris' website at Twisted Toy Box

Chris Russel was the creator of Rick Dyer's infamous Hank prop.


  1. Didn't he create Hank?

    1. Yes, Chris Russel is the creator of Hank. Trying to use the blogger app from my phone sucked.
      I have revised the blog post to include that information.


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