Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A $5,000 Challenge for Matthew Johnson

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of listening to the liar, Matthew Johnson babble on endlessly about his made up Bigfoots and portals. I have done my best to ignore the blatant liar and condescending douchebag but his laughable stories of fantasy keeps popping up in some Facebook groups.

Seriously, there are people who eat up the campfire stories told by Johnson. Really. I need to sell those people a few bridges and some prime swamp land. Only an absolute imbecile could believe such tales of pure shit. Johnson doesn't even try any more. He just says whatever comes to his tiny little brain and regurgitates through his enormous piehole. And then his mindless minions clap and high-five each other. That is sad and pathetic but I don't try to convince them otherwise. What is the point?

I strongly believe that Matthew A. Johnson made up the entire portal story. To this day, he has not produced one piece of evidence to support his outrageous and delusional claims. Not a single one. A homemade machine is not evidence, especially when the maker of the machine was not present when  Johnson claims to have done his *barf* savior work *barf*. There are no photos, no videos. Nothing.
Bullshit testimonials don't count. People lie. Some people have mental problems. There are many reasons why witness testimony is not acceptable.

So, here is a legitimate and honest challenge. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I will give Matthew Johnson FIVE THOUSAND ($5,000) dollars if he can prove what he claims with regards to his functional portal device and the opening of a portal. I don't care to see any Bigfoot, so there should be no excuses for Matt to say why he can't accept the challenge.
He just has to PROVE that his device works and he has to PROVE that he can open and close a portal using his device. The proof must me irrefutable and verified by any three upstanding university professors or scientists. There must be real facts, not subjective opinions or testimonials. Real facts from real scientists. This should be a piece of cake for the big oaf.

I am not asking for the impossible and I don't want anything if he loses the challenge. Put up or shut up, it is that simple. An easy task for Mr. Big Mouth, right? An easy $5,000 in his pocket.

If Matthew Johnson refuses the challenge, then it is safe to assume that he is a liar. A fraud. A flim-flam man. An all around arrogant predator who uses his position as a "doctor" to prey on the weak -minded. He even uses his own child to promote his bullshit. That is a twisted kind of creepy.

Put up or shut up, Johnson.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Matthew Johnson Circles the Wagons

Just when I thought the issue with Bob Gimlin's foreword for Matthew Johnson's book of make believe was settled, it came back. Now I think it's over. I think.

Russell Acord had another sit down video with Bob Gimlin to clear the air. I am not sure WHY it needed clearing again but apparently it did. I am guessing some panties got twisted at the Kool-Aid Klub.

Personally, I was very disappointed with the video. It seemed like Russell and Bob were putting on the brakes and backing up the bus. I had a really good rant over this video with my friend Richard and after I got it out of my system and had a good rest, I gave this some more thought. The things Richard said to me made sense. In between my rant, I was actually paying attention. My man Richard was right.

As much as I was disappointed as to how Bob Gimlin handled this situation, it is his to handle as he sees fit. If he wants to exude tact and diplomacy instead of brutal honesty, that is his prerogative. I don't know the man and I don't know how he handles things. It is what it is and I can live with it.

If you missed the second video Russell and Bob did, here it is.

I assume the Johnson clan watched this video because they seem to be under the delusion that they have somehow been vindicated. It comes as no surprise to me. I have been reading the posts in his group. Most of the people were outraged after the first video, yet most of them never even watched it. They went solely off of what Matthew Johnson said and /or they listened to what that twatwaffle Kevin Beegle had to say. I don't recall that slimeball being part of the narrative before last week.

Patrick Epistemon got the heave-ho from the Kool-Aid Klub for whatever reason. Before his seat got cold, there was Kevin Beegle throwing around assumptions like it was candy. All he has done is further obfuscate the issue. This is what happens when a Gladys Kravitz gets involved.

Anyway. The only thing different between the first and second video is that the second video contained softer language in the way of Bob really not wanting to make enemies. He wasn't bad mouthing Matt Johnson in the first video, which was obvious but the big dummy took offense where there should have been none.

In the first video Bob Gimlin said he did NOT write the foreword for the Johnson's book BUT he did okay the final draft for print. Bob also said he had not read Johnson's book. If he had, perhaps things would have turned out differently. Mr. Gimlin also said he does NOT believe in a paranormal/supernatural Bigfoot or portals, orbs or any of the "woo" stuff.
It's all there in the first video, so watch it if you want to make up your mind about this. Don't take my word for it.

Along comes the second video to reiterate what was said in the first video and included was some pleasantries about not saying anything negative about the crazy man Johnson (my words, not Bob's).

Then for some absolute dumbass reason, the kult klowns start rejoicing.

