Friday, 19 September 2014

More Hijinx From Squatchmaster

Jeff Patterson is at it again. The Squatchmaster claims to have recorded yet another Bigfoot. I wonder how many he has recorded now, I've lost count.

This particular video is especially bad because he uploaded the video at low resolution (480), probably to hide anything that could be found. Many of his other videos have been uploaded at 1080, so I'm wondering why.

I never realized how bad Jeff's acting is until today. I have only needed to watch three or four of Jeff's videos to figure out how he works. I won't give anything away because he will just change his strategy. I will say this though, he works in a very similar style to Timbergiant Bigfoot.

Squatchmaster immediately tells a few lies or he doesn't understand what he wrote.

The video wasn't "live" to begin with. Jeff says the video is "uncut". Excuse me, I counted at least eight (8) cuts. Since the video had cuts in it, the video is not "unedited". Hoaxmaster also took almost a week to post this video. I have noticed that with a lot of videos, the "evidence" is always found weeks or months later and is then shared.

Here is his latest video, although, I thought he had posted this one earlier. Maybe I have it mixed up with another log throwing video.

I kept wondering why Squatchmaster would make eight cuts in an eight minute and change video. I noticed he made about three cuts very close together and it was all in the almost exact location he was standing. I thought there had to be a reason, so I watched the video about another five times and caught what I needed to see after the third time. I wanted to be sure it wasn't the flower tops or grass dancing in the breeze.

Watch the clip below. The first part will be at regular speed, then I'll slow it down a bit.

After I noticed the black, and obviously living creature (guy in a costume), it became clear as to why Jeff made three cuts. My guess is he was giving instructions to his son, or some other person. You can also hear the black thing move from left to right. I thought Bigfoot were supposed to be stealthy beings. This one makes as much noise as Squatchmaster.

There is little chance that Jeff would not see and hear this thing in person.

We have a red flag in his description.

The Squatchmaster states they discovered a sleeping Bigfoot 20 feet away. There was no sleeping Bigfoot because the person in the costume was seen TWICE during recording. This video is just plain terrible in my opinion.

Another huge red flag is the cut while he is recording the alleged beast. The next sequence shows Jeff on the scene of trampled grass and he is acting like something amazing has happened.

 If I had a Bigfoot in frame, I would not stop recording until the thing left, chased me or my battery died. There was absolutely NO excuse to stop recording...unless he needed to cut for a reason, such as his son (or other person) exposed himself.

This may not be proof of a hoax but I think it's fairly good evidence. We have already proven that Squatchmaster has hoaxed twice in the past.

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  1. The Squatchmaster's Videos remind me of a professional wrestling bit from when I was a kid. Also, I just can't get over the fact that he's supposed to be encountering this hotbed of activity in a state park in Ohio.


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