Monday, 7 October 2013

Tim Fasano Invited To Vegas

Well, Mr. Fasano has been invited to Las Vegas by Rick Dyer. Tim explains nothing in the video below but, he does plug his new membership drive. Let's hope this one stays up past the 24 hour mark.

This is what Tim had to say in the description:

The above has been confirmed by Lynk Paul, on Freezer Boy's blog. Mr. Lynk can be a condescending ass most of the time, and this time is no different.
Lynk points out the fact Tim Fasano spelled Derek's name wrong. Gee, that's a nice thing to do to a person who has been invited by the cult....I mean group Lynk is in.

I hate to break this to Lynk Paul but, it's spelled Derek Randles. If a person is going to mention the name of one of the most respected Bigfoot researchers in the community, please have the courtesy to spell his name correctly.

So, Tim has been invited to Las Vegas for the big hoax...I mean Hank reveal. Will Tim get a chance to witness this shin-dig, or will he be left standing in the airport lobby?

 It's a well known fact Tim and Dyer don't get along but for some strange reason, these two people still interact with each other. It's an odd relationship to say the least.
  IF Tim Fasano really gets to record the event and post the unedited video, what will be shown, if anything?


  1. Why doesn't Rick invite someone who can use a camera properly?

  2. It is interesting to see some of these names getting on board. One like you said that is usually in constant conflict with Rick (Fasano) and another who is a well respected researcher (Derek). Of course there is still Noels who I think would believe Rick had an elemental pimple on his ass if he was told so, and you have to believe FB/FB are still on board if not somewhat anonymously. What do you make of this Racer? Are we leading up to another "Baby Bigfoot episode" or do any of these guys add credibility to Rick. Seems Derek is playing it low key and not taking any stances which is wise, but if this goes down we should either find ourselves finally at the end of this hoax, a continuation with no end in site or proof. While I would prefer proof, it would have the effect of turning my belief system on its head.



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