 First of all, Matthew Johnson has a severe comprehension problem. Bob never said that Johnson changed any of his words. He said he NEVER wrote the foreword. Kevin Jones wrote it for him and he agreed on the final draft BEFORE he read Matt's book. While the second video may come across as a "walking back" or a retraction, it was nothing of the sort. This is classic Matthew Johnson changing what was actually said and interjecting his own words. Understand?

To further confuse the issue, there is Kevin the parrot on Matt's shoulder spin-doctoring things that were not said by Bob.

Once again, Docor Demento can't seem to grasp what was ACTUALLY said by Bob Gimlin. Bob said he approved what Kevin Jones wrote and that it was before he read Matt's book. Why is Johnson trying to confuse the issue in his group?

I have no clue what Kevin is talking about. If Bob wrote something for Ron Morehead's book, did Bob write it or did Kevin Jones? Who the fuck is Mart and what the fuck does any of it have to do with a foreword that Kevin Jones wrote for Bob Gimlin?

I am happy that Matt Johnson found such an incompetent mangler such as Kevin Beegle. It doesn't help Johnson's cause at all. At least Patrick could spell, formulate sentences and make sense, for the most part. Johnson definitely traded down.

This Scott fellow seems to be keeping up, why can't Matt? In the first video, Bob clearly said he he does not believe in any of the woo stuff. Why would he? He was there when Roger Patterson filmed "Patty" in 1967.

There was no pressure from any of the "old schoolers". Johnson uses that term in a derogatory fashion so his followers will fall back in line. Make no mistake, Matthew Johnson is a controlling, lying abuser. He will say anything in order to protect his narrative. He fucked up a few times in his four part conference videos but that will be for other blog posts.

I have been hearing stories that Johnson changed the wording of other contributions in his fantasy book of fictional tales. If any of the Johnson contributors want to be brave enough to step forward and tell their story, please contact me. You must be willing to use your real name. Anonymous sources simply won't cut it.

I am of the thinking that many of Johnson's followers suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or something very similar. It is may seem impossible to break free but it is really very easy. Just remember, Matthew Johnson has no control over you and he can not harm you. It is time for Johnson to be exposed for the disgusting dirtbag he is. Contact me.

 Please watch both videos, compare what was said, then come to YOUR own conclusion. Don't let others tell you what to believe.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Jackass Johnson

We have found out in recent days that Matthew A. Johnson embellished contributions for his book of science fiction but he doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with that, judging from his reaction. He has made himself the victim. Johnson destroyed the context of the contributions by adding his own words to them. It's wrong, plain and simple. I don't think I can type that any slower so his sychophants can comprehend the depths of Johnson's stupidity.

Controversy? Matthew Johnson brought that on himself. He shows no remorse or offers any apology for editing the words of someone else.

His next printing cycle? He could be in a home drooling in his oatmeal by then. He should pull all of his remaining books and reprint his silly work of fiction sans the foreword and the edited contributions.

Cyber-bullying? For reporting the facts? What a fucking crybaby. What a victim poor old Matt makes himself out to be.

Maybe if Johnson wasn't such a dick head, he wouldn't have to edit his failure of a book.

Just look at all the mindless people kissing his ass. I bet they don't even know what the hell is going on. They just blindly agree to whatever Johnson spoon feeds them. Except for Mike. Mike thought for himself. Mike made a comment that is not in line with the drum beating of Matthew Johnson.
Mike is no longer in the group. See how that works? I saw at least three people that were removed for daring to think for themselves.

How the majority of people in his group can't see through the bullshit still amazes me. These people are adults. This is classic cult-like behavior, in my opinion.

Uh....Really? Matthew Johnson is loyal to himself, no one else. He will squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of a person and toss them to the curb...and then make himself the victim. This is nothing more than blatant propaganda by Johnson to keep his wagons circled.

This one is equally as hypocritical as the one above it. Matthew Johnson back stabbed Bob Gimlin and Alyssa. Poor Matt just can't get a break. What a condescending asshole.

Matthew Johnson needs to pull all copies of his book and correct the errors he created himself. The only one to blame for this mess is Matthew Johnson. That can not be disputed. It is a fact.

I heard a lot of horror stories about the conference. Very disturbing things. The stuff of paranoid delusions. If anyone wishes to contact me to share their experiences with Johnson, I am easy to find.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Matthew A. Johnson ~ The Beginning of the End?

It's no secret that I am not a fan of Matthew Johnson. I always thought he was a pompous ass and a liar. He is other things as well but mostly he is those two things.

Over the years his stories have become more grandiose. Bigger claims were made yet very little in the way of any sort of evidence has ever been presented. A three foot shiny shit in a box is not evidence of Bigfoot. Did he have any of the scat tested? If so, where is the data? Props are not evidence, folks. Seriously.

A few...or a couple of years ago (I didn't really pay attention) Matt Johnson started his own conference so he could beat his chest and tell people what to think. I had only ever seen snippets of his yawn inspiring bullshit but this year I decided to watch all four parts of his "Great Reveal".
To say I was appalled would be a gross understatement.

Throughout the entire four hour presentation, Johnson was angry, or appeared to be angry. He seemed agitated. I got the impression that he does not like to be questioned about his claims. It's as if he just expects people to blindly believe him, which a lot of people did, much to my surprise.
Johnson's rabid story was full of "I don't lie". Someone who does that much damage control is usually lying. Anyway, this blog post is not about the great reveal. If people can't shake the bullshit coma that this is, there is no hope for them.

This post is about this fictional book by Matthew A. Johnson. I call it a work of fiction for reasons that should become apparent later on.

Before, during and after his conference, Johnson hyped up his book and it centered around the foreword by none other than Mr. Bob Gimlin. Mr. Gimlin was supposed to be at the conference, according to Johnson but Gimlin allegedly had another engagement. How true this was, I have no idea. 

Fast forward until just a couple of days ago. Russell Acord had a sit down with Bob Gimlin so Bob could clear the air and state what really went on. Bob came across as very diplomatic, gracious and kind and it was a bit frustrating for me. I tend to be blunt about things so there is no guess work but we are all different.

I won't put any words in to Bob's mouth. If you have not watched the interview, here it is. Decide for yourself. Personally, I think a nice man was taken advantage of by a controlling assclown.

It didn't take long for a Johnson lap dog to come running out of the yard to impugn Russell Acord. Instead of letting the blame fall where it should, Patrick Epistemon tries to blame Russell, and to some degree, Bob Gimlin. Really? Bob Gimlin did not look like he was being forced to testify. I did not see Russell coerce Bob in to making statements. He simply asked questions and he let Bob speak. It's how interviews are done.

Patrick took it upon himself to be damage control.

There is just one problem with this. Patrick is trying to twist this in to basically calling Bob Gimlin a liar. Bob, in his own words said he should have been more careful. I got the impression that Bob felt he was lied to or otherwise misinformed as to what the book would be about.
By all accounts, Bob Gimlin is considered by most to be as honest as the day is long and I have no reason to disbelieve that. Mr. Gimlin appeared to be matter of fact and his body language doesn't lead me to believe he was lying.

Aside from Bob Gimlin, we have Adam Davies. I have tremendous respect for Adam Davies. After his radio interview in which he explained his experiences in SOHA, Adam was kind enough to call me at my request to discuss what went on up there.

Adam has denounced Matthew Johnson for his own reasons. It mainly has to do with Johnson's claims that Bigfoot can heal sick people. Matthew Johnson is an outright liar for saying such things and I will continue to believe and say that until absolute proof is brought forth to back up those outrageous claims. It is beyond reprehensible for a "doctor" to suggest such things.

Even Derek Randles had his say in the matter. Derek usually keeps to himself so for him to say anything, one should pay attention.

Are you seeing a common denominator yet?

There are other people who have turned on Johnson as well but I think it has more to do with the attention shifting than it has to do with anything noble. Self centered fuckers. They know who they are.

This next one is different. For the record I do not subscribe to her notions or claims. At one time we were Facebook friends but that came to an end after a blog post I wrote about ....Matthew Johnson.
Here we are, full circle now. 
During the time we were friends, her posts and comments were always consistent. Her opinions and experiences never deviated and she struck me as someone who honestly believes what she is saying.
This is vastly different than intentionally trying to mislead people.

As you can imagine, I was taken aback after reading her statement today. It is lengthy but I encourage everyone to read it in its entirety. Read it carefully.

 Basically, Matt took her words and embellished them to dress up her contribution to his book. Matthew Johnson's controlling nature rears its ugly head. The douchebag just can't be happy with a contribution from someone, he has to mess with it to satisfy his twisted ego.

I have no doubt that Matthew did the same thing with Bob Gimlin's alleged contribution. I wonder how many words were actually from Bob Gimlin, if any at all.

Will the Johnson apologists come out from the shadows to smear Alyssa's name or will they finally admit that they wrongfully believed Matthew A. Johnson?
I have no doubt that Ms. Runwithwolves' statement is the truth.

What I see is Matthew Johnson taking advantage of the kindness of people for his own selfish needs so he can peddle a book full of lies in a half empty room.

Epic. Tragic. Failure.

Don't be a rube.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Flawed Todd

Well, it looks like Todd Standing is back and he is grumpier than ever. It seemed like it was not long ago Todd said he was closing down his Facebook account and moving on.

Now he is back and he is defending his photos of the lifeless looking Bigfoot affectionately known as Blinky.
 It appears that Mr. Standing is miffed that I, and others compared his face to Blinky's. The facial features really are amazing and match up almost perfectly.

If you have not watched Todd's latest video, here it is. In this video Todd tries desperately to shoot down the idea that Todd is Blinky. In my opinion, he is trying to hard too defend himself.

In the video, Todd uses a Douglas Fir pine needle...yes, you read that correctly, a Douglas Fir pine needle. Those are Todd's words, not mine. Mind you, he said black bears don't give off a heat signature, so take it for what it is.
  Todd uses the fir needles as a ruler to measure the width of Blinky's face. As usual, Mr. Muppet talks fast enough and with enough confidence that on the surface, his analyses seems legit.

Instead of using math, Todd goes out on a limb and just guesses....but he makes it sound convincing. Conveniently, Standing tells us that he busted the lens used to take photos of Blinky. He also says it's a long story but fails to tell us the story. The guy is right there talking and making a video. It's a perfect time to tell us a long story. Maybe he hasn't thought it up yet or maybe stories are too easy to question.

Like Euell Gibbons in a Grape Nuts commercial, Todd gets down to business with his fir....I mean pine needles. He has made little coloured lines to show how wide Blinky's face is. What I want to know is, are those marks accurate and to scale with the face? If you notice, Blinky has a bit of a profile. The image is not a straight on shot, so that's strike one.

Standing has no idea how far the fir needle in reference is from the face of the subject. It's another guess made based on the arbitrary decision of a nameless "photographer". Todd therefore uses the well thought out equation of reducing the fir needle length by 10%. Strike two.

Mr. Smarty pants also has no idea how far the camera person was from the subject, nor does he mention if the photographer is on lower ground, higher ground or even ground with that of the subject. He makes no mention of the make and model of the camera or the lens.Strike three. Strike our. Strike five.

Todd leaves out absolutely everything that can lend credibility to his assertions on how big his bigfoot might be. He merely gives us his subjective opinions and states them as fact. Why should anyone take his word for that?

Todd Standing is going to have to do much better if he plans on hanging around for any length of time. Time for him to put on his big boy pants.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Matthew Johnson Goes Full Idiot

When it comes to the bullshit that "Doctor" Matthew Johnson spews out of his condescending piehole, I tend to ignore it because, well, it's bullshit. His claims of Bigfoot interactions (without any sort of verifiable evidence) is bullshit. Empty dog dishes are just empty dog dishes.

His claims of portals, mindspeak and healing are bullshit. He has not provided anything to support such outrageous blabberings, so Ignored that as well.

I have done my best to ignore this con man. I even ignored the fact that he managed to pen a book. I wonder how many pages can be coloured. Are crayons included? Connect the dots to make a Bigfoot?
Then the ego maniac had to make a video telling people why his book costs so much and why it costs so much to ship. Maybe not all of his drooling groupies are gullible rubes after all.

 So what made me dust off this blog? Matthew Johnson went over the line.....WAY over the line.
This douchebag is allegedly a trained professional but he has the sheer stupidity to post this in his group:

To some of you, this might be funny. You might be wondering why this bothers me. I will tell you why it bothers me. I once knew someone who was a really cool guy. He always had a smile on his face and he was always making jokes and cracking me up. One day his sister called me to tell me he committed suicide. I was shocked to say the least. This poor guy suffered from mental illness and he couldn't cope with it any longer so he took his life.

Years ago I had another friend. She used to cut my hair. We partied together, she dragged me out to poker runs with her boyfriend and we just had a ton of fun. She was a wild woman, the life of the party....until she blew her brains out one night. She also suffered from mental illness.

I have a very thick skin, maybe it's too thick. Not much of anything really bothers me...unless you lie about me and make up a bunch of bullshit and spread it around for your own selfish needs like needing to be the center of attention and other such ego stroking bullshit.

Matthew Johnson, with his poorly thought out meme is making it seem like it's okay to hear voices in your head. It absolves the individual of acknowledging they may have a mental problem. Hearing voices in your head? Pffft! It's only Bigfoot. Right?

I am by no means a trained professional but I am not alone in thinking that Matthew Johnson crossed that line between asshole and downright ignorant bag of shit.

A staggering 1in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness. That is a high number in my opinion.
Let's put that in to perspective. Matthew Johnson's Team Squatchin USA page has 8,057 members. If we assume all of the members are American, which they are not, roughly 1,600 of those members suffer from some form of mental illness. SIXTEEN HUNDRED!! In ONE Facebook group.

Not only is Johnson an underhanded douchebag who uses his credentials to manipulate and sucker in people, he uses his position of authority to take advantage of those he claims to champion through his work as a quack....I mean psychologist. This is utterly reprehensible.

"Doctor" Matthew Johnson needs to have his accreditation reviewed immediately and in my opinion, he should be stripped of any credentials he possesses. He is a buffoon, an ignorant fuck, a lying douchebag and a snake oil salesman. Those are my opinions. He is a worthless sack of shit and an egomaniac. Maybe he didn't get enough hugs as a child.

 Bigfootland is full of useless peacocks but this one is dangerous to those who suffer from different forms of mental illness. Claiming Bigfoot can physically heal humans is one things, and reprehensible on its own merits but suggesting that hearing voices is somehow normal is absolutely disgusting and in bad form. Had it been any other dipshit spouting this shit, I may have let it slide but because Johnson is a doctor, I give him no quarter.

Matthew Johnson needs to be shunned from the Bigfoot community, his YouTube channel should be pulled and people need to stop enabling his behavior.

People need to start reporting him to the proper authorities before the Kool-Aid man cometh.

The above photo is of my tattoo. I take the subject of mental illness seriously.

Project Semicolon

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Big Steaming Pile

 For a guy who is being stalked, investigated and harassed, why is this jackass still around? I guess $5,000 isn't enough for this bullshit artist. If his brain dead groupies can't see this now, they deserve to lose their retirement money.

I am listening and watching Nathan Garn's latest televangelist worthy scam of a video on YouTube and this boy has gained some confidence once he conned his way to a new FLIR camera. He is trying to present something that isn't a new idea. Nathan has gone in to hiding in a private Facebook group so he isn't bothered by people who have serious questions for him. His groupies can be groomed with no outside interference. Mr. Cult leader can tend to his flock of drooling morons unimpeded. He can hook them with all sorts of bullshit evidence and have nobody keep him in check.

If you haven't watched his latest vid, I will post it here. I refuse to link to that fucktard's channel so I'll host it here.

I'm listening to this bullshit and I'm laughing. Really laughing. Nathan is getting his fans involved and he wants them to do his leg work for him. He needs a team and he sprinkles a dose of humanity on his steaming pile of  diaper filled excrement so everyone can sit around and do a clap for him and nod approvingly at each other. 

Hoaxers come and go but it looks like Mr. Garn wants to hang around and pick up the loose change off the ground. He can see that there are a few dollars to be made in Bigfootland if one has the right schtick. First, Nathan Reo Garn, or Ashton Garn or Guy or whatever the fuck his real name is, has barely been around. He knows nothing about Bigfootland.
 He has modeled himself after that guy who rides around city parks and pretends to be  a Bigfoot researcher. Utah takes a lot of Jimbergiant's subtleties and molds them to formulate his own character. It's so obvious that I don't know how people can't see it.

I almost choked on my beer when he said Bigfoot are cute friendly creatures. Or fun. Or something like that. How the hell would Mr. No Fucking Evidence know that? Here's a clue for you. If clowns like Squatchmaster, Timbergiant and now Nathan Garn, find Bigfoot evidence everythime they go out, you know they are full of shit. That's a guarantee. I watched Nathan's videos before he got all crybaby butthurt and hid them in his safe place.

He's had a taste of the gullibility of people who will mail him their hard earned dough without asking so much as a question. He got his new fancy FLIR camera so the fucker better use it. And use it every fucking night. I remember when Jim got his $2,500 camera. It lasted for one video because Jim apparently didn't know how to operate it.

I can't be the only one who sees where this is going. Nathan fancies himself to be a film maker. He doesn't know Bigfoot or the inner workings well enough, so he is picking the brains of those who do.

I'm willing to bet that he will ask for more money or try to squeeze more funds in to his already posted campaign. Not sure when that gong show expires. I don't really give a shit what people do with their money. They can waste it on lottery tickets or they can waste it on Mr. Chiclet's.

What I do give a shit about is a predator preying on weak minded people. I give a shit that he makes a mockery of a subject that some of us take seriously.If Garn wants to be a film maker or get his face on T.V., he should just say it. Quit being a fucking poser.

I think Nathan Reo Garn is a scam artist. He wants to make documentaries or television worthy programs. Maybe he'd be happy with being a YouTube star. Who knows. My gut instinct is seldom wrong and it twists and turns when Reo speaks. I can see right through this twit.

He wants your money and he wants you to do his work for him. Wake the fuck up